“Gal Gadot Shines in Heavenly Attire as She Honors #MeToo Movement at Critics’ Choice Awards”

At the Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, Gal Gadot looked absolutely amazing in a glamorous gown as she accepted her latest award and took a moment to acknowledge the victims of sexual harassment. The talented 32-year-old actress wore a stunning sleeveless silver Prada dress with a deep neckline that turned heads. Gal received the prestigious SeeHer Award, which celebrates women in the entertainment industry who emphasize the importance of portraying women accurately. Watch the video below to see more of Gal’s shining moment at the event.

Wonder: Gal landed up the SeeHer gong at the Critics Choice Awards last week

Dazzling in a stunning gown, Gal Gadot made a powerful statement at the Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica. She dedicated her award to victims of sexual harassment and emphasized the importance of standing up for what is right. Reflecting on the lack of female representation in Hollywood in the past, she highlighted the recent successes of female-led movies and the impact they have had on the industry. Gal Gadot’s commitment to speaking out and advocating for equality was met with applause from the audience as she expressed her determination to continue supporting those who cannot speak for themselves.

Special award: The Israeli actress was honored with the SeeHer Award at the event

Unique version: The Israeli actress received the prestigious SeeHer Award during the ceremony, recognizing her outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry.

Goddess gown: Gal Gadot stunned in a long silver Prada dress on Thursday at the Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California

At the Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, Gal Gadot wowed in a stunning silver Prada gown. Reflecting on the progress made by female directors in the film industry, Gal emphasized that there is still a long way to go. She believes that as entertainers, it is not only their job but also their responsibility to inspire and educate for love and respect.

Gal was honored with an award from her Wonder Woman director, Patty Jenkins, who praised her as “my real Wonder Woman.” Jenkins highlighted Gal’s achievements both on and off the screen, noting her dedication to the universal hero’s struggle without seeking glory or fame.

Amazon royalty: Gal portrays Wonder Woman on the big screen

Gal Gadot showcases her superhero prowess as she takes on the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the Amazon royalty film.

Here we go: The actress beamed din anticipation as she prepared to collect her award

And there she was, a radiant smile on her face, eagerly awaiting to receive her well-deserved award.

Sitting pretty: Gal stood out as she sat among guests at the event on Thursday evening 

Looking fabulous: Gal caught everyone’s eyes as she sat elegantly amongst the attendees at the event last Thursday night.

Hollywood women: Patty Jenkins, who directed Gal in Wonder Woman, presented her with the SeeHer Award

Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman, honored Gal with the SeeHer Award in Hollywood. She praised Gal for taking on the iconic role not for fame or fortune, but because she understood the character’s significance to the world. Gal, in return, expressed her gratitude for the recognition and singled out Patty as her supportive mentor and friend.

Receiving a standing ovation, Gal acknowledged her lifelong aspiration to play a strong, independent female character. Ironically, she found all the qualities she had been searching for in the role of Wonder Woman. This realization left her feeling fulfilled and appreciative of the opportunity to bring such an empowering character to life.

So happy: Gall was evidently delighted to be accepting her award from Patty 

Gall appeared to be thrilled to receive her award from Patty, showing clear signs of happiness.

Standing ovation: Gal reacted as she received a standing ovation from the audience at Barker Hangar

Gal was truly touched when the audience at Barker Hangar rose to their feet and applauded her, giving her a standing ovation.

Girl power: Gal pointed out that three of the top grossing films were female lead including Wonder Woman

Standing up: The Wonder Woman star shared her award 'with all women and men who stand for what's right'

Girl power was celebrated as Gal highlighted that three of the highest-earning movies starred women, with Wonder Woman leading the pack.

Top honor: The actress proudly hoisted her award given to women who 'recognize the importance of accurately portraying women across the entertainment landscape'

Highest accolade: The actress joyfully lifted her trophy awarded to women who ‘acknowledge the significance of authentically representing women in the entertainment industry’.

Animated actress: Gal showed her excitement at winning the SeeHer Award

Animated actress: Gal showed her excitement at winning the SeeHer Award

Actress Gal was thrilled and full of joy after being honored with the prestigious SeeHer Award.

Strong voice: The actress promised that her voice would never be silenced

The actress made a vow that her voice would always be heard.

Centre of attention: Gal's plunging silver dress ensured she stood out as she made her way back to her table 

Gal caught everyone’s eye with her stunning silver dress as she gracefully returned to her table. She praised Wonder Woman’s character, emphasizing her qualities of heart, strength, compassion, and forgiveness, noting that even the iconic superhero faces her own challenges and hopes. Despite her flaws, Wonder Woman’s humanity makes her relatable and authentic. The film later won the Best Action Movie award at the ceremony, after its successful release in May 2017, grossing an impressive $822 million at the box office. Last year, the first SeeHer Award was given to Viola Davis.

Natural beauty: The Israeli star looked stunning on the night 

The Israeli celebrity exuded natural beauty and looked absolutely breathtaking under the evening sky.

Good times: Gal smiled while sitting in the audience at Barker Hangar

Happy moments: A woman grinned as she sat among the crowd at Barker Hangar.

Say cheese: The actress posed for a selfie with Mckenna Grace at the annual event 

Taking a selfie moment: The actress smiled for a photo with Mckenna Grace at the traditional gathering.

Good times: The pair were in high spirits as they rubbed shoulders on Thursday evening  

Having a blast: The duo was having a great time mingling on Thursday night, full of high energy and good vibes.

Stunning: Gal beamed while posing for photos after taking a seat at her table 

Elated: Gal couldn’t stop smiling as she posed for photos, taking a seat at her table.

Honoured: She shared a shot of her winner's card with Instagram followers later that night

Proudly displaying her victory, she posted a picture of her champion’s card on Instagram for her followers to see that evening.

Winning film: The actress is shown in a still from Wonder Woman that won Best Action Movie

The actress is featured in a snapshot from Wonder Woman, the award-winning film for Best Action Movie.

Fun and games! The star cut a sophisticated figure as she played a game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

Having a blast! The celebrity looked chic and stylish while participating in a game on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Throwing themselves into character! Gadot and Patty Jenkins competed on a game of charades 

Getting into character! Gadot and Patty Jenkins faced off in a game of charades.

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