“Jennifer Lopez Embraces Elegance in White Robe Ahead of UNICEF Benefit Concert on Beautiful Capri Island”

Jennifer Lopez managed to keep her ensemble a mystery as she stepped out for her much-anticipated UNICEF performance over the weekend. The 53-year-old singer donned a cozy white robe over her outfit, but she seemed all set to hit the stage with her flawless makeup and hair as she and her team headed towards their vehicle. The award-winning artist was in Capri, Italy for the special concert, which aimed to raise funds for a charity focused on helping Ukraine.

Under wraps: Jennifer Lopez kept her stage costume under wraps, wearing a fluffy white robe, as she headed to her performance in Capri for UNICEF

Jennifer Lopez kept her outfit a secret by wearing a cozy white robe as she made her way to her performance in Capri for a UNICEF event. The star-studded show was set to feature performances by DJ Diplo, Sofia Carson, and DJ Cruz, with Jennifer Lopez headlining the event. A-list guests like Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Jared Leto, Vanessa Hudgens, and Maye Musk, the mother of Elon Musk, were expected to attend the glamorous LuisaViaRoma event for UNICEF. The event was to be held at the picturesque 14th-century monastery, Certosa di San Giacomo, offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea from its grassy cloister.

First show: This is the Marry Me star's first performance since her marriage to Ben Affleck, 49, on July 16

It was the Marry Me actress’s debut performance following her wedding to Ben Affleck, 49, on July 16. Ahead of the show, she treated fans to a sneak peek of what to expect during rehearsals on Friday. The Let’s Get Loud entertainer confidently strutted across the stage in a stunning animal print outfit adorned with feathered pants and a sparkling waistline. Her illusion jumpsuit featured cutouts on the midriff, showcasing her well-toned abs, covered in a sheer gold material that extended to her chest and neck.

Ready to take stage: With the exception of the robe, the Let's Get Loud singer appeared ready to take the stage in full hair and makeup for the star-studded event to support a Ukraine focused charity

Prepared to perform: Aside from her robe, the Let’s Get Loud singer looked poised to hit the stage with full hair and makeup for the celebrity-packed event in support of a charity focused on Ukraine. Jennifer wore her hair in a bun during rehearsals, but let it flow in loose layers for the main event. Following the shows, attendees were in for a fancy dinner and a charity auction. This marked the Amor, Amor, Amor singer’s first performance since marrying Ben Affleck on July 16.

Sneak peek: Fans got a sneak peek at how the show might look and sound from rehearsals on  Friday

Exclusive glimpse: Supporters were treated to an exclusive glimpse of the show’s potential look and sound during Friday’s rehearsals.

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