Jennifer Lopez opens up about her weight and energy levels post-filming Kiss of the Spider Woman, describing the musical experience as a mix of thrill and exhaustion.

Jennifer Lopez is currently at the peak of her game. The talented singer and actress, who is 54 years old and gearing up for a summer tour, recently opened up about the intense preparation she underwent for her latest project. In a conversation with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on Live with Kelly and Mark, she revealed, “I just wrapped up filming for Kiss of the Spider Woman, which involved a lot of singing and dancing. It was both thrilling and absolutely exhausting.” Lopez added, “But now, I’m feeling stronger than ever. I’ve never been in better shape than I am right now.”

The film, inspired by Manuel Puig’s 1976 novel of the same name, is set in a prison where a gay window dresser shares fantastical stories of a made-up actress named Aurora with his fellow inmate, an Argentine revolutionary. The Broadway adaptation of the musical received seven Tony awards, while the 1985 film version earned William Hurt an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Jennifer Lopez, 54, said she's 'the thinnest I've ever been' after shooting the musical Kiss of the Spider Woman  (pictured in New York May 4)

After starring in the musical Kiss of the Spider Woman, Jennifer Lopez, 54, shared that she is currently feeling “the most slender I’ve ever been.” The Grammy winner credits the singing and dancing in the show for keeping her in great shape, describing it as a rigorous two-hour workout every night that involves constant movement and travel.

Looking ahead to her upcoming tour starting on June 26 in Orlando, JLo revealed that she has been hard at work planning the set list and creating an exciting show for her fans. She emphasized her commitment to delivering a high-energy performance that keeps the audience engaged, ensuring that there are no dull moments where fans could sneak away for a soda.

With rehearsals scheduled to continue until the start of the tour in early June, the multi-talented artist has also recently wrapped up her press tour for the upcoming film Atlas. In the movie, Lopez portrays a skilled strategist on a mission to thwart an AI soldier’s plan to save the planet by eradicating humanity.

'Now, I¿m ready to go.... I¿m in fighting shape right now,' she said on Live with Kelly and Mark Friday. 'It was all singing and dancing, which was equal parts exhilarating and exhausting as well'

“I’m all set and raring to go now,” she declared during her appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark last Friday. “I’ve been training hard and I feel strong. The whole experience of singing and dancing non-stop was a mix of thrilling and tiring at the same time.”

The Grammy winner has been promoting her new tour which will begin June 26 in Orlando.  'I've been mapping it out and working on the set list and everything. I always like making a very exciting show,' she said

The award-winning singer has been hyping up her upcoming tour that kicks off on June 26 in Orlando. “I’ve been planning all the details, from the set list to the overall vibe of the show. I always aim to deliver an electrifying performance,” she stated.

The actress will demonstrate her action chops in the upcoming sci-fi adventure Atlas, debuting on Netflix May 24

Get ready to see the actress show off her action skills in the new sci-fi movie Atlas, which will be available on Netflix from May 24. In the movie, she will need to rely on an AI program called Smith to succeed.
Talking about her character, she mentioned, “She is emotionally distant…hasn’t opened up to anyone. She doesn’t trust AI or people, as she believes they always let her down.” As the story unfolds, the AI slowly starts to break down her emotional barriers and together they start to develop more human-like qualities. Don’t miss this exciting sci-fi adventure coming to Netflix on May 24.

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