Exclusive Look: Jennifer Lopez Rocks Vibrant Orange Ensemble while Belting Out “On My Way” in Sneak Peek from Film Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez posted a fresh off-the-stage video on her Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse of her rehearsing her popular song On My Way from the movie Marry Me. In the footage, the talented artist, aged 52, is seen collaborating with Stevie Mackey as they groove to her recent hit track. Playing the keys alongside her, the mother of two jokingly tells the renowned vocal coach, age 40, “You better get ready to rock this!”

Beautiful vocals: Jennifer Lopez shared a new behind-the-scene video of her rehearsing her hit On My Way from her film Marry Me to Instagram on Monday

Jennifer Lopez recently posted a fun behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, showing her rehearsing the beautiful vocals of her hit song “On My Way” from the movie Marry Me. In the video, she looks excited and stylish in an orange sweater, matching pants, and a newsboy cap. The romantic comedy is currently in production and set to be released on Valentine’s Day weekend. The piano ballad, also available on her YouTube channel, tells the story of finding true love despite facing heartbreaks and mistakes along the way.

In the beginning of the clip, the 52-year-old superstar can be seen working with Stevie Mackey as they listen to her latest single, which she released last month

At the start of the video, the iconic 52-year-old celebrity is shown collaborating with Stevie Mackey as they groove to her most recent song, which she dropped just a month ago.

Stylish: In the footage, she wore an orange sweater, matching pants and a newsboy cap

The piano ballad, which can be heard on her YouTube channel, is about finding one's soulmate through every 'heartbreak' and wrong turn.

Fashionable: On screen, she sported an orange sweater, coordinated trousers, and a trendy newsboy cap. The singer croons in the chorus, “I was en route to finding you/ Every tear was a weight to carry/ Painful but brought me to you like a blessing/ I was meant to find you.” In another section of the song, she adds, “Every heartbreak was a path I had to take/ Guiding me forward/ Leading me back where I belonged/ I wasn’t lost, just passing through/ On my journey to you.” Last November, the official trailer for “Marry Me” was released, showcasing Jennifer Lopez as Kat Valdez, planning to marry her beau Bastian (portrayed by Maluma) onstage before their fans with their hit tune, “Marry Me.”

'I'm so excited,' he replied, before footage panned of her rocking out

“I can’t contain my excitement!” he exclaimed, as the camera shifted to capture her enthusiastic dance moves.

'I was on my way to you/ Every tear drop fell so heavy/ Hurt like hell but Heaven sent me you/ I was on my way to you,' the performer sings in the chorus

“I was on my way to you/ Each tear felt like a heavy weight/ It hurt so much but somehow, you were my salvation/ I was on my way to you,” croons the vocalist in the refrain. However, just moments before the live-streamed wedding – expected to be watched by 20 million viewers – the pop star discovers that her partner has been unfaithful with her assistant. Despite the heartbreak, she takes to the stage and unexpectedly proposes to math teacher Charlie Gilbert (played by Wilson) that they get married instead. “They say to change your outcome, you have to change your actions,” she tells the audience as she confirms her intent to wed him. Gilbert, a teacher unfamiliar with the star singer, is taken aback by the proposal and unsure of what to make of the surprising gesture.

Singing away: In another verse, she continues: 'And every heartbreak was a yellow brick road/Pointing me straight/ Just taking me home I was never lost I was passing through/ On my way to you'

In the next part of the song, she sings about how every heartbreak felt like a path leading her towards her true destination. She never felt lost because she knew she was on her way to finding love.
Despite this, he confidently walks onto the stage. When the glamorous Lopez, looking slightly stunned, proposes to him on the spot without any hesitation, the average-looking Joe surprisingly agrees. They are swiftly declared husband and wife, sealing the deal with a kiss.

Romantic: The piano ballad is about finding one's soulmate through every 'heartbreak' and wrong turn

Love is like a sweet melody played on the piano, a journey of ups and downs that eventually leads us to our soulmate despite the heartbreaks and mistakes along the way.

She goes for it: In November, Marry Me's first official trailer dropped, showing Lopez as Kat Valdez, who is set to wed boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma) on stage in front of their fans to their hit song entitled Marry Me

She decides to take the plunge: The first official trailer for the movie “Marry Me” was released in November, featuring Jennifer Lopez in the role of Kat Valdez. She is set to marry her boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma) on stage in front of their fans while performing their hit song “Marry Me.”

After the event, she bumps into Maluma outside the concert hall, and he questions Owen if he is a fan. Owen admits that he wasn’t before that day.

The following day, her male advisor suggests ending her marriage to a math geek, but she refuses, expressing her desire to stay married. Determined not to become a joke, she stands her ground.

In a scene, Lopez is shown wearing a black outfit as she practices yoga in a high-rise building with her hair pulled back.

Let's get to know each other: Her logic is that if she stays married she won't look like a fool. So she asks Owen's character to go along with their impromptu wedding and go on dates with her

Let’s introduce ourselves: She believes that as long as she stays married, she won’t appear foolish. That’s why she suggests to Owen’s character that they should have a spontaneous wedding and continue going on dates together.

Is it too much for a down to earth guy? Wilson's teacher looks nervous about life in the spotlight

Can a simple guy handle all the attention? Wilson’s teacher seems uneasy about being in the limelight.

She believes that staying married will help her avoid looking foolish, so she proposes the idea of a spontaneous wedding to Owen’s character. They decide to go on dates to make their marriage seem more believable.
Wilson’s clumsy and relatable character agrees to her plan, and they are spotted having a great time as they explore the city together.
During a red carpet event with cameras flashing, he becomes anxious and she calms him down by offering words of reassurance.
In a later scene, he finds himself being chased by photographers, while his friend, played by Sarah Silverman, tries to protect him by using a fire extinguisher as a distraction.

She has a busy, pop queen life: The Hustlers actress is seen modeling for Guess, something Lopez does in real life

Her schedule is filled with the glamorous life of a pop queen: The actress from Hustlers can be spotted working as a model for Guess, a role that Lopez also embraces in her personal life.

The man she was SUPPOSED to marry: Here she is seen with Maluma, who cheated on her

The man she was ORIGINALLY set to marry: Pictured here with Maluma, who ended up being unfaithful to her. As their friendship blossoms, Lopez and Owen bond over Chinese cuisine and a fun day at Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel. They strike up a close relationship, often chatting on the phone, with Owen offering his support by telling her to reach out if she ever feels lonely. In a touching moment, she calls him from her limo, opening up about her feelings of loneliness. When Owen extends an invitation for her to attend the school’s autumn semi-formal dance, Lopez surprises him by not only showing up but also enchanting the students with a heartfelt performance that deeply moves Teacher Owen.

She was in love with this one: Jennifer is seen kissing Maluma before she finds out he has cheated with her assistant

Jennifer was head over heels for him: She was caught sharing a passionate kiss with Maluma, only to later discover he had been unfaithful with her assistant. In the preview, we catch a glimpse of them six weeks into their married life. It’s evident that they have developed strong feelings for each other and are committed to making their marriage work, as they share a tender kiss. The description leaves us with a lingering question: Can these two individuals, coming from completely different backgrounds, overcome their differences and create a harmonious life together?

In time for V Day: The crooner was seen all dolled up in a glamorous silver gown as Kat Valdez who is ready to wed her singer boyfriend Bastian (played by Maluma) on stage in front of their fans to their hit song entitled Marry Me

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: The singer was spotted dressed to the nines in a stunning silver dress, portraying the character Kat Valdez who is prepared to marry her musician boyfriend Bastian (portrayed by Maluma) in front of their fans on stage while performing their popular song “Marry Me”.

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