“Jennifer Aniston Pays Tribute to Lost Legends at Oscars, Regretful for Missing Bill Paxton”

At the Academy Awards, the In Memoriam section is always a tearjerker. However, for Jennifer Aniston, one loss hit particularly hard, leaving her struggling to make it through her introduction. The actress became emotional as she introduced the somber montage, which unfortunately did not have enough time to include the recently deceased Bill Paxton, who passed away just hours before. Keep scrolling for the video clip.

Upset: Jennifer Aniston choked up presenting Oscar In Memoriam segment on Sunday night

Jennifer Aniston got emotional while introducing the Oscar In Memoriam segment on Sunday, paying tribute to iconic stars like Prince and Carrie Fisher. She also took a moment to remember the late actor Bill Paxton, saying, “Let us honor their legacies and the incredible work they left behind. They were all beloved and will always be remembered.”

One more: The actress got upset as she presented the melancholy montage, which did not have time to include the late Bill Paxton who tragically died just hours earlier

Another instance occurred when the actress became emotional while introducing the somber collection of clips. Unfortunately, the montage had been created before the untimely passing of Bill Paxton, which happened only hours before.

Tears: 'Every one was a cherished member of our Hollywood family... as was beloved friend and actor who left us just yesterday, Bill Paxton,' she said to continue, before taking a second to compose herself

Emotions ran high as she spoke about the loss of cherished members of the Hollywood family, including the beloved actor Bill Paxton who had passed away just the day before. She took a moment to gather her thoughts before continuing.

RIP: The Titanic and Aliens star unexpectedly died on Saturday aged 61 after suffering a stroke because of issues stemming from his heart operation

The sudden passing of the star from Titanic and Aliens at the age of 61, due to complications following a stroke from his heart surgery, left fans shocked and saddened. Once again, the yearly montage of deceased celebrities, set to Sara Bareilles’ emotional performance of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides, Now, brought back memories of the difficult year of 2016, which saw the loss of icons such as Mary Tyler Moore, Gene Wilder, Kenny Baker, John Hurt, Prince, Anton Yelchin, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Debbie Reynolds, and Carrie Fisher.

Brutal year: The annual video that nobody wants to be part of once again rolled out

Rough time: The yearly video that everyone dreads being in has made its return once more.

Tear-jerker: Sara Bareilles sang a tear-jerking rendition of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides, Now

Heartstring tugger: Sara Bareilles delivered an emotional performance of Joni Mitchell’s classic Both Sides, Now.

Missed: Images of Mary Tyler Moore, Gene Wilder, Kenny Baker, John Hurt, Prince, Anton Yelchin, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher flashed across the screen

I missed seeing the tributes to Mary Tyler Moore, Gene Wilder, Kenny Baker, John Hurt, Prince, Anton Yelchin, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Debbie Reynolds, and Carrie Fisher on the screen.

Twitter users were quick to express their disappointment at the absence of Alan Rickman and David Bowie in this year’s In Memoriam segment, forgetting that they were honored last year following their tragic deaths in January.

Jen arrived at the event with her husband Justin Theroux, choosing to avoid the red carpet this time around.

The supplier of Jen’s sunglasses for the Oscars may have been initially disappointed, but they were ultimately thrilled when their shades became the talk of the evening and the most famous pair in the room.

Straight to her seat: Jen arrived at the ceremony with husband Justin Theroux, but opted to skip the red carpet this year

Jen wasted no time getting to her spot at the event as she was accompanied by her husband Justin Theroux. However, she decided to skip the red carpet this time around.

Two cute: The couple looked happy as they walked arm in arm

A pair of adorable lovebirds: The couple seemed overjoyed as they strolled side by side, interlocking arms.

Throwing shades: While whoever supplied her shades for her Oscar outfit might have been initially upset, they were later delighted when they became the most famous pair in the auditorium

Giving some shade: The person who lent her sunglasses for her Oscar ensemble may have been a little annoyed at first, but they ended up thrilled when they turned into the most talked-about accessory in the room.

Pranked: Host Jimmy Kimmel pranked a busload of tourists into believing they were visiting an Oscar exhibit, only to be paraded out live in front of tens of millions as the ceremony filmed

Trickery: Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel pulled a fast one on a group of tourists by tricking them into thinking they were going to see an Oscar exhibit, then surprising them by taking them live to the Oscars in front of millions of viewers.

Keepsake: One fan in particular was delighted to receive Jen's sunglasses after Kimmel put her on the spot and demanded she gift her something from her purse

A special memento: A fan was thrilled to receive Jennifer’s sunglasses after Kimmel playfully asked her to give something from her purse
During a prank on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, a group of tourists were surprised to find themselves on live TV during the Oscars ceremony.
One fan was especially happy to receive Jennifer’s sunglasses as a gift after Kimmel put her on the spot and asked her to give something from her purse.
Following her touching moment on stage, Jennifer was seen backstage receiving a hug from Nicole Kidman.

Pals: After her emotional presentation, Jen was spotted getting a hug from Nicole Kidman backstage

Friends: Following her heartfelt speech, Jen was seen receiving a comforting embrace from Nicole Kidman behind the scenes.

Backstage: Nicole was hanging out back there with husband Keith Urban

Behind the scenes: Nicole was chilling backstage with her husband, Keith Urban.

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