Jennifer Aniston Stuns in Leather Pants on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show While Opening Up About Her Longtime Journey in Therapy

Jennifer Aniston from the iconic show Friends made a stylish statement in Hollywood as she prepared to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Black leather pants hugged her figure as she paired them with dark purple combat boots, a classic black T-shirt, and a chic maxi-peacoat picked by her stylist Ryan Hastings. Her renowned hairstylist Chris McMillan styled her signature blonde hair for her 10th appearance on the late-night show, where she shared the stage with guests Chris Elliott and Rita Ora.

Coming soon! Friends alum Jennifer Aniston rocked a snug pair of black leather pants in Hollywood to pre-tape her appearance on Wednesday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Upcoming! Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston looked stylish in a pair of sleek black leather pants as she prepared to appear on the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood.
During her appearance, Jennifer was seen holding a bottle of Glaceau SmartWater, a brand she has been a brand ambassador for since 2007, which is owned by Coca-Cola.
Interestingly, Jennifer’s ex-husband Justin Theroux had recently been on the show the night before, where he mentioned being mistaken for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media.
In a strange turn of events, it was revealed by TMZ in February that Jennifer and Justin’s 2015 wedding at their Bel-Air mansion may not have been legally binding, meaning they may not need a formal divorce.
When asked by Extra about getting “treatment” after their separation, Jennifer joked about being in therapy for years, showing her lighthearted sense of humor about the situation.

Waving: The 49-year-old Golden Globe winner paired her edgy trousers with dark purple combat boots, a simple black T-shirt, and a maxi-peacoat selected by stylist Ryan Hastings

Gesturing: The 49-year-old actress who won a Golden Globe award matched her fashionable pants with deep purple combat boots, a plain black tee, and a long peacoat handpicked by stylist Ryan Hastings.

Big smile: Hairstylist Chris McMillan coiffed the San Fernando Valley native's signature flaxen locks for her 10th appearance on the ABC late night show

Grinning widely, hairstylist Chris McMillan styled the distinctive blond hair of the celebrity from the San Fernando Valley for her 10th time appearing on the popular ABC late-night program.

Always repping: Jennifer also prominently held up a bottle of Glaceau SmartWater

It's the Coca-Cola-owned mineral water company she's been brand ambassador for since 2007

Always showing support: Jennifer confidently showcased a bottle of Glaceau SmartWater, a brand owned by Coca-Cola, which she has been endorsing since 2007.

Diva moment: Jen and her female companion were shielded from the rain by their own personal umbrella handler outside the studio

Diva move: Jen and her friend had a personal umbrella escort shielding them from the rain as they stepped outside the studio.

Jennifer found motivation in her distant relationship with her mother Nancy Dow to portray the role of the superficial former beauty queen Rosie Dickson in Anne Fletcher’s Dumplin, a coming-of-age film set in a Texas teen pageant. The movie will be available for streaming on Netflix this Friday.

Reflecting on her complicated bond with her mother, Aniston shared with Extra, “My mom and I always had a bit of a back-and-forth dynamic. She was a model and grew up in a time when parental support was lacking, if present at all, so she tried her best to pass on what she knew to me… I resonated with that aspect of the movie. It depicted a similar relationship, and I felt a sense of understanding towards Rosie… she was simply doing her best.”

24 hours earlier: Coincidentally, Aniston's estranged second husband Justin Theroux had just appeared on Kimmel Tuesday night where he said he sometimes gets mistaken for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media

Just one day earlier, by chance, Aniston’s ex-husband Justin Theroux made an appearance on Kimmel and mentioned how he often gets confused for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on social media.

In February, TMZ discovered that the acting couple's 2015 wedding at their shared Bel-Air mansion might not have been technically legal

Therefore no formal divorce is needed in their case

Is divorce off the table? In a recent report by TMZ, it was revealed that the Hollywood couple’s 2015 wedding, which took place at their beautiful Bel-Air estate, may not have been legally binding after all.

When Extra asked the Emirates spokesmodel about 'seeking treatment' after separating from the 47-year-old SAG Award nominee a year ago, she cracked: 'I've been in therapy for years'

When questioned by Extra about whether she sought therapy after her breakup with the 47-year-old SAG Award nominee, the Emirates spokesmodel jokingly replied, “I’ve actually been in therapy for quite a few years now.”

The movie, based on Julie Murphy’s 2010 YA novel, features music contributed by country legend Dolly Parton. Other cast members include Danielle Macdonald, Odeya Rush, Kathy Najimy, Luke Benward, and Sam Pancake.

After experiencing a stroke in 2011 and passing away in 2016, the Emmy winner had not seen her former model and actress mother, who wrote a critical tell-all book about her back in 1999.

Fans of the long-running sitcom Friends will be excited to hear that Netflix reportedly paid $100M to continue licensing reruns of the show, featuring Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, for their 130 million subscribers.

Starts streaming Friday on Netflix! Jennifer drew inspiration from her estranged mother Nancy Dow to play superficial ex-beauty queen Rosie Dickson in Anne Fletcher's Texas teen pageant dramedy Dumplin

Premiering this Friday on Netflix! Jennifer channeled her own experiences with her distant mother, Nancy Dow, to portray the vain ex-pageant winner Rosie Dickson in Anne Fletcher’s new film, Dumplin’.

'My mom and I always had sort of a push and pull relationship': Aniston hadn't seen Nancy since she suffered a stroke in 2011 and then passed away in 2016 (pictured in 1999)

My mother and I had a complex relationship with ups and downs. Aniston had not seen Nancy since she had a stroke in 2011, and sadly, she passed away in 2016, as shown in a photo from 1999.

Netflix announced Monday via Twitter: 'The Holiday Armadillo has granted your wish: “Friends” will still be there for you in the US throughout 2019'

The Holiday Armadillo has made your dreams come true! Netflix’s massive 130 million subscribers can rejoice as the streaming service has reportedly shelled out $100 million to keep airing reruns of the beloved sitcom Friends from NBC until 2019.

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