Ben Affleck playfully grabs Jennifer Lopez’s derriere during a fun evening out together

They have been inseparable since rekindling their romance last year. And Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed another romantic date night on Tuesday, heading for dinner at Nerano restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Since reigniting their love affair last year, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been joined at the hip. The pair had another enchanting evening out on Tuesday, opting for a cozy dinner at Nerano restaurant in Beverly Hills.

JLo, 52, looked incredible in a chic tan sweater dress as her besotted fiancé, 49, happily led her to their car. Jennifer teamed her curve-hugging dress with a suede shoulder bag and matching belt, finishing her look with towering heels.

At 52, JLo dazzled in a stylish tan sweater dress while her adoring fiancé, 49, escorted her to their vehicle. Jennifer paired her figure-flattering dress with a suede shoulder bag, a coordinating belt, and topped off her ensemble with high heels.

Ben, dressed in a smart grey blazer and blue shirt, was seen placing a hand on his love's bottom as she climbed into their car. The couple collectively known as 'Bennifer' dated between 2002-2004 before rekindling their romance via text in February 2021. They officially got re-engaged in early April - 18 years after their first failed engagement.

Ben, looking sharp in a sleek grey blazer and blue shirt, was spotted affectionately guiding his partner into their car with a hand on her back. The beloved duo, affectionately referred to as ‘Bennifer’, had a whirlwind romance from 2002 to 2004 before reigniting their love story with a heartfelt text in February 2021. After nearly two decades since their initial engagement fell through, they happily announced their re-engagement in early April.

Lopez shared her happy engagement news in her newsletter, revealing that she had been in the bath tub when Ben popped the question. 'I was taken totally off guard and just looked in his eyes smiling and crying at the same time trying hard to get my head around the fact that after 20 years this was happening all over again,' she said. 'I was quite literally speechless and he said:

Lopez excitedly announced her engagement in her latest newsletter, recounting the sweet moment when Ben surprised her with a proposal while she was relaxing in the bath. She admitted being caught completely off guard, feeling a flood of emotions as she tried to process the reality of starting a new chapter after two decades. With tears of joy in her eyes, she found herself speechless as Ben eagerly awaited her response, to which she happily replied with a resounding yes.

The famous pair have been house hunting for a while, as they seek to find a home for their blended brood, and have been pictured looking at multiple pricey properties together (pictured).

The well-known couple has been on the lookout for a new house for some time now, hoping to find the perfect place for their combined family. They have been seen checking out several expensive properties together in their search.

Ben also features in Jen's upcoming Netflix documentary, Halftime (pictured), which lets the cameras peek behind the scenes of her 2020 Superbowl performance.

Ben is set to appear in Jen’s soon-to-be-released Netflix documentary, Halftime, offering viewers a rare glimpse into the making of her iconic 2020 Superbowl performance.

In a recently released clip Lopez can be seen crying after learning that her role as stripper turned con artist Ramona, in the hit film Hustlers, did not earn her an Oscars nomination, adding that she felt like she had to rethink her Hollywood career.

In a new video, Lopez was visibly emotional upon finding out that she was not nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Ramona in the popular movie Hustlers. She admitted that the snub made her reconsider her future in the entertainment industry.

In another part of the teaser, Affleck is seen commenting on the amount of shaming the former Fly Girl has been hit with over the decades, and says that he once asked how she deals with it all, to which she reportedly replied, 'I expected this.' The documentary is set to debut on the streamer on Tuesday, June 14.

In a different section of the preview, Affleck discusses the criticism that the ex-Fly Girl has faced throughout the years and shares that he once inquired about how she copes with it all. Her response was apparently, “I saw it coming.” The documentary is scheduled to premiere on the streaming platform on Tuesday, June 14th.

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