Kim Kardashian Struggles to Keep Her Assets Under Wraps in Sheer Bra and See-Through Top at New York Bar

Kim Kardashian is known for proudly showing off her curvaceous figure, and she did not disappoint on Tuesday night as she stepped out of the Polo Bar in New York. Sporting an all-black outfit, the 34-year-old reality TV star struggled to contain her ample chest, causing quite a stir among onlookers. Check out the video below for a glimpse of Kim’s eye-popping appearance.

Busting some moves: On Tuesday Kim Kardashian's choice of outfit was quite literally eye-popping as she made her way out of the Polo Bar in New York

Kim Kardashian created quite a stir with her fashion choice when she exited the Polo Bar in New York on Tuesday. Her outfit was definitely attention-grabbing, to say the least!

Holding on: The reality star, who was accompanied by sister Kourtney, had her brassiere straining to hold in her decolletage as she made her way out of the venue

Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney were spotted leaving a venue, where Kim’s brassiere seemed to be struggling to hold her decolletage in place. The semi-sheer fabric over her pale colored lingerie accentuated her cleavage, leaving very little to the imagination. The crisscross design of her top’s plunging neckline appeared to be having a hard time containing her bosoms.

Flawless! Kim was preened to perfection as she rocked nude lips with subtle eye makeup

Kim looked absolutely flawless with her perfectly groomed appearance. She opted for a subtle eye makeup and completed the look with nude lips.

Barely there: The semi sheer fabric over what appeared to be pale coloured lingerie highlighted her cleavage leaving little to the imagination

Barely there: The semi sheer fabric over what appeared to be pale coloured lingerie highlighted her cleavage leaving little to the imagination

The almost transparent material draped over what seemed like light undergarments emphasized her bosom, giving an alluring impression.

Kim donned an ensemble that featured a seemingly black velvet skirt that fell just below her knee. She completed the look with a pair of lattice high heels and opaque tights.

Siblings: The 34-year-old, who was with older sister Kourtney, wore an oversized tux jacket slung casually around her shoulders, and the sleeves of her top featured the same lattice design as the neck line

Kim and her older sister Kourtney were spotted together donning trendy outfits to complement their fashionable personalities. Kim wore a black velvet skirt paired with opaque tights and lattice high heels. Her skirt was designed to have a high waist, starting just below her chest. She also chose to wear an oversized tux jacket draped casually over her shoulders, while the sleeves of her top featured an intricate lattice pattern that matched the neckline. This pair of siblings always knows how to turn heads with their unique fashion choices.

Lacey lady: The oldest of the Kardashian clan meanwhile was also dressing in a particularly vampish outfit

The eldest member of the Kardashian family was spotted wearing a seductive and alluring ensemble.

Bright: She still sported her bold orange lipstick from earlier in the day

Her lips were still adorned with the daring shade of orange lipstick she had applied earlier.

Daring: The oldest of the Kardashian sisters wore a see-through lace dress, and underneath a Fifties style bodice which illustrated her fit physique

Fearless: The eldest Kardashian sibling donned a daring sheer lace gown with a vintage-inspired bodice that showed off her toned figure. Kim displayed her stunning engagement ring on her left hand while holding her phone in the other. Her hair was styled in a sleek side part and low ponytail, allowing her natural beauty to shine. For her makeup, Kim opted for a subtle nude-pink lip color that accentuated her full lips. Not to be outdone, Kourtney also rocked a sultry ensemble that exuded confidence and allure.

Leading the way: Pregnant Kim walked a few paces ahead of her big sister as they headed to the venue

Kim, who was pregnant, took the lead as she and her elder sister made their way towards the destination.

In good company: Kim and Kourtney were joined by their close family friend Jonathan Cheban

Kim and Kourtney had the pleasure of spending time with their dear family pal, Jonathan Cheban, adding to the enjoyable experience.

Flashing the flesh! As Kim showed off her ample cleavage, Kourtney put her thighs on display

Flashing the flesh! As Kim showed off her ample cleavage, Kourtney put her thighs on display

Displaying their figure! While Kim revealed her generous cleavage, Kourtney flaunted her toned thighs.

Picture perfect: Kourtney lined her pout with a bold shade of lipstick as she accentuated her eyes with lashes

Kourtney Kardashian looked stunning in her latest makeup and outfit choice. She opted for a bold orange lipstick that she wore to an earlier event, and paired it with minimal eye makeup and long lashes that made her eyes pop. Her outfit consisted of a see-through lace dress with a Fifties style bodice that showed off her fit body. To accessorize, she wore a necklace with a large ornate cross that resembled a rosary. Kourtney’s long dark hair was styled straight and sleek, completing her picture-perfect look.

Bling: Kim's impressive engagement ring was sparkling on her wedding finger, and she carried her phone in her other hand

Kim’s wedding finger shone brilliantly with an astonishing engagement ring, while she held onto her phone in her other hand.

Baby on board: Kim carefully navigated her steps as some admirers snapped pictures of her

As Kim made her way through the crowd, she took careful steps to ensure the safety of her precious cargo – a baby on board. Despite the attention of some admirers who eagerly snapped pictures, she remained focused and calm as she navigated through the bustling environment.

Legs eleven: Meanwhile Kourtney finished her look with a pair of leather thigh high boots

Keeping up with fashion trends, Kourtney completed her appearance by donning a pair of stylish thigh-high leather boots. Legs eleven, she looked stunning!

Computer gurus: On Monday the two women joined their other sisters, Khloe, Kendall, and Kyle to launch their new apps

Tech experts witnessed a gathering of the Kardashian sisters on Monday as Kourtney and Kim joined Khloe, Kendall, and Kyle to introduce their new apps. Kourtney looked chic in her leather thigh high boots as they discussed their platforms at the Apple store located in Soho, New York. Each sister’s app has a unique focus, with Kim’s featuring make-up tutorials, Kendall’s detailing her experiences as a model, Kylie’s focusing on fitness, and Kourtney’s expected to launch later this year with topics related to interior design and motherhood.

Work it! The two cut confident figures as they strutted down the street side by side

Let’s get moving! The pair exuded self-assurance as they strolled along the sidewalk in unison.

Kim and Kourtney take New York! The sisters coordinated their all black ensembles 

Kim and Kourtney’s trip to the Big Apple has been the talk of the town! The two siblings looked stunning in their matching all-black outfits.

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