“Camouflaged Bump: Gal Gadot’s Rainy Day Outing with a Friend”

Despite the rainy weather, this soon-to-be mom was determined to enjoy herself. Gal Gadot was spotted in Los Angeles, wearing warm clothes to shield herself from the rain as she walked with a friend. Her outfit cleverly disguised her pregnant belly as she made her way to Fred Segal’s in West Hollywood. Watch the video below for more.

All wrapped up: Gal Gadot bundled up to fend off the rain as she headed out in Los Angeles with a female friend

Completely Covered: Gal Gadot dressed warmly to protect herself from the rain while out in Los Angeles with a friend. The actress and model from Israel appeared bright-eyed with her hair tied back, beaming from behind her stylish black sunglasses as she strolled through the parking lot towards the famous fashion hub. Clad in a cozy black coat and wrapped up in a comfortable scarf, she seemed unfazed by the damp, gloomy conditions. She completed her outfit with dark denim jeans and black combat boots featuring a maroon strap and a large gold buckle.

Rainy shopping day: The Wonder Woman star, 31, was headed to Fred Segal's retail store

On a rainy shopping day, the 31-year-old Wonder Woman star was spotted heading to the Fred Segal retail store. Accompanying her was a female friend, who was also sporting an all-black outfit. Gadot showed her affection by giving her friend a quick kiss on the cheek, as she sought shelter from the rain under her olive green jacket’s hood. Later this year, the Justice League heroine will make history with her upcoming portrayal of Wonder Woman in the character’s first-ever standalone feature film. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts, this will mark the first time the iconic superhero, with a legacy of 75 years, will be the central focus of a movie.

Kiss kiss: Gadot gave her friend a quick smooch on the cheek as the friend sheltered from the rain under her olive green jacket's hood

Kiss kiss: Gadot gave her friend a quick smooch on the cheek as the friend sheltered from the rain under her olive green jacket's hood

Gadot playfully planted a kiss on her friend’s cheek as her friend sought refuge from the rain under the hood of her stylish olive green jacket.
While many admire the fictional character of Wonder Woman as a symbol of empowerment, not everyone agrees with her status as a celebrated figure. Time Magazine published an article in December highlighting some criticism surrounding her portrayal.
When the United Nations appointed Wonder Woman as an honorary ambassador in October 2016, the decision sparked controversy leading to her title being revoked just two months later in December. A petition signed by 600 UN employees expressed concern over the character being seen as a scantily clad pin-up girl, rather than a representation of female strength, despite her roles as a suffragist, a military figure, and even a President of the United States in the comics.

Wonder Woman in real life: No one is more qualified to represent what society sees as the contradictions that make up Wonder Woman than Gadot, a woman who was crowned Miss Israel in 2004 and also served as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces

Gal Gadot, a former Miss Israel and Israeli Defense Forces soldier, is the perfect embodiment of the contradictions that make Wonder Woman so intriguing to society. In response to critics who question Wonder Woman’s intelligence and strength while also being sexy, Gadot simply dismisses the notion. She believes that Wonder Woman can be all of the above. Fans can witness Gadot’s portrayal of the iconic superhero in her standalone film set to be released on June 2, a project brought to life by director Patty Jenkins, who is breaking barriers as one of the few female directors to helm a film with a budget exceeding $100 million.

Coming soon: Fans can see Gadot's  leading version of Wonder Woman in her first title-character film starting June 2, as director Patty Jenkins finally brings the project to life.

Exciting news! Soon, viewers can catch Gal Gadot in the much-anticipated Wonder Woman solo movie, set to hit theaters on June 2. Director Patty Jenkins has worked her magic to bring this project to the big screen, so get ready for an epic adventure!

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