Jennifer Aniston’s Glamorous Comeback: Flaunting a Chic Bob and Toned Arms in a Stunning Black Dress

Written by Elizabeth Beverly and George Stark and originally published on May 10, 2014, Jennifer Aniston is known for her frumpy wardrobe in her recent film “Cake”. However, she showed off her glamorous side at the Living Proof Style Lab in Boston, sporting a sleek sleeveless black dress that showcased her toned arms and featured a peplum detail.

She's the proof! Jennifer Aniston showed off her sleek bob and sculpted arms as she attended the Living Proof Style Lab in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday

Jennifer Aniston was spotted flaunting her stylish bob and toned arms at the Living Proof Style Lab in Boston, Massachusetts on a Friday. Being a co-owner and spokesperson for Living Proof, it was no surprise that the Friends actress rocked a smooth and polished hairstyle. Living Proof CEO, Jill Beraud, once praised Jennifer for embodying the brand’s values of beauty and intelligence. She commended Jennifer for not only having gorgeous hair but also for being a skilled creative and savvy businesswoman dedicated to supporting small, innovative companies.

Celebrity co-owner: The Friends funnywoman was last photographed solo weeks ago attending a promotional event for the haircare company Living Proof in Boston

She’s not just an actress, but also a co-owner! Jennifer was seen in a photo with the Living Proof team including Jon Flint, Jill Beraud, and Bob Langer. This week, she was spotted in a more laid-back outfit while filming Cake in the San Fernando Valley.

Unlike her usual Friday attire, the Wanderlust actress sported a comfy grey shirt and charcoal tracksuit bottoms. In the upcoming movie, Jennifer, who is engaged to Justin Theroux, portrays a character who develops a strong interest in a woman she meets at her chronic pain support group, who tragically takes her own life.

Showing it off: Jen made sure to display her massive sparkler as she posed for photos

Displaying her impressive diamond ring, Jen ensured it was visible in photos as she posed for them.

Coming from a producer who worked on The Departed, the movie is anticipated to take Jennifer in a new direction from her usual comedic roles.

While she has shown her serious acting chops in the past, like in The Good Girl back in 2002, she has yet to receive any Oscar nominations.

It’s possible that Jen may have taken a pay cut for this independent film, which has a budget estimated to be between $7 to $10 million, even though she typically commands a $5 million salary per film according to reports from Variety.

Frumpy: Jennifer Ansiton has frequently been spotted in loose shirts and tracksuit trousers as she films her latest film Cake

Casual: Jennifer Aniston has been seen often wearing baggy shirts and sweatpants while working on her newest movie, Cake.

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