Kylie Jenner proves she’s the ultimate Kim Kardashian protege while putting her body on show for controversial photographer Terry Richardson

Kylie Jenner has recently celebrated her 18th birthday and she is proving that she has grown up. The reality star posed for a photo shoot in Galore magazine, wearing a bra and underwear as well as a leopard print bodysuit which showed off her curves. She also posed for Terry Richardson, a controversial photographer, who took a series of racy images of the young celebrity. Despite the uproar about her age, Kylie does not see an issue with it. In fact, she referred to her older sister, Kim Kardashian, as her biggest inspiration and even wore a pair of gold stripped Balmain pants that Kim wore in Cannes this year.

All grown up: Kylie Jenner posed for controversial photographer Terry Richardson for the new issue of Galore

Kylie Jenner, now a mature adult, recently shot for the latest edition of Galore magazine with Terry Richardson, a photographer known for his controversial work.

Tiger: She modeled a dramatic Balmain outfit and held a stuffed animal

The tiger was seen sporting an eye-catching ensemble from Balmain, while also clutching onto a plush toy.

Setting an example: Kim Kardashian wears gold and black Balmain pants in Cannes in June, while Kylie chose the same look for her cover shoot

Setting an example: Kim Kardashian wears gold and black Balmain pants in Cannes in June, while Kylie chose the same look for her cover shoot

Taking inspiration from each other, the Kardashian sisters are seen flaunting the same fashion statement in different events. Kim Kardashian sported a pair of gold and black Balmain pants during her Cannes appearance in June, which was later also worn by Kylie Jenner during her cover shoot. It is evident that they are setting an example for their fans to try out new styles and experiment with their fashion choices.

Curves: Kylie posed in Moschino bra and panties for the racy photos

Kylie Jenner was spotted flaunting her curves in a stunning photoshoot where she posed in a Moschino bra and panties. The reality TV personality rocked a skintight black dress that showcased her voluptuous cleavage and black lace underwear. She also addressed the criticism of acting older than her age. According to Kylie, people were recently complaining that she was too young to do certain things, but now they accept it because she is a grown woman. She finds this amusing as it makes no sense to her.

Leopard print: The 18-year-old wore a Moschino bodysuit and matching leggings

The 18-year-old celebrity donned a Moschino bodysuit and leggings with leopard print. Kylie, who is in a relationship with rapper Tyga, has been more open about their romance since she reached the age of 18. Many people have noted that this milestone seemed to make a significant change in the way people view their relationship. However, Tyga faced backlash for beginning a romantic relationship with Kylie when she was only 17 years old.

Sultry: Kylie played up her lips with natural pink lipstick and wore her long hair down

Kylie looked sultry in the photos taken by Terry Richardson, where she showcased her curves in various bold outfits. The talented photographer also captured Kylie’s sister, Kim Kardashian West, for the cover of Rolling Stone in July. In one shot, Kylie wore a black-and-white Moschino boysuit that accentuated her figure. She pulled down a pair of matching leggings and gazed confidently at the camera. Kylie left her long dark hair down and adorned her lips with natural pink lipstick.

That famous pout: Kylie put her plumped up lips to work 

Kylie Jenner’s signature pout has become a trademark of her brand, which she credits to her older sister Kim Kardashian West. According to the reality TV star, Kim has been her biggest source of inspiration, especially in terms of business. Kylie admires Kim’s work ethic and drive, which has motivated her to pursue her goals relentlessly. Kylie also acknowledged her mother and manager Kris Jenner for instilling the value of hard work in their family. With these strong role models, it’s no wonder why the Kardashians have become such successful entrepreneurs.

Bright: Kylie flashed her black lace panties in a bright yellow Moschino outfit

Kylie caught everyone’s attention as she sported a vibrant yellow Moschino ensemble, and even gave a sneak peek of her black lace panties.

Bright: Jenner struck a pose next to a giant 'K' balloon in Tamara Mellon heels

Kylie emulated her sister’s style by posing next to a giant balloon that spelled out ‘K’, while flaunting a Balmain outfit consisting of a revealing beige top, striped pants, and a belt. She added a touch of drama with her dark lipstick, and held onto a toy stuffed tiger – possibly a nod to her rapper boyfriend. For the shoot, the young star accessorized with her own collection of bold bracelets and a personalized necklace that read ‘Kylie’. In another shot, she sported a bright yellow Moschino top and long shorts, which she playfully pulled down to reveal black lace panties.

Skin tight: A black dress hugged her curves

She was dressed in a fitting black dress that embraced her body’s natural shape.

In bloom: The reality star posed with a giant pink rose

Flower Power: The famous TV personality was seen striking a pose next to a massive pink rose. Completing her look with a pair of chic white Tamara Mellon heels and a stunning Bvlgari ring, Kylie stood next to a gigantic ‘K’ balloon. The younger Jenner sister has surpassed her sibling Kim as a major trendsetter and acknowledged her status as a fashion icon. When asked about her style, she confidently stated that her excellent taste helps her understand the likes and dislikes of her fans.

Beauty: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star wore her own 'Kylie' necklace

Kylie Jenner, the popular reality star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was spotted wearing her own personalized ‘Kylie’ necklace. According to her recent Instagram post, she has been busy filming beauty videos for the upcoming launch of her website and is set to release a lip beauty kit soon. In a photoshoot with Galore, Kylie flaunted her curves in a tight-fitting black Michael Costello dress that had a plunging neckline, revealing her cleavage. She struck a sultry pose for the camera, holding a large pink rose above her head.

Birthday girl: Kylie goes for a more dressed down look, wearing her own T-shirt and jeans

Kylie opted for a more laid-back style, sporting a comfy grey T-shirt and distressed blue jeans of her own design for the photo shoot. Her birthday festivities continued as she blew out candles on a pink cake adorned with the number 18. Despite past accusations of inappropriate behavior towards models he’s worked with, photographer Richardson has denied any wrongdoing.

Inspiration: Kim Kardashian West on the cover of Rolling Stone in July, photographed by Terry Richardson

I got really inspired by the Rolling Stone cover of Kim Kardashian West that came out in July. The photo was taken by Terry Richardson and it just looked so cool! It made me want to try new things and experiment with my own creative projects. Seeing someone like Kim K on the cover of a music magazine was unexpected but exciting at the same time. Now I’m feeling motivated to step outside of my comfort zone and take some risks with my own work.

On Tuesday, Kylie was spotted rocking her workout attire while going to the gym and studio in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. The young star flaunted her curves in a purple sports bra and grey leggings that showed off her toned tummy. To complete her look, she donned a grey cap to cover her blonde hair and added round sunglasses for some extra style.

Sporty: Kylie Jenner showed off her figure in workout gear as she headed to the gym and then the studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday

Kylie Jenner flaunted her fit physique in sportswear while making her way to the gym and later to the studio in Los Angeles yesterday.

Working it: The teenager wore a bright purple crop top and grey leggings

The adolescent donned a vibrant purple cropped shirt and comfortable grey leggings while the TV personality kept the same set of wrist accessories from her previous Galore photos. She complemented her look with a classy gold watch and flaunted her lengthy pink nails while holding onto a fluffy red keychain, a refreshing beverage, and her trusty smartphone. Kylie arrived for filming in her sleek grey Ferrari.

Kylie started her day by hitting the gym to work out and later went to the studio to continue with her work.

Curves ahead: The teen adjusted her blonde hair as she headed back to her Ferrari

As she made her way towards her Ferrari, the teenage girl took a moment to smooth down her blonde locks. The winding road ahead was full of curves, but she was ready to take them on in style.

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