Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Arrive Solo at Cinema Event with Kids, Sporting Wedding Rings Amidst Divorce Speculations, with a Surprise Appearance by Jennifer Garner

Witnesses caught a glimpse of an unexpected family gathering involving Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Garner over the weekend, sparking further speculation about their relationships. The three stars, along with their children, attended a movie event at the Aero Theatre in Brentwood, with Affleck and Lopez arriving separately. Despite being in the same place, they did not appear to interact much, although Lopez was seen sharing a moment with Garner’s 15-year-old child, Fin. Interestingly, Affleck decided to put his wedding ring back on for the occasion after recent sightings without it, leading to questions about the current state of his marriage with Lopez. Similarly, Lopez was spotted wearing her wedding ring, adding another layer of mystery to the intriguing scenario.

Ben Affleck was pictured having an awkward family reunion with wife Jennifer Lopez and ex Jennifer Garner in Brentwood on Sunday, amid ongoing rumors of marital strife

Lopez was seen arriving separately

On Sunday, photos surfaced of Ben Affleck caught in a slightly uncomfortable family reunion with his wife Jennifer Lopez and ex-wife Jennifer Garner in Brentwood. The sighting comes at a time when rumors of trouble in his marriage have been circulating.

The Oscar winner, 51, and Lopez, 54, were seen separately arriving at the Aero Theatre in Brentwood, where they joined Garner, 52, and their kids for a cinema event

The 51-year-old Academy Award winner and 54-year-old Lopez were spotted arriving separately at the Aero Theatre in Brentwood. They met up with Garner, 52, and their children for a movie night together.

Garner flashed a bright smile as she made it to the event wearing a chic summer dress and a navy cardigan

Garner arrived at the event flashing a big grin in a stylish summer dress paired with a navy cardigan. On the other hand, Affleck was spotted heading to the theater with a cigarette in his mouth, donning a casual look in a grey t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. Lopez was seen with her 16-year-old daughter Emme, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Later, Lopez shared a warm hug with Affleck’s child and was seen chatting with Fin and Emme. The superstar looked fashionable in a floral-patterned brown coat over a beige turtleneck and brown slacks, complemented by aviator sunglasses and loose brunette hair.

Garner, who was recently seen visiting Affleck’s current rental home, arrived at the event beaming in her summer dress and navy cardigan, accompanied by her and Affleck’s other children, 18-year-old daughter Violet and 12-year-old son Samuel. Garner and Affleck were married from 2005 until 2018. Speculation about the split between Affleck and Lopez arises from reports that they have been living separately, with Ben moving out of their $60 million L.A. home a few weeks ago, as reported by Us Weekly. Ben is currently residing in a Brentwood home while filming his latest project, The Accountant 2.

The Batman actor put his wedding ring back on for the outing, after recently being seen without it

The star of The Dark Knight series was spotted wearing his wedding ring again during a public appearance, following previous sightings where he did not have it on.

Lopez also had her wedding ring on, despite reports that the pair have been 'living separately' and that Ben moved out of their $60 million L.A. home 'several weeks ago'

Even though there have been rumors circulating that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been living apart for some time, Lopez was still spotted wearing her wedding ring. It has been reported that Ben moved out of their expensive Los Angeles home several weeks ago.

The two were not seen interacting together outside the theater

The two were not seen interacting together outside the theater

The two were not spotted engaging with each other outside of the movie theater.

The superstar was pictured arriving with her child Emme, 16

The famous celebrity was spotted arriving with her 16-year-old daughter, Emme.

She kept her eyes on the sidewalk as she navigated in her high heels

She made sure to watch her step as she walked in her high heels, focusing on the ground beneath her.

She cut a stylish figure in a brown coat over a beige turtleneck and brown slacks

Her eyes were shielded with a pair of aviator sunglasses

She looked incredibly fashionable in her brown coat paired with a beige turtleneck and brown pants. Her eyes were hidden behind a sleek pair of aviator sunglasses.

She wore her brunette tresses down

Her chestnut locks cascaded freely.

The Ain't It Funny hitmaker accessorized with a dark green purse

The singer of the famous song “Ain’t It Funny” added a stylish touch by carrying a deep green handbag.

She added a touch of bling with big gold hoops

She enhanced her look by accessorizing with oversized gold hoop earrings.

Affleck made his way to the theater alone, wearing a grey t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers

Affleck arrived at the theater by himself, dressed casually in a grey t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

He was previously not seen wearing his ring on Friday and Saturday amid claims his marriage with the singer is on the rocks

On Friday and Saturday, observers noted that he wasn’t wearing his ring, sparking rumors about the state of his marriage to the singer.

Lopez was seen hugging Affleck and Garner's child Fin, 15

Lopez was spotted embracing Affleck and Garner’s 15-year-old daughter, Fin.

The Alias star Garner was joined by her and Affleck's two other kids, daughter Violet, 18, and son Samuel, 12

Garner, known for her role in Alias, was accompanied by her two other children, Violet who is 18 and Samuel who is 12, who she shares with Affleck.

Garner shared a sweet moment with her youngest child

Garner had a heartwarming interaction with her little one.

Affleck was spotted wearing his wedding ring on Thursday as he returned to his pricey rental home. However, on Friday he was seen without the ring amidst rumors of a split with Lopez, whom he married in 2022. The ring was also missing when he left his rental in Brentwood on Saturday before spending time with his ex-wife Jennifer and their daughter Violet. The Gone Girl actor joined the Alias actress and Violet to support their son Samuel at his basketball game in Santa Monica. Sources say the couple is facing difficulties in their marriage but have not officially split. It seems tensions grew as Jennifer began to focus more on work commitments and tour preparations. Reports indicate that the couple did not spend Mother’s Day together. Jennifer was seen leaving a studio on Friday, still wearing her wedding ring, ahead of her upcoming tour.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the pair 'just couldn't make it work' and are headed for a split after less than two years of marriage

On Wednesday, news broke that the couple was unable to reconcile their differences and decided to go their separate ways, ending their marriage of less than two years.

Another insider told Us Weekly that the couple have not split, but 'are having issues in their marriage'

According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, the couple is not separated, but they are currently facing some challenges in their relationship.

Lopez cut a solitary figure as she walked through the crowd

Lopez stood out from the crowd as she strolled through the bustling event.

The New York native was seen chatting with Fin and Emme

The individual from New York was observed engaging in conversation with Fin and Emme.

Lopez and Affleck previously reunited on Thursday while attending a school production for Fin, who uses the pronoun 'they'

Lopez embraced her stepchild

Lopez and Affleck met up again on Thursday to support their child Fin at a school play. Fin goes by the pronoun ‘they’.

Fin happily returned the hug

Fin enthusiastically embraced the hug.

Following reports that they are currently living apart, both Jennifer and Ben have been seen out and about separately. Recently, Jennifer liked a post on Instagram about integrity and respect, hinting at possible relationship issues. The couple, who tied the knot in 2022 after rekindling their love in 2021, was last seen in public together seven weeks ago. Despite rumors of marriage drama, they came together to support one of Ben’s children at a school event. Observers noted that there was no visible affection between them, but they made an effort to show a united front for the kids. Emme, Jennifer’s daughter, was thrilled to support Ben’s child at the performance, while Samuel, Ben’s son, seemed comfortable with Jennifer as they walked arm in arm.

She shares twins Emme and Max with ex-husband Marc Anthony, 55

She is the proud mother of twins named Emme and Max, who she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, who is 55 years old.

Emme's twin brother Max was not seen at the family event

Emme’s brother Max was noticeably absent from the family gathering.

Lopez and Marc were married from 2004 until 2014

Lopez and Marc tied the knot in 2004 and remained married until 2014.

Jennifer's decision to release her Amazon Prime documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, in February, which chronicled her love story with Ben, seemingly put a strain on the pair's marriage

Jennifer’s choice to share her Amazon Prime film, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, in February, detailing her romance with Ben, appeared to have caused tension in their relationship.

Fans have pointed out that the pair have been spending a lot of time apart lately, and attending events without each other

Fans have noticed that recently the couple has been spending more time apart, often attending events solo instead of together.

Before their most recent sighting, the famous couple known as ‘Bennifer’ had not been seen together for seven weeks, since the end of March when they were spotted having lunch in New York City.

Reports emerged on Wednesday indicating that the couple is on the verge of splitting up after less than two years of marriage because they ‘just couldn’t make it work.’ A source informed In Touch Magazine that Affleck has already moved out of their shared home.

According to the insider, it seems like the end is near for their relationship as they are heading towards a divorce, with Ben not being solely responsible for the situation this time. Apparently, he has left their $60 million home that he shared with Lopez.

On Tuesday, Jennifer was seen looking for a new home in Beverly Hills, without Ben by her side. The source mentioned that Ben is now focusing on his work and kids, which led to him moving out, and they might have to sell the dream home they searched for together.

Despite their love for each other, it seems that they have reached a point where they can’t control or change each other. The release of Jennifer’s documentary about their love story in February seemed to have strained their marriage.

Fans have noticed that lately, they have been spending a lot of time apart and attending events separately. Lopez was by herself at the Met Gala, while Affleck was absent from the event. Similarly, Affleck was solo at The Roast of Tom Brady while his wife was nowhere to be seen.

Their last public appearance together at Cecconi’s showed a strained atmosphere, with neither of them smiling.

Ben was not pictured when Jennifer chatted with Fin

Ben was absent from the picture when Jennifer had a conversation with Fin.

Fin sported pink hair and a shirt with apple graphics. Garner and Affleck welcomed three children during their marriage, which lasted from 2005 until 2018

Fin had a vibrant pink hairdo and was rocking a funky shirt adorned with apple designs. Garner and Affleck were proud parents to three children while they were married, a union that lasted from 2005 all the way until 2018.

Garner walked alongside her kids

Garner strolled next to her children.

Their love story began back in 2002 when they first started dating while working on the movie Jersey Girl. They got engaged the following year but unfortunately ended things in 2004. However, in the spring of 2021, they found their way back to each other and rekindled their romance.

The couple tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022, and later had a grand wedding at his Georgia estate in August 2022. Their journey of love, with its ups and downs, was captured in J Lo’s latest documentary. While Jennifer is unapologetically expressive about her love for Ben in public, she has acknowledged that he feels ‘uncomfortable’ being the center of attention in their relationship.

This isn’t the first time that fans have speculated about potential issues in their marriage. Last year, a video of Ben seemingly slamming the car door after Jennifer got in the passenger seat sparked a frenzy on social media. Fans on Twitter commented that he appeared ‘miserable’ in the clip, fueling further speculation about their relationship.

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