Dine with the Tough Guys: Jason Statham and Vinnie Jones’ Date Night at The Ivy after The Expendables 3 Premiere

Despite being in a relationship with a stunning woman, Jason Statham chose to bring a less glamorous date to The Expendables 3 premiere – none other than his Mean Machine co-star, Vinnie Jones. The two actors enjoyed the spotlight as they made their way down the red carpet at Leicester Square in London.

(Bad) Boys' night out: Jason Statham headed out for dinner at The Ivy with his old friend Vinnie Jones after taking him to the premiere of The Expendables 3

(Good) A night out with the guys: Jason Statham and long-time buddy Vinnie Jones hit up The Ivy for dinner after catching the premiere of The Expendables 3.

Reunion: The pair has been close since shooting Guy Ritchie's gangster hit Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998

The two actors, Jason and Vinnie, have been close friends since working together on the popular crime movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels back in 1998. During the premiere of their latest film, Vinnie revealed that he was there as Jason’s guest for the night. However, his date, Rosie, had given him strict instructions to make sure that Jason does not stay out too late. So, Vinnie took it upon himself to ensure that they had a good time without getting carried away. After the event, the two went to dine at popular celebrity spot The Ivy.

Bromance: Vinnie had told reporters at the premiere in London that he was under strict orders from Jason's girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to look after her beau

Vinnie shared with the press at the London premiere that he was tasked by Jason’s girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, to take care of her partner. The two seem to share a close bond as friends, or shall we say, bromance.

Fan-demonium: The duo stopped to signs autographs for devotees outside the celebrity haunt

The two celebrities took a moment to appreciate their fans, signing autographs for them outside of a popular celebrity hotspot. Afterwards, they continued their night at the film’s after party in DSTRKT club, where they were joined by the director of the blockbuster, Sylvester Stallone, as well as other cast members including Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes. These two have been good friends ever since they starred in Guy Ritchie’s gangster movie, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and have acted alongside each other multiple times, such as in Mean Machine and Snatch.

Mean Machine: Despite opting for a indulgent meal instead of a rowdy night out, Vinnie's stare proves he has lost none of his menace

Vinnie, on the other hand, seems to have retained his intimidating presence despite choosing a peaceful meal over a wild night out. His gaze is enough to assert his dominance.

Party time: After the catch-up meal, the pals headed to the DSTRKT club for the official after party

Let’s celebrate: Following their delicious dinner, the group of friends proceeded to the DSTRKT nightclub to continue their festivities at the official after-party.

Hats off: Alongside their smart suits, Jason and Vinnie now have matching shaven heads

Kudos to Jason and Vinnie who have decided to sport matching shaven heads that complement their smart suits. These guys have been through some rough times, like the time their truck plummeted 60ft into the Black Sea and got impaled. Thankfully, they had taken the doors off beforehand. If anyone else had been in that truck, they would have drowned due to their heavy boots and gun belts. But, thanks to Jason’s exceptional diving skills, they managed to escape. In other news, Rosie, who is a model, has expressed gratitude towards her ruggedly handsome partner for keeping her grounded in the hustle-bustle of Los Angeles.

Suited and booted: Jason smartened up his act in a form-fitting navy suit...

While Vinnie opted for a charcoal three piece suit with matching hat.

Dressed up and ready to go: The duo smiled for the cameras while walking down the red carpet at the exclusive showing held in Leicester Square earlier tonight.

Taking Stock: Jason and Vinnie alongside director Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn, Nick Moran and Martin Clunes after Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels won a BAFTA in 1998

In the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a model discussed the benefits of being in a relationship with an Englishman while living in Hollywood. She noted that it is easy to lose touch with reality in such a glamorous place, but being with someone from England keeps her grounded. Additionally, the model shared that she is not the type to be caught on camera having wild nights out and aims to conduct herself appropriately while still enjoying her life. She made it clear that she is not the type to be seen stumbling out of a nightclub with her undergarments exposed.

Everything's Rosie: She may have stayed at home, but Rosie has heaped praise on her tough guy boyfriend for helping her stay grounded while they live in Hollywood

Rosie, who chose to stay at home, has expressed her admiration and gratitude towards her tough boyfriend for providing emotional stability as they reside in the glamorous city of Hollywood.

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