“Crafting a Memorable Vacation Experience: Tips for a Fun and Unforgettable Trip”

Being a part of the Kardashian family’s reality TV world can have its challenges. Even though they enjoy trips to beautiful locations, these vacations are not for relaxation, but rather for work. Unlike a typical beach holiday where one can unwind with a drink or two, the Kardashians are obligated to entertain the camera crew.

Wet and wild Kim! Kardashian squeals with shock as she attempts to take a dip in a waterfall on Costa Rica vacation

Kim Kardashian has some fun in the sun during her Costa Rica trip as she shrieks in surprise while trying to swim under a waterfall.

Not so fun: Sure, the Kardashians get flown off to exotic locales, but those luxury trips are working holidays

The Kardashians may seem to have it all, including lavish getaways to stunning destinations. However, these trips are not purely for leisure as they also involve work. On one such vacation in Costa Rica, Kim Kardashian was seen getting ready for a photo shoot by a rushing stream of frigid water. Her intention was to capture a sexy moment of her bathing in nature by dipping under the waterfall while showcasing her long and glossy locks.

Ready to dive in: The plan was obviously that Kim flipped her long silky hair and stepped under the water for a sultry scene of her bathing outdoors

All set to take the plunge: It was clear that Kim intended to toss her lustrous locks and enter the water for a seductive outdoor bathing scene.

How cold is it? Kim looked a little worried as she checked out the water

Kim appeared concerned while inspecting the water and asked, “How chilly is it?”

Too much! Her personal assistant and chief Instagrammer, Steph Shep was poised with a camera next to Kim

Wow, there was so much going on! Standing by Kim’s side with a camera ready was her trusty personal assistant and primary Instagram photographer, Steph Shep.

Not quite what she expected: Instead of a seductive shower scene, she squealed in undisguised horror as the water gushed over her body with force

Her expectations were far from reality: Rather than a sensual shower experience, she let out a shriek of terror as the water aggressively pelted her body.

Although Kim has many attractive qualities, acting does not seem to be one of them. When presented with a scene requiring seductive allure in the shower, she reacted with terror as the water forcefully sprayed over her body. Hastily grabbing a towel, she covered herself and hurriedly dried off.

Strike a pose: The mother-of-two is always ready for her close up

Let me try! Kim's pal checked out the water to see what the fuss was about

Get ready for the camera: This mom of two always knows how to strike a pose.

Let me try! Kim's pal checked out the water to see what the fuss was about

I’ll give it a shot! Kim’s friend took a look at the water to find out why everyone was so excited. The Kardashian-Jenner family recently went on a four-day vacation to Costa Rica, with even the youngest member, two-year-old Reign Disick, in tow. The only one missing was Kendall Jenner, who opted to focus on her other ventures instead. She spent time at the office collaborating with Will.i.am on a new line of wireless headphones.

That's better: Kim wrapped up in a robe as the girls headed down from the waterfall 

Kim covered herself with a cozy robe while descending from the waterfall with her girlfriends, which is an improvement.

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