“From ‘Kinda Large’ to Toned and Confident: Jennifer Aniston Rocks a Plunging Tuxedo and Briefs”

Sexy: Jennifer flaunts her perfectly toned and tanned figure in a chic Ann Demeulemeester ensemble as she poses seductively with her Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Bateman for Marie Claire magazine

Hot: Jennifer confidently shows off her well-defined and bronzed body in a stylish Ann Demeulemeester outfit while playfully posing with her co-star, Jason Bateman, for a photoshoot in US Marie Claire magazine.

Cheeky: For her cover shot, Jennifer also snuggles up to her other Horrible Bosses co-star Jason Sudekis in a nude pink satin slip

Playful: In the cover photo, Jennifer gets cozy with her Horrible Bosses colleague Jason Sudekis while wearing a soft nude pink satin slip.

New love? Jennifer was seen with Sudeikis, and her rumoured new love interest Justin Theroux at the  MTV Movie Awards after party at the Soho House in Hollywood last week

Could there be a new romance in the air for Jennifer? Paparazzi caught her hanging out with Sudeikis and the rumored contender for her heart, Justin Theroux, at the star-studded MTV Movie Awards after party at Soho House in Hollywood.

Paying off: Jennifer's incredible figure has helped earn her numerous film roles, magazine covers and advertising campaigns, including being the face of Smart water

Jennifer’s amazing physique has not only landed her roles in films and on magazine covers, but also secured her spots in advertising campaigns, such as representing Smart water.

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