Jennifer Aniston’s Revealing Outfit Choice: Black Bra Peek-a-Boo under White Vest

For a while now, Jennifer Aniston has been loving black as her go-to color, but today she decided to switch things up and opt for a white vest instead. Of course, she couldn’t completely let go of her love for dark colors, as she paired the outfit with a black bra underneath.

White hot: Jennifer Aniston slipped into a white vest with a black bra underneath as she stepped out in New York today

Looking stylish in the summer heat, Jennifer Aniston rocked a white vest with a hint of a black bra peeking through while out and about in New York today. She paired the top with some faded blue jeans cinched at the waist with a brown leather belt, and a grey sweater tied around her waist for a casual and chic look. Opting for a fresh-faced natural beauty look, the actress ditched the make-up and accessorized with her beloved leather Chloe bag and a bottle of Smart Water, a brand she represents. Completing her outfit with stone-coloured suede heeled boots, Jen strolled through the streets of Manhattan effortlessly cool and comfortable.

Peekaboo: Her undergarment peeked through Jen's singlet, which she paired with some faded blue jeans

Peep show: A glimpse of her lingerie peeked out from under Jen’s tank top, perfectly paired with some worn-in blue jeans.

Leisurely day: Later, the actress returned home after a spot of shopping

Leisurely day: Later, the actress returned home after a spot of shopping

Casual day: The actress strolled back home after doing a bit of shopping.

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