“Jet-setting Away! Gal Gadot Makes a Grand Exit from JFK Airport after Sharing a Smooch with Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live”

Following her first time hosting Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot was seen leaving New York the next day. The 32-year-old Wonder Woman actress looked effortlessly stylish at JFK airport, wearing a basic black sweater with matching leggings and white sneakers. With her hair pulled back into a bun, she completed her look with a fashionable pair of black sunglasses and a plaid scarf.

Away she goes: After her debut guest-hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot was spotted heading out of New York on Sunday

Off she goes: Following her successful guest-hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot was seen departing New York on Sunday.
Gal became a trending topic on social media after sharing a kiss with Kate McKinnon, a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, during the episode.
In the skit, Gal portrayed Wonder Woman, also known as Diana, on her fictional Mediterranean island of Themyscira, home to a tribe of female Amazon warriors.
Kate and Aidy Bryant portrayed two American lesbians who end up stranded on the island, hoping to find other lesbians but are disappointed to find none among the Amazon women.

Simply stylish: The 32-year-old Wonder Woman star was airport chic at JFK in a simple black sweater teamed with matching leggings and white sneakers

Effortlessly chic: The 32-year-old actress playing Wonder Woman was looking stylish at JFK airport in a sleek black sweater paired with matching leggings and crisp white sneakers.

After some contemplation, Diana decides: ‘I have an idea – maybe I should try kissing one of you to see if I feel a spark.’ Kate’s character Drae, takes a moment before volunteering.

The audience erupts into cheers as the kiss happens, but Diana disappointingly confesses: ‘I’m sorry, I feel nothing.’ The visitors sadly leave Themyscira.

In her opening speech, Gal proudly mentions: ‘I grew up in Israel, and I’m so thrilled because tonight’s show is being broadcast live in Israel for the first time ever!’ She grinned and added: ‘Shalom, Imma! Shalom, Abba!’

She then shares a brief message in Hebrew for the rest of her friends and family back home.

Keeping warm: Her hair slicked back and wound into a bun, Gal accessorized her ensemble with a stylish pair of black sunglasses and a tartan scarf

Staying cozy: With her hair pulled back in a bun, Gal added a touch of flair to her outfit with a cool pair of black sunglasses and a plaid scarf.
In a humorous tone, Gal jokingly pointed out the inaccuracies in the sketches about Israel on the show. She mentioned that although she loves hummus, she felt it was a stereotypical portrayal.
Gal quipped about the writers thinking she is the real Wonder Woman and expressed hope for the future skits.
During the opening monologue, Saturday Night Live regular Leslie Jones joined Gal as ‘Time Square’s Wonder Woman’, sharing funny anecdotes about posing with fans.

The big moment: During Saturday's episode, Gal lit up social media by locking lips with Saturday Night Live regular cast member Kate McKinnon

The moment everyone was buzzing about: In the latest episode on Saturday, Gal sparked a social media frenzy when she shared a kiss with Kate McKinnon, a well-known cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Home: Gal was playing Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana, on her native Mediterranean isle of Themyscira, which is populated by an Amazon clan of women warriors

At home, Gal was embodying Wonder Woman, also known as Diana, on her native Mediterranean island of Themyscira, where she resided with an Amazon community of female warriors.
The episode faced backlash online for not acknowledging the major showbiz scandal circulating that week – multiple sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, as reported by the New York Times.
After the Saturday Night Live after-party, Lorne Michaels, the creator of the show, was asked why they didn’t address Harvey Weinstein. His response was simply, “It’s a New York thing.”
According to a source from DailyMail.com, there was a joke about him during the dress rehearsal, specifically during the weekend update segment, that received a big reaction from the audience. However, the joke was ultimately cut before the live taping.

Kate and Aidy Bryant play two American lesbians who wash ashore there, hoping to meet fellow lesbians and disappointed not to find any among the Amazons

Kate and Aidy Bryant star as a pair of American lesbians who find themselves stranded on an island, eagerly searching for other lesbians to connect with. However, they are let down when they discover that the Amazons inhabiting the island are not of the same orientation.

'I'm sorry, I feel nothing': Diana eventually decides: 'I know - maybe I should try to kiss one of you and see if I feel something,' for which Kate's character Drae volunteers

“I’m not feeling anything,” Diana admitted before finally suggesting, “Perhaps I should try kissing one of you to see if there’s any spark.” Kate’s character Drae readily volunteered for the experiment.

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