Let’s Wait Until We’re Vintage: Jennifer Aniston Shares with Graham Norton That ‘Golden Friends’ Reunion is a Distant Dream

Fans have been eagerly awaiting a Friends reunion ever since the final episode aired back in 2004. However, Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed Rachel Green on the beloved sitcom, believes that the wait for a reunion may be a lengthy one. In an interview with Graham Norton, the 45-year-old actress suggested that perhaps the cast should wait until they are much older and create a show called “Golden Friends” to avoid being compared to their younger selves.

Looking good: Jennifer Aniston was on The Graham Norton show to talk about her latest film Horrible Bosses 2 and touched upon the highly desired Friends reunion

Appearing fabulous: Jennifer Aniston made an appearance on The Graham Norton show to discuss her new movie Horrible Bosses 2 and teased fans with the possibility of a Friends reunion.
Joining her Horrible Bosses 2 colleague, Jason Bateman, the beloved Friends star rocked a strapless black dress that highlighted her incredibly fit arms.
With her honey blonde locks styled in chic layers cascading around her exposed shoulders, the former flame of Brad Pitt seemed to defy her age of 45, appearing youthful and radiant.

Bum clenching: The gorgeous Hollywood star presented Olly Murs with a Rear of the Year award

Buttock clenching: The stunning Hollywood actress awarded Olly Murs with a coveted Rear of the Year trophy.

Proud moment: An embarrassed Olly had demonstrated his impressive cheek muscle control in time to music

Exciting moment: Olly, feeling a bit shy, showcased his amazing ability to move his cheek muscles in sync with the music.

Special skills: Olly looked thrilled to have been sat close to the stunning actress Jennifer Aniston

Olly was over the moon to find himself sitting near the gorgeous actress Jennifer Aniston.

Famous faces:  Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman all joined Jennifer on the famous red sofa

Celebrity appearance: Dame Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman made a special guest appearance alongside Jennifer on the iconic red couch.

On the couch with her were singer Olly Murs, who received the Rear Of The Year award from her, Dame Judi Dench, and acting icon Dustin Hoffman. Jennifer shared that she didn’t feel embarrassed playing sex addict Dr. Julia Harris in the upcoming comedy sequel of Horrible Bosses, set to be released in UK cinemas on November 28. She mentioned that while they were able to push the boundaries verbally in the film, there was one punch line she refused to say involving “gravy” and “an undercarriage” because she didn’t quite get it and it just didn’t sit right with her.

Fun times: Comedian and television host Graham Norton welcomes a star studded line up to the show on Friday 

Good times ahead: Popular comedian and TV personality Graham Norton is set to host a fantastic lineup of celebrities on his show this Friday.

Reunion rumours: Jennifer, who played Rachel Green in the long-running sitcom Friends, said fans will have to wait years for a reunion 

Jennifer, best known for her role as Rachel Green on the hit show Friends, shared that fans might have to wait quite a while for a reunion to happen. She also spoke about her relationship with fiancé Justin Theroux, recalling a cringe-worthy moment when he stumbled upon one of her early roles in the movie Leprechaun. “It was so embarrassing, he just happened to come across it while flipping through channels. We ended up watching it for the next two hours,” she said.

Catch Jennifer on The Graham Norton Show, airing on BBC One and BBC One HD on 21st November at 10.35pm.

All together: The actress showcased her toned arms and legs in a stunning black dress 

Altogether: The actress flaunted her well-defined arms and legs in a fabulous black gown.

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