Ben Affleck shares a laugh with wife Jennifer Lopez during their Parisian adventure following emotional birthday celebration

After a spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas last weekend, Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 53, are now enjoying a romantic honeymoon in Paris this week. Ben seemed cheerful as he accompanied his new wife, Jennifer, on Monday, a stark contrast to his emotional state the night before when they celebrated her birthday. The couple, along with Ben’s daughters, Violet (16) and Seraphina (13), and Jennifer’s twins, Maximilian and Emme (14), who prefers gender-neutral pronouns, shared laughs and hugs as they stepped out together.

Smiles: Ben Affleck, 49, appeared in high spirits on Monday as he laughed alongside new wife Jennifer Lopez, 53, while they continued their Parisian honeymoon

Ben Affleck, 49, was full of smiles on Monday as he shared a laugh with his new wife Jennifer Lopez, 53, during their romantic honeymoon in Paris. Jennifer looked effortlessly stylish in a blush shirt with ruffle details, paired with light blue skinny jeans. Her caramel hair was elegantly styled in a bun, complemented by a dewy makeup look and trendy circular sunglasses. She completed her look with canvas wedge heels and a chic brown leather handbag slung over her shoulder.

Parisian chic: Jennifer looked ultra chic in a ruffle detailed blush shirt with a long sleeve and chiffon tie neck design, teamed with a pair of light blue skinny jeans

Jennifer exuded Parisian elegance with her outfit choice, rocking a stylish blush top adorned with ruffles, long sleeves, and a delicate chiffon tie neckline. She paired this with light blue skinny jeans for a trendy and sophisticated look.

Gorgeous! Her blonde locks were sleekly pulled back into a chic bun, as she sported a dewy makeup look and circular sunglasses

Beauty: She sported a dewy makeup look and circular sunglasses

Absolutely stunning! With her golden hair elegantly gathered in a stylish bun, she rocked a fresh-faced makeup look and trendy round shades.

Details: While the star added a pair of canvas wedge heels and a brown leather handbag over her shoulder

The celebrity completed her look with some stylish canvas wedge heels and a chic brown leather handbag slung over her shoulder.

Loved-up: Wrapping a loving arm around Jennifer, Ben sported a white T-shirt and a complementing overshirt

In a display of affection, Ben embraced Jennifer with a loving hug, clad in a white T-shirt paired with a matching overshirt.

Beaming: He kept casual in a pair of black trousers and white trainers, as he carried a shopping bag with him

With a casual vibe, he strolled in black trousers and white trainers, holding a shopping bag. Wrapping his arm around Jennifer with love, Ben rocked a white T-shirt and matching overshirt. Leaving their honeymoon spot, Hotel Crillon, Jennifer waved to bystanders while Ben beamed from ear to ear.

Welcoming: Walking out of their current residence, Hotel Crillon, Jennifer gave a wave to onlookers

As Jennifer stepped out of Hotel Crillon, her current home, she greeted the spectators with a friendly wave.

Bite to eat: Earlier in the day, Ben was spotted heading to grab some lunch with his daughter Seraphina

Grabbing a bite: Ben was seen earlier in the day heading out to get some lunch with his daughter Seraphina.

The actor was seen taking his daughter Seraphina to a French bistro called C. Lignac for lunch earlier in the day. Seraphina sported a relaxed outfit of burgundy cargo shorts and an oversized grey T-shirt. Later on, Jennifer and Ben were spotted leaving their hotel together, holding hands, after changing into different outfits.

Father-daughter outing: The pair made their way out to lunch in a black SUV

Traditional: They got out of the car at French bistro C. Lignac

Father and his daughter went out for a meal, cruising in a sleek black SUV.

Casual: Seraphina donned a casual look with a pair of burgundy cargo shorts

Seraphina opted for a relaxed style by pairing burgundy cargo shorts with her outfit.

Stylish: The youngster paired the shorts with an oversized grey T-shirt for the outing

Casual: The young person wore shorts with a big grey T-shirt for the casual outing.
Jennifer looked fabulous in a vibrant blue shirt dress that showed off her slim waist.
She held a small beige bag that matched her ballet flats.
Her brown hair was styled in a classy bun, and she grinned while rocking a pair of large sunglasses.

Low-key: Meanwhile, Ben kept things casual in a light blue shirt which he styled over a white T-shirt, paired with navy blue jeans and black trainers

Clothing switch-up: Jennifer and Ben decided to switch up their outfits after leaving their hotel together and holding hands.

Statement: Jennifer slipped into a stunning bold blue shirt dress that emphasized her svelte waist

Jennifer looked gorgeous in a striking azure shirt dress that accentuated her slender waist.

Matching: She carried a small beige bag in her hand, which coordinated with her beige ballet flats

She held a small beige bag in her hand that perfectly matched her beige ballet flats.
In contrast, Ben opted for a light blue shirt layered over a white T-shirt, paired with navy blue jeans and black sneakers.
The day after shedding tears during a dinner celebrating his new wife’s birthday, he appeared to be in a joyful mood.
While at La Girafe, a restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower at Place du Trocadero, he was captured becoming emotional during a touching moment.
Sources said Jennifer immediately embraced and consoled him when he was seen crying at a table filled with balloons for her birthday celebration.

Having a blast: Her brunette tresses were swept up in an elegant bun and she smiled widely as she sported a pair of oversized sunglasses

Having a great time: She had her dark brown hair pinned up in a stylish bun, and she had a big grin on her face while wearing large sunglasses.

Handsome: Meanwhile, Ben changed into a light blue shirt over a white T-shirt, paired with navy blue jeans and black trainers

Stylish: Meanwhile, Ben switched into a light blue button-down shirt layered over a crisp white tee, matched with dark blue denim and sleek black sneakers.

Cheered up: The Hollywood star appeared to be in very high spirits, the day after he was seen tearing up during a dinner held to celebrate his new wife's birthday

In better spirits: The following day, he was noticeably happier compared to when he got emotional at a dinner celebrating his new wife’s birthday.

Emotional: As they enjoyed the night out at La Girafe, which is located on the Place du Trocadero, in front of the Eiffel Tower, he was snapped getting teary-eyed during a very emotional moment

Feeling sentimental: While having a great time at La Girafe restaurant on Place du Trocadero with a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower, he was caught on camera shedding a few tears during a deeply emotional moment.

Supportive: According to a source Jennifer immediately comforted her love with a hug after he was seen breaking down while sitting at a table that was surrounded by balloons in honor of her birthday

Encouraging: Jennifer quickly embraced her partner with a hug when she noticed him getting emotional while seated at a table adorned with balloons to celebrate her birthday, showing her affection and comfort.

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