Jennifer Aniston, at 53, exudes timeless elegance in skinny jeans while filming The Morning Show in New York, pulling up in a sleek silver Porsche with Jon Hamm, aged 51.

Jennifer Aniston is totally rocking a stylish and youthful vibe right now. The 53-year-old actress, best known for her role in Friends, looked absolutely stunning in aviator sunglasses with her gorgeous golden blonde hair down. She sported a pair of skinny jeans from Favorite Daughter that accentuated her incredible figure as she hopped into a sleek silver Porsche Targa.

The actress, who was previously married to both Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux, was filming a scene for her Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show, alongside Jon Hamm. The Mad Men star joined the cast this summer for season three of the popular show.

She's still got it! Jennifer Aniston is certainly owning a chic and youthful look as she embraces middle age

Fountain of youth: The 53-year-old Friends veteran looked hot to trot in aviator glasses with her golden blonde hair worn down

Jennifer Aniston is definitely rocking a stylish and youthful appearance. The veteran from the hit show Friends, who is now 53, looked stunning in aviator glasses and her golden blonde hair flowing down.

In the driver's seat: The Los Angeles resident was also seen behind the wheel of a sexy silver Porsche Targa

Taking control: The resident of Los Angeles was spotted driving a sleek silver Porsche Targa.

Surrounded by crew: Filming took place outdoors in New York City as the crew could be seen all around the Murder Mystery actress

Amidst a bustling group of crew members, filming on location in New York City provided a lively backdrop for the Murder Mystery actress.

On set in New York City, the filming of the Murder Mystery actress was taking place outdoors, with the crew bustling around her.
The stylish maven from Bel-Air, California appeared in top shape, sporting a form-fitting black turtleneck that accentuated her slender size zero figure.
Completing her look was a chic black double-breasted bolero blazer that highlighted her toned midsection.
Her figure-hugging dark blue skinny jeans showcased her fit legs, a result of her dedication to running and yoga.
The designer behind the jeans is Favorite Daughter, created by Erin and Sara Foster, the talented daughters of music producer David Foster and model Rebecca Dyer.

She puts the skinny in skinny jeans: The SNL favorite added skinny jeans that highlighted her knockout figure

She effortlessly rocks skinny jeans, enhancing her already stunning figure. The SNL fan-favorite shows off her curves in the sleek denim.

Taking a seat: Aniston sat down and relaxed during a break in the shooting

Seating herself: Aniston eased into a chair and unwound during a pause in the filming.

The actress from Cake had her hair styled freshly by the famous hairstylist Chris McMillan. She opted for a simple makeup look and wore trendy tinted aviator sunglasses. Her nails were painted in a soft pink shade.
Hamm was also spotted on set, walking the streets and hopping into Aniston’s Porsche. He sported a black jacket, black jeans, a grey T-shirt, and lace-free gray shoes.
The Morning Show is described as a raw drama that takes a candid look at the working world, focusing on those who kickstart America’s mornings while shedding light on the behind-the-scenes of early morning TV.

Beloved show: The Morning Show is described as 'an unapologetically candid drama that looks at the modern workplace through the lens of the people who help wake America up, pulling back the curtain on early morning TV.'

Loved TV series: The Morning Show is hailed as a refreshingly honest drama that delves into the world of the modern workplace, focusing on the individuals who are crucial in getting America started each day. It offers an inside look at the world of early morning TV, bringing to light the complexities and dynamics at play.

The TV titan: The queen bee of Bel-Air, California looked as fit as ever in her black turtleneck top which hugged her tiny size zero waistline

A sizzling jacket: She added a black double-breasted bolero style blazer that showed off her tummy well

The television powerhouse: The top dog of Bel-Air, California appeared as slim as ever in her sleek black turtleneck that accentuated her slender size zero waistline. She paired it with a chic black double-breasted bolero jacket that highlighted her midsection flawlessly.

Superstar style: Her skinny jeans were a dark blue color and hugged her toned legs; the star is an avid runner and a yoga enthusiast

Celebrity chic: She rocked a pair of dark blue skinny jeans that perfectly showcased her sculpted legs. Known for her passion for running and yoga, this star always looks effortlessly stylish.

Slight smile: The star's pink-painted lips were turned up in a slight smile

Subtle grin: The celebrity’s lips, painted in a lovely shade of pink, were curved slightly upwards in a subtle grin.

Great lighting: Soft sunlight lit up the Friends stars face

The Friends star’s face was beautifully illuminated by the gentle glow of the sun.

A bit of tummy: Aniston showed off a bit of her toned tummy in a small top during filming

Aniston flaunted a glimpse of her fit midriff in a cropped top while on set. Her former Friends co-star Reese Witherspoon takes on a leading role in the series. It was announced in August that Hamm will be joining the cast for the third season of the popular Apple TV+ show The Morning Show. In this new role, the 51-year-old actor will play a prominent business figure aiming to take over the news network that is central to the show’s storyline, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

On the go: And the Cake star's hair looked newly blown out by her celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan

While out and about, the actress’s hair appeared freshly styled by her famous hairstylist, Chris McMillan, giving her a flawless look.

Clean look: Her makeup was minimal as she added very chic tinted aviator sunglasses that were oversized. Her nails were painted a pale pink color

Fresh appearance: She kept her makeup subtle and complemented her look with stylish oversized tinted aviator sunglasses. Her nails were adorned with a delicate shade of pale pink.

A genuine smile for the camera: The daughter of soap opera star John Aniston looked pleased with the attention

A natural grin for the camera: The daughter of popular soap opera actor John Aniston seemed happy with all the focus on her.

Bright eyes: Aniston's bright blue eyes shined as she looked off into the distance

Aniston’s brilliant blue eyes gleamed as she gazed into the distance.
His latest gig news comes after he appeared in a popular Apple TV+ ad called Everyone But Jon Hamm, where he playfully teases the streamer for not casting him.
In the ad, he watches various Apple TV+ shows like Ted Lasso and expresses his disappointment at not being included in them.
He even catches a glimpse of The Morning Show and jokes: ‘Jen and Reese – where’s Jon? Seems like a missed chance!’
Since its release in January, the ad has garnered over 15 million views on YouTube and was even nominated for an Emmy for outstanding commercial.

Having a blast: Hamm was spotted on the filming location as well, sporting a black jacket, black jeans, a grey T-shirt, and gray slip-on shoes.

The pick up artist: At one point Hamm was seen talking to Hamm after she pulled up in her Targa

The charming conversationalist: Hamm was observed engaging in a lively conversation with a woman who had just arrived in her sleek Targa.

Yes, I will join you: It was not long before Hamm got into Aniston's Porsche; w woman who appears to be her body double was seen on the right

Sure, count me in! It didn’t take long for Hamm to hop into Aniston’s flashy Porsche. A woman who seemed to resemble her body double was spotted sitting on the right side of the car.

With a grin, Jennifer and Jon watched as she zipped away in her sleek German sports car.

Action: The stars share a glance during the scene filmed in Manhattan

As the camera rolled in Manhattan, the stars exchanged a meaningful look. Jon achieved fame by portraying the iconic Don Draper in the AMC series Mad Men, for which he received an Emmy Award in 2015. Both Witherspoon and Crudup have also been recognized with Emmy nominations for their roles in The Morning Show, a series where Aniston took home a SAG Award. The show follows Jennifer and Reese as news anchors dealing with a Me Too scandal involving Steve Carrell’s character, which shakes up their network.

Seeing double: Aniston was also seen with her show's double right next to her as she stood outside the Porsche

Witnessing two of a kind: Aniston was spotted alongside her doppelganger from the show, standing side by side outside the Porsche.

Double vision: Aniston looked directly at the camera as her double stared down at her phone in this image

Aniston had an intense gaze at the camera while her doppelganger was engrossed in her phone in the picture.

They sure seem close: Jennifer and her double hugged it out and in doing so the star revealed the designer of her jeans: Favorite Daughter from Erin and Sara Foster

Jennifer and her lookalike were seen embracing in a warm hug, and during their intimate moment, Jennifer shared that she was wearing Favorite Daughter jeans designed by Erin and Sara Foster.

The popular series premiered its first season on Apple TV+ in 2019, followed by the second season in 2021, and there is currently a third season in development. Season two welcomed new cast members such as Julianna Margulies as a regular and Marcia Gay Harden in a guest role that earned her an Emmy nomination.

Created by Jay Carson, who has a background in politics including serving as the press secretary for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, the show is based on Brian Stelter’s book “Top Of The Morning: Inside The Cutthroat World Of Morning TV.”

Despite not having appeared in a movie alongside Reese, Jon was part of the cast of the 2019 drama film “Lucy In The Sky,” which Reese co-produced. Jon and Jennifer share a close friendship, as evidenced by his attendance at her 50th birthday bash held at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles in 2019.

Who's who: The Morning Show stars Jennifer and Reese as anchors on a news network that is rocked by a Me Too scandal involving a character played by Steve Carrell

Meet the cast of The Morning Show, featuring Jennifer and Reese as news anchors in a network shaken by a Me Too controversy surrounding a character portrayed by Steve Carrell.

Show coming soon: The third season of the star's show is expected to be released later this fall

Get ready for the highly anticipated arrival of the next season of the star’s hit show, set to be released this upcoming fall. Stay tuned for all the excitement to come!

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