“Gal Gadot Channels Roaring ’20s Glamour in New Wonder Woman Film Shoot at Trafalgar Square”

In the new DC comic book movie, Gal Gadot plays the role of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman’s alter-ego. She was spotted looking absolutely stunning while filming scenes in London over the weekend. The 30-year-old actress donned period attire as she filmed in Trafalgar Square, portraying scenes of the Armistice celebrations after World War One. The entire Square was shut down for five hours to accommodate the filming, with vintage cars, trucks, and over 300 extras all decked out in period-appropriate costumes. Check out the video below for a sneak peek!

Superheroine: She's been cast as Wonder Woman's alter-ego, Diana Prince in the upcoming DC comic book movie and Gal Gadot looked beautiful when she was pictured filming scenes in London on Sunday

New dawn: Wonder Woman isn't set to hit cinemas until next year. The film will be based around the origins of the character as many aren't as familiar with her beginnings in comparison to Batman or Superman

Heroic Woman: Gal Gadot, set to play the role of Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, in the highly anticipated DC comic book film, was spotted looking stunning as she filmed scenes in London over the weekend.

Special time: The 30-year-old was pictured wearing period dress as she filmed with a host of extras in London's Trafalgar Square, in scenes which depicted the celebration of the Armistice following World War One

In an exciting moment, a 30-year-old actress was seen in vintage clothing while filming with a group of background actors in Trafalgar Square, London. The scene portrayed the celebrations of the Armistice after the end of World War One.

The star of the film, Gal, was front and center in a navy coat and maroon top, with a determined expression on her face as she possibly surveyed the surroundings for any potential risks. Alongside her are actors Chris Pine and Robin Wright in this superhero movie where a princess leaves her home on an island to discover the world.

In another surprising moment, Lucy Davis from The Office looked completely different when she appeared on the set of Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman, adding to the excitement surrounding the film.

Special lady: Created in 1941, Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess gifted with a wide range of superhuman powers and battle skills.As is typical in the comic book world, the character is a force for good and has faced a vast array of super-villains

Unique Superheroine: Introduced to the world in 1941, Wonder Woman is a fierce Amazonian princess blessed with extraordinary powers and exceptional combat abilities. Like many iconic comic book characters, she embodies the essence of goodness and has courageously confronted countless formidable foes in her adventures.

Busy set: The whole of the Square was closed for filming for five hours, as period vintage cars and trucks were seen with over 300 extras, all dressed in period costume 

The Square was completely shut down for five hours to shoot a scene, featuring classic cars and trucks from the past, along with over 300 people in elaborate period outfits.

 Wheely good: Roads were filled with the old cars as filming continued throughout the day

Superb: Classic cars lined the streets as filming carried on nonstop all day.

There she is: Diana Prince is the secret alter-ego of Wonder Woman - Lynda Carter (pictured) famously took on the role in the TV series which ran from 1975-1979

Meet Diana Prince, the undercover persona of the legendary Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter famously portrayed her in the TV series that aired from 1975-1979. In the upcoming movie, British actress, aged 43, transforms her look with a fiery, tousled ginger hairstyle to play Diana’s best friend, Etta Candy. The film is set to showcase the character’s origins, aiming to educate audiences who may not be as well-versed in her backstory compared to other iconic superheroes like Batman and Superman. The setting exudes a patriotic vibe, with vintage military uniforms on display and red, white, and blue decorations adorning the square while Union Jack flags flutter in the breeze. Wonder Woman enthusiasts will have to wait until next year to catch the action-packed movie on the big screen.

Ready for action: Leading lady Gal was at the heart of the action in a navy overcoat and maroon blouse. The brunette beauty had a look of determination on her face, possibly assessing the scene for danger

Prepared for anything, the main protagonist Gal was in the middle of the action wearing a navy coat and a deep red top. With a focused expression, the brunette actress seemed to be evaluating the situation for potential threats.

Getting through the schedule: She caught up with the other actors as she continued to film more scenes on the day

Navigating the timetable: She managed to rendezvous with her fellow cast members while shooting additional scenes throughout the day.

Close attention to detail: Costume designers helped to dress the stars and made sure there wasn't a hair out of place

And action... One man was pictured sporting a spiky mane and moustache as he got into character

The costume designers meticulously dressed the celebrities, ensuring that every detail was perfect, right down to the last strand of hair.

Vintage: In keeping with the fashion of the time, Lucy Davis covered up in checked coat worn over a burnt orange jacket earlier that day

Going along with the trend, Lucy Davis was seen sporting a stylish checked coat layered over a vibrant burnt orange jacket earlier in the day.

Transformed: Lucy Davis, 43, looked almost unrecognisable when she stepped out on the set of Warner Brothers' Wonder Woman on Sunday

A big change: The British actress swapped her golden tresses for a wild and wavy ginger look, cut into an unruly bob

Metamorphosed: Lucy, who is 43 years old, appeared completely different when she made her way onto the Warner Brothers’ Wonder Woman set last Sunday.

Debuting in 1941, Wonder Woman is a fierce Amazonian princess with extraordinary powers and combat abilities. Like many comic book heroes, she fights on the side of justice, taking on numerous formidable foes.
Excitement has been building for her appearance in the upcoming film Superman vs Batman, set to hit theaters soon. The star-studded cast also features David Thewlis from Harry Potter, Danny Huston, Ewan Bremner, and the talented Lena Anaya, adding to the anticipation surrounding the highly-anticipated movie.

Standing in line: Gal could be seen in a packed crowd of military men as she got to work

Waiting in line: Gal was surrounded by a sea of army personnel as she made her way to her job.

Lots to look forward to: Fans have already had their appetites whetted by the character's appearance in the trailer for Superman vs Batman, which will be released later this year

There is a lot of excitement ahead for fans as they eagerly await the character’s debut in the upcoming film Superman vs Batman, set to hit theaters later this year.

A nice gesture: A stand was set up 'In honour of our heroes' to pay tribute to servicemen in the movie 

A lovely touch: A special display was created called “Honoring our Heroes” to show appreciation for the military personnel in the film.

A step back in time: Trafalgar Square was barely recognisable as it was decked in its post-War finery 

Taking a stroll down memory lane: Trafalgar Square looked completely different with its vibrant post-World War II decorations.

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