“Jennifer Aniston stuns in a chic sheath dress at Horrible Bosses 2 premiere in the UK”

After finding the man she wants to spend her life with, Jennifer Aniston seems to be embracing a more relaxed and softer look at the age of 45. Engaged to Justin Theroux, she proudly showed off her new curves in a stylish Antonio Berardi dress at the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2.

Showing her shape: Jennifer Aniston walked the red carpet for the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 in London's Leicester Square on Wednesday night, wearing a sleek fitted dress

Jennifer Aniston strutted down the red carpet at the premiere of Horrible Bosses 2 in London’s Leicester Square, sporting a chic form-fitting dress. Reprising her role as the seductive Julia Harris, the actress brought her A-game to the star-studded event.

In this sequel, the trio of Dale, Kurt, and Nick take on a new mission of starting their own business after attempting to off their awful bosses. Jennifer’s character, dentist Julia, allows the actress to showcase a different side, embracing her inner saucy side once again.

Amidst the Oscar buzz surrounding her performance in the film, Jennifer shared with The Sun on the red carpet, “You can’t help but pay attention to it. It’s incredibly flattering and humbling. It really gets you buzzing from within.”

New-found curves: Jennifer looked like she had a softer silhouette than in recent years

Jennifer appeared to have a more gentle and curvy figure compared to how she looked in the past few years.

Sex-obsessed: Jennifer's character in Horrible Bosses is sexual deviant Julia Harris, who's back for a second time to ruin her employees' lives

Jennifer plays the role of Julia Harris, a sexually adventurous character in the movie Horrible Bosses, who is determined to make her employees’ lives a living nightmare for the second time.

Looking lovely: Jennifer smiled widely as she was faced with a wall of cameras vying for a picture

Radiant and elegant: Jennifer flashed a big smile as a crowd of cameras surrounded her, all eager to capture her picture. She rocked a chic look with pointed heels and a dress featuring a thigh-high slit, highlighting her slender legs and accentuating her curves. Her sleek, straight hair cascaded over one shoulder, drawing attention to her enhanced cleavage that peeked through the red neckline. Jennifer proudly displayed her stunning engagement ring, placing a hand on her hip in a nod to her 43-year-old partner who was not by her side.

Sexier still: The brunette beauty channeled her character with a sexy ensemble featuring pin point heels

Sexy zip back: Jennifer's dress cut right up the back with a zip

Even more alluring: The dark-haired beauty exuded sensuality as she strutted in sleek Christian Louboutin heels.

Paying tribute: Jennifer showed off her Norman tattoo, a tribute to her dog

Celebrating her furry friend, Jennifer proudly displayed her Norman tattoo as a sweet homage to her beloved dog.

What a rock: Jennifer shot a look at her stunning engagement ring, a tribute to her beau Justin Theroux

Jennifer admired her beautiful engagement ring, a symbol of her love for Justin Theroux. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she shared how much fun she has been having since turning 40. She mentioned how fulfilling it has been both professionally and personally. In her recent films like We’re The Millers, Wanderlust, and He’s Just Not That Into You, Jennifer has truly embraced this new chapter of her life.

The show stopper: Jennifer captured all eyes on the red carpet - which was turned to blue

Jennifer stole the spotlight at the event, dazzling everyone on the blue carpet instead of the traditional red.

Glowing: 45-year-old Jennifer showed her cleavage as she smiled for the cameras on the red carpet

Radiant: Jennifer, at the age of 45, confidently showcased her décolletage while flashing a bright smile for the photographers on the red carpet.

All eyes: All eyes were on Jennifer when she stormed the red carpet, with fans taking pictures

All eyes were glued to Jennifer as she made her entrance on the red carpet, with fans snapping photos.

Animated Aniston: The star soaked up her surroundings with an animated stage presence

Lively Aniston: The actress exuded energy as she embraced the atmosphere with a vibrant stage demeanor.

Mobbed: Every one wanted a piece of the stunning Friends star during the midweek premiere

Swarmed: Fans and onlookers alike were clamoring for a glimpse of the captivating Friends actress at the highly-anticipated midweek debut.

Glamorous: Despite it being a damp evening, Jennifer didn't rush along the carpet and savoured time with fans

Dazzling: Despite the drizzly weather, Jennifer took her time walking down the red carpet and enjoyed chatting with her fans. Just two years ago, she starred alongside Jason Sudeikis in the movie We’re The Millers. In the Horrible Bosses sequel, Jason reprises his role as Kurt Buckman, sharing the screen with Aniston once again. Also in attendance was his beautiful fiancée Olivia Wilde, who almost stole the show in a stunning black dress similar to Jennifer’s.

Taking the time: Jennifer signed pictures and stopped for photographs outside the premiere

Jennifer took a moment to sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans outside the movie premiere.

Friends fans: Waiting outside in the cold were a gaggle of teens and young women who wanted a moment with Jennifer 

Friends enthusiasts: A group of teenagers and young women braved the chilly weather to catch a glimpse of Jennifer and possibly interact with her.

Sweet smile: The movie star looked perfect from every angle as onlooker tried to take pictures with her

Lovely grin: The actress appeared flawless from all perspectives as fans attempted to capture photos with her. Olivia recently welcomed her first child with her partner in April, yet she dazzled on the arm of her famous beau, stunning in a long, cut-out dress. The outfit featured a panel that revealed her midriff, showcasing her toned figure as if she had effortlessly returned to her pre-baby shape. On the other hand, Jason showcased his style in a checkered three-piece suit, ensuring he stood out as the leading man among co-stars Jason Bateman and Charlie Day.

Smiling brightly: Jennifer was the stand out star of the evening, also accompanied by Olivia Wilde

Grinning from ear to ear, Jennifer stole the show that night, with Olivia Wilde by her side adding to the glamour.

Body beautiful: Though she looked like she'd relaxed her rigorous work outs, Jennifer's physique was impeccible

Jennifer’s toned and flawless figure suggested that she had possibly eased up on her intense exercise routine, but her body still looked stunning.

Cutting a fine silhouette: The brunette knew her best angles, posing with a hand on her hip at the premiere

Striking a perfect pose: The brunette effortlessly showcased her best angles at the premiere, placing a hand on her hip with confidence.

Owning it: Not carrying a bag, the engaged starlet managed to attract the attention to just her frame

Taking charge: Without the need for a bag, the busy actress effortlessly drew all eyes to her slender figure.

Pop of colour: Jennifer was flashing a little bright colour as she wore a dress that revealed a cherry red panel

Touch of color: Jennifer added a vibrant touch to her outfit with a dress that featured a striking cherry red panel.

A social media storm: Jennifer was captured from every angle as she walked the blue strip

On social media, Jennifer caused a frenzy as she strolled down the blue carpet, getting photographed from every direction. The quartet, which included Aniston, took photos together inside the London Odeon theater on a Wednesday. Jason had sporting longer hair, yet still looked dapper in a sleek metallic grey suit, as Charlie sported a rugged look with a full beard. Jason and Jennifer, who have portrayed a married couple on screen before, shared a noticeable chemistry on the red carpet, laughing together in front of the flashing cameras.

Happy days: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Aniston and Sudeikis joked as they posed for a group photo

Good times were had as Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Sudeikis shared laughs while taking a group photo.

Her sexier side: Jennifer plays a Dentist and the boss of Dale Arbus, played by Charlie Day in the movie

Jennifer showcases her seductive side in the role of a dentist and the boss of Dale Arbus, portrayed by Charlie Day in the film.

Ever the comedian: Jason Sudeikis, who reprises his role as Kurt Buckman made Jennifer giggle on the red carpet

Always the funny guy: Jason Sudeikis, bringing back his character Kurt Buckman, had Jennifer in stitches on the red carpet.

Perfect two piece: Jason and Jennifer played a faux married couple in We're The Millers

The ideal duo: Jason and Jennifer starred as a pretend husband and wife in the movie We’re The Millers.

In good company: Olivia Wilde was very much the trophy fiancée as she posed with her acting man Jason Sudeikis, a star of the film

At a recent event, Olivia Wilde looked stunning as she stood alongside her fiancé and fellow actor, Jason Sudeikis, who is known for his role in the movie. Together, they made quite the glamorous pair on the red carpet.

Hot blooded woman! Olivia also stunned on Wednesday evening, picking out a floor-sweeping black gown

All smiles: The brunette beauty had an infectious smile when stepping out on Wednesday

Both dressed in black: Jennifer and Olivia were twinning in elegant, black outfits, but the question remains – who rocked the look better?

Shopped, didn't drop: Earlier in the day, she was seen shopping at department store Liberty with pal Justin

Earlier today, she was spotted browsing through the aisles of the department store Liberty alongside her friend Justin. Later on, she attended a star-studded event which also saw the presence of familiar faces like Amy Childs, Hatty Keane, and Brianne Howey. Amy stood out with her fiery red hair perfectly complementing a stunning red lace dress with a peplum skirt that accentuated her figure. The low-cut neckline showcased her cleavage as she confidently strutted down the red carpet solo on Wednesday evening.

Tress-ed to impress: Jennifer showed off her perfectly styled hair as she graced the carpet

Tress-ed to impress: Jennifer showed off her perfectly styled hair as she graced the carpet

Dressed to turn heads: Jennifer flaunted her flawlessly groomed locks as she made her entrance on the red carpet.

Signed, sealed, delivered: The star kept herself busy signing autographs between posing for shots

With pen in hand and a smile on her face, the celebrity stayed occupied by autographing items while also striking poses for photographs.

Strike a pose: The Hollywood actress also took selfies with a selection of her excited fans

Pictured perfect: The star from Hollywood snapped some selfies with a group of her enthusiastic supporters.

Metallic beauty: Musician Hatty Keane wore a shimmering cut out gown that showed her tiny frame

Metallic beauty: Musician Hatty Keane wore a shimmering cut out gown that showed her tiny frame

Shining sophistication: Singer Hatty Keane glowed in a sparkling dress with stylish cut-outs that highlighted her slender figure.

Purple reign: She added to her look with the application of metallic purple lipstick

Purple domination: She enhanced her appearance by applying shiny purple lipstick.

Also in attendance: Former TOWIE star Amy Childs wore a lacy peplum styled dress with heeled sandals

Another guest spotted at the event was former TOWIE personality Amy Childs, looking stylish in a peplum dress with lace detailing paired with high-heeled sandals.

Looking leggy: A thigh high split has become a favourite with the red carpet regulars, including Brianne Howey

Looking leggy: A thigh high split has become a favourite with the red carpet regulars, including Brianne Howey

Rocking the thigh-high split: Celebrities like Brianne Howey are loving this trend on the red carpet.

Keeping hydrated: Jennifer was spotted carrying a bottle of her favourite glacéau Smartwater in London this week

Staying refreshed: Recently in London, Jennifer was seen with a bottle of her beloved glacéau Smartwater by her side.

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