“Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Love Still Blooms as They Share Sweet Moments Together”

On Tuesday morning, Jennifer Lopez was glowing with happiness as she strolled hand in hand with her new spouse, Ben Affleck, in Santa Monica, California. The 53-year-old singer and actress, who looked stunning at the recent Met Gala, sported a wide grin as they enjoyed their stroll. The couple, who tied the knot in Georgia in August 2022, were perfectly in sync as they clutched their respective coffees; Ben with his iced coffee and Jennifer with her hot coffee in a smaller to-go cup. Jennifer, known for her role in “Mother,” had her hair slicked back and wore striking makeup, showcasing her toned figure in a snug top paired with denim jeans. Ben, on the other hand, opted for a more laid-back attire.

Her happiness with Ben was evident as she recently shared on The View that he is an exceptional father to their combined children, which includes Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner, and her own twins Max and Emme from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony, a sentiment that moved her to tears.

In a honeymoon mood: Jennifer Lopez was beaming with joy on Tuesday morning. The 53-year-old singer and actress - who was stylish at last week's Met Gala - was smiling from ear-to-ear as she held hands with her new husband Ben Affleck in Santa Monica, California

Feeling the love: Jennifer Lopez couldn’t contain her happiness on a sunny Tuesday morning. The 53-year-old star, who turned heads at the recent Met Gala, was glowing as she walked hand in hand with her new spouse, Ben Affleck, in Santa Monica, California.

Mr and Mrs Affleck: The couple, who wed in August 2022 in Georgia, were in step as they held on to their coffees: his was an iced coffee and hers was a hot coffee in a smaller take-out cup

Mr and Mrs Affleck, who tied the knot in August 2022 in Georgia, walked together holding hands and their morning beverages. He sipped on a refreshing iced coffee while she sipped on a hot coffee from a smaller to-go cup.

During their day out, Lopez looked effortlessly stunning in a long-sleeved black turtleneck that highlighted her toned physique. She paired the top with high-waisted acid-washed light blue denim bell-bottom jeans, opting to go without a belt. Elevating her look, she wore latte beige studded platform heels that added a few extra inches to her 5ft5in stature.

With her hair styled up in a chic topknot, Lopez rocked a bold makeup look using earth tones. She shielded her eyes with oversized gray ombre sunglasses featuring a gold rim and octagonal shape. Completing her ensemble, she carried an oversized Christian Dior purse with green and pink accents against an off-white tapestry fabric on the front.

Accessorizing with yellow gold jewelry and a wedding band from her husband Ben Affleck, Lopez also sported a sleek gold wristwatch. In contrast, Affleck opted for a more laid-back outfit in a black button-down jacket layered over a black hoodie. Paired with dark blue denim jeans and lace-up Nike sneakers, he kept his look casual and comfortable.

All made up in the am: The actress, 53, who will next be seen in The Mother, wore her hair slicked back with heavy makeup on as she showed off her figure in a tight top and jeans

Getting ready in the morning: The 53-year-old actress, who is set to appear in The Mother, styled her hair back and wore bold makeup to highlight her features. She flaunted her figure in a fitted top and jeans, looking effortlessly chic.

Glam gal: During their outing Lopez modeled a long sleeved black turtleneck top and high-waisted jeans. The Coach model wore her hair pulled up into a topknot as she was heavily made up with earth tones. She also added oversized gray ombre sunglasses with a gold rim and octagonal shape. In the crook of her arm was an oversized Christian Dior purse

Fashion Diva: In her latest appearance, Lopez flaunted a chic look with a black turtleneck top and high-waisted jeans. Her hair was elegantly styled in a topknot, complementing her earth-toned makeup. To complete the ensemble, she sported trendy oversized gray ombre sunglasses with a touch of gold and an octagonal shape. And of course, she didn’t forget her statement accessory – an oversized Christian Dior purse tucked under her arm.

He recently had a role in a movie called Air, which is about Nike recruiting basketball icon Michael Jordan to their design team, making the role a perfect fit for him.
In a recent interview, the singer known for hits like Jenny From The Block opened up about her ex-partner Ben Affleck, expressing how moved she is watching him raise their children.
She praised him for being an incredible father, admiring his dedication and involvement in their kids’ lives. To her, Ben is the epitome of the ideal dad – present, loving, and caring.
Jennifer emphasized that Ben is not only intelligent and knowledgeable in various subjects, but he has also taken the time to educate himself on parenting and is always there for their children. In her eyes, he is the kind of father anyone would wish for – someone who shows up every day and loves unconditionally.

Casual Benny: Ben, 50, on the other hand, was dressed more casually in a button up jacket over a hoodie and jeans. The two appeared to be in a more somber mood after they left a meeting

Casual Ben, a 50-year-old man, was dressed in a more relaxed style with a button-up jacket over a hoodie and jeans. After attending a meeting, both he and Jennifer seemed to be in a more serious mood.

Jennifer and Ben got married last year and blended their families. The singer of the hit song “Waiting For Tonight” has twins, Emme and Max, who are 15 years old, while Affleck’s children include Violet (17), Seraphina (14), and Samuel (11).

As a mother of teenagers, Jennifer shared that it has been tough for her to see her children starting to assert their independence. She expressed, “I’m going through this now, and we all experience it for the first time with our own kids. You just realize, ‘Oh, this is what she meant.’ This is the phase when your kids don’t want to talk to you, and they’re trying to find their own path away from you. It’s all part of growing up, and intellectually, I get it. But emotionally, it’s hard!”

Despite the challenges at home, Jennifer’s film career is still going strong. She is set to star in the upcoming movie “The Mother,” scheduled for release on Netflix on May 12.

'It brings tears to my eyes': Jennifer Lopez gushed about her husband Ben Affleck's parenting abilities during an appearance on The View on Thursday

“I can’t help but get emotional,” Jennifer Lopez exclaimed, praising her husband Ben Affleck’s exceptional parenting skills while chatting on The View last Thursday.

Blended family! Lopez and Affleck combined their families last year after their marriage; seen in March

First time around: The star seen in 2003 at the Gigli premiere in Los Angeles

Brady Bunch 2.0! Lopez and Affleck brought their families together following their nuptials in 2021. Pictured on the left in March and on the right in 2003, the couple has blended their lives seamlessly.
In her latest action flick, Jennifer shines as a fierce assassin who will stop at nothing to protect her precious daughter.
Taking on the demanding role meant Jennifer had to tackle numerous combat scenes, but she rose to the occasion with dedication and intensive training.

Lopez's next movie is The Mother, which debuts on May 12

Lopez’s upcoming film, The Mother, is set to premiere on May 12. The actress shared that preparing for the role involved intensive fight and sniper training, which she found both challenging and enjoyable. Although in her early 50s now, Lopez expressed a desire to have landed such empowering roles when she was younger. She reminisced about wishing for similar opportunities during her earlier years, referring to her time as a Fly Girl on In Living Color. Reflecting on her dance background, Lopez mentioned that her experience in choreography helped her grasp the fight routines efficiently. She likened the choreographed fights to a dance routine, making it easier for her to learn and execute the moves effectively.

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