Jennifer Lopez cherishes a precious moment with her daughter Emme while relaxing on the set of Ben Affleck’s Nike project

Jennifer Lopez had a great time bonding with her daughter, Emme, while visiting the set of her fiancé Ben Affleck’s new Nike movie. The 52-year-old actress was seen holding hands with her 14-year-old daughter as they explored the behind-the-scenes action in Los Angeles. Jennifer looked effortlessly stylish in a white blouse with a pussybow, high-waisted slacks, and her hair pulled back in a chic half up, half down hairstyle.

Mom and me! Jennifer Lopez enjoyed some quality time with her child Emme on the set of her fiance Ben Affleck's upcoming Nike movie on Monday

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme spent some valuable time together on Monday while visiting the set of her partner Ben Affleck’s upcoming Nike film.

She hid her eyes behind fashionable sunglasses and wore eye-catching earrings to add a touch of glam to her outfit. Emme sported a tie-dye shirt, loose-fitting jeans, and had earbuds in. The two shared a heartwarming moment as JLo affectionately hugged Emme, placing a kiss on their curly hair. At a recent event, Jennifer Lopez and Emme took the stage together to perform a duet at the Blue Diamond Gala in Dodgers Stadium, with JLo introducing her singing partner using they/them pronouns.

Aww! JLo held her child close as she pressed her lips to their curly hair

How sweet! JLo snugly embraced her little one, planting a gentle kiss on their curly locks.

The most recent time we shared the stage in a huge stadium like this, I always tried to get them to join me in singing but they never did. So, this is a really special moment. They are incredibly busy – always booked and quite costly,” she quipped. “They really make me pay up when they perform. But let me tell you, they are absolutely worth every penny because they are my ultimate duet partner. So if you don’t mind, indulge me,” the Marry Me star stated as she called her partner to join her on stage. The I’m Real singer is a parent to Emme and their twin, Max, with former spouse Marc Anthony, aged 53.

Special duet: Earlier this month JLo and Emme performed a duet together at the Blue Diamond Gala at Dodgers Stadium, where the songstress introduced her singing partner using they/them pronouns

Unique rendition: At the recent Blue Diamond Gala held at Dodgers Stadium, a delightful surprise took place as JLo and Emme teamed up for a special duet. During the performance, the talented songstress took a moment to introduce her singing partner using they/them pronouns, adding a touch of inclusivity to the memorable performance.

When Jennifer is not busy entertaining her fans, she has been showing her support for Ben by joining him on the set of his new movie project. Ben and his longtime friend, Matt Damon, are working together on a new film that focuses on how Nike sealed a game-changing partnership with basketball legend Michael Jordan in the 1980s.
Matt Damon, who has been friends with Ben since their childhood in Massachusetts, will be taking on the role of Sonny Vaccaro, the determined individual who made the groundbreaking deal with Jordan, despite facing doubts from major competitors like Converse and Adidas.
Meanwhile, Ben, who is also directing the film, will be portraying the role of Phil Knight, the influential co-founder of Nike. Just like how they collaborated on their award-winning movie Good Will Hunting, Ben and Matt have once again come together to co-write the screenplay for this biographical drama, starting from an original script by Alex Covenry.

Lights, camera, action! JLo has been supporting her fiance Ben on the set of his new film as of late

Lights, camera, action! Recently, JLo has been showing her support for her soon-to-be husband Ben as he works on his latest movie.

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