Jennifer Lopez Embraces Her Multifaceted Talent: An Exclusive Interview with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez has expanded her reach beyond just music and movies, delving into fashion, perfume, and skincare. In the latest edition of Adweek, where she has been recognized as Adweek’s 2021 Brand Visionary, the 52-year-old opens up about how she manages her various ventures. Her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, also chimes in on her success.
According to the Hustlers actress, developing a personal brand isn’t something one consciously sets out to do. It evolves from the work you produce, your actions, lifestyle, and identity.

Brand savvy: Jennifer Lopez has cast her tentacles far and wide, not just into music and movies but also fashion, perfume and skincare. And in the new issue of Adweek , the 52-year-old explains how she does it all

The multi-talented Jennifer Lopez is not just limited to music and movies, as she has also made a mark in the world of fashion, fragrance, and skincare. In a recent feature with Adweek, the 52-year-old shared her secrets on how she manages to juggle it all.

She proudly stated that she is a unique star, describing herself as a rare asset. The On The Floor singer emphasized her proven track record as a creator, artist, and entrepreneur, with a special knack for connecting with people.

Lopez expressed gratitude for her talents, acknowledging them as gifts from God that she values and respects. She aims to make the most of her abilities and use them for the greater good.

Reflecting on her long-standing relationship with brands, the Marry Me actress recalled being one of the pioneering stars to collaborate with major companies as a model, setting the trend for celebrity endorsements.

On top of the world: And in the new issue of Adweek, the 52-year-old explains how she does it all. 'I don't think you start thinking about a personal brand. You become it because of what you create, what you do, how you live and who you are,' said the Hustlers star

At the peak of her success, the 52-year-old revealed in the latest issue of Adweek how she manages to juggle it all. She believes that a personal brand is not something you consciously create, but rather it stems from your creative work, actions, lifestyle, and authentic self, as shared by the leading lady of “Hustlers”.

Reflecting on her early career, the mother of two shared how she broke barriers by becoming a brand ambassador for major companies like L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton when it was not a common practice for artists or actresses. She felt it was crucial to showcase diversity in advertising and representation, especially as a Latina woman, to pave the way for others who looked like her to be seen in mainstream media.

Taking a leap of faith, she accepted the opportunity knowing it could make a significant impact and create positive change in the industry.

Her partner spoke out: Boyfriend Ben Affleck expressed, ‘From my own experience, I have witnessed the positive impact of representation. I have seen countless women of color approach Jennifer and share how her example as a strong, successful woman who stands up for herself in the business world inspires them.’ Affleck shared this insight while in Venice on September 10th.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez has taken on a more proactive role by becoming a founder, owner, and occasional investor in businesses that she feels a genuine connection to. These are companies that she believes are doing commendable work or projects that deeply resonate with her.

‘By delving deeper into the business world, I have realized the influence of artists and creators in introducing innovative, forward-thinking products and companies that can make a significant impact on society.’

She emphasized that she now collaborates with brands that align with her personal ‘vision and aspirations’ for making a positive impact.

JLO also mentioned her desire to offer people opportunities to enhance their lives.

He is a fan: 'I am in awe of what Jennifer’s effect on the world is. At most, as an artist, I can make movies that move people. Jennifer has inspired a massive group of people to feel they have a seat at the table in this country.' At the Met Gala

He expressed his admiration towards Jennifer and her impact on the world as an artist. He mentioned how he aims to move people through his movies, while Jennifer has inspired numerous individuals to feel empowered and included in society. During the Met Gala, he spoke about the partnership between Limitless Labs and Goldman Sachs to support Latin entrepreneurs through the 10,000 Small Businesses program, which he is genuinely enthusiastic about.

Furthermore, the concept of “limitless” originated from one of her songs for the movie Second Act. It represents the idea of realizing that the only limitations one has are in their own mind, especially when it comes to seizing opportunities. Nowadays, it’s essential for him to advocate for this message in his life and work. Through Limitless Labs, he aims to utilize his platform and influence to empower females, families, the Latinx community, women of color, and entrepreneurs. He believes that entrepreneurs are remarkable individuals who can make a significant impact on the world through artistic and innovative business ventures.

She has no limits: 'Limitless comes from one of my songs I did for a movie called Second Act,' she said. 'It was very much about when you think that opportunity is not there for you and realizing the only limits you have are in your mind. I’m at a point in my life where it has become incredibly important to me to be vocal about that'; seen in Venice wearing Dolce & Gabbana

She embraces the idea of being limitless, a concept that originated from a song she recorded for the film Second Act. This song reflects the belief that the only barriers we face are the ones we create in our minds. She emphasizes the importance of speaking out about this mindset, as she feels it’s crucial in her current stage of life. Recently seen wearing Dolce & Gabbana in Venice, she reflects on her success on social media, acknowledging its benefits while also setting personal boundaries. She values the direct connection she can now have with her audience, free from the influence of traditional media narratives. Her boyfriend, Affleck, highlights the impact of her representation as a successful woman of color, emphasizing the inspiration and empowerment she provides to others in similar situations.

Early start at branding: 'Early in my career, I chose to be a brand ambassador for companies like L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton when others weren’t really doing that,' said the mother of two. 'There was so much kind of taboo for real artists or actresses or recording artists to do those type of things. But I felt that it was important to start seeing somebody who looked like me in those ads, because it had been the same look for so long'

In the early stages of her career, the mother of two made a bold move by becoming a brand ambassador for prestigious companies like L’Oréal and Louis Vuitton. This decision was uncommon at the time, as there was a stigma attached to artists and actresses endorsing products. However, she felt it was important for people to see someone like her in these ads, breaking the mold of the typical look that had been portrayed for so long.

Reflecting on Jennifer’s impact on the world, she noted that as an artist, she can move people through movies, but Jennifer has managed to inspire a massive group of individuals to feel empowered and represented. This level of influence is remarkable and rare throughout history, something she deeply respects and admires.

Her manager, Benny Medina, also shared his perspective on her talent and versatility as an artist, creator, and founder. He highlighted her natural ability to excel in various endeavors, showcasing her as a multi-talented individual worthy of admiration.

Helping out: With Noelle Santos (L) at the Jennifer Lopez and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses event to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with Latina business owners at The Lit. Bar on September 12, 2021 in New York City

Assisting at the Jennifer Lopez and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses event alongside Noelle Santos, celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with Latina business owners at The Lit. Bar in New York City on September 12, 2021.

She embodies boundless potential and unwavering strength. Her authenticity shines through as she leverages her influence to create opportunities and uplift others.

Dedicated to enriching lives and bringing beauty and meaning to everything she touches, she is driven by the goal of making a positive impact and inspiring those around her.

Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, a member of her team, highlighted Jennifer’s commitment to standing up for beliefs and empowering others. They prioritize projects that showcase empowerment and diversity, providing opportunities to women and people of color that were once out of reach.

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