“Lovebirds Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shower affection at an LA animal shelter with kids Max and Emme to welcome a furry addition to their family”

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted showing their affection in public while out in Los Angeles. The beloved celebrity duo recently tied the knot at a stunning plantation-style estate in Georgia and enjoyed a romantic honeymoon in Italy. Now that they’re back home in LA, they were seen with Jennifer’s 14-year-old twins, Max and Emme, visiting an animal rescue center on Saturday.

Very loving: The newlyweds looked to be the picture of a lovestruck couple as they clung to one another while walking across a parking lot with her children

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted showing their affection in public during a weekend outing in Los Angeles. Despite having twins with her most recent ex-husband Marc Anthony, Jennifer couldn’t seem to get enough of Ben during their recent appearance. The couple appeared smitten as they held onto each other while walking with Jennifer’s children in a parking lot. They even coordinated their outfits, both wearing light white tops just before Labor Day. Jennifer flaunted her famous curves in tight jeans, while Ben opted for khaki pants.

Smoldering: The sizzling showbiz hot couple held a lavish wedding at a plantation-style estate in Georgia last month and then honeymooned in Italy

On fire: The scorching hot celebrity couple had an extravagant wedding at a luxurious plantation estate in Georgia recently, followed by a romantic honeymoon in Italy.

Twins with pal: However the stunners are back home in Los Angeles where they were spotted with Jennifer's twins Max and Emme, 14, this Saturday heading to an animal rescue center

The twins were back in their hometown of Los Angeles, seen with their friend Jennifer and her 14-year-old twins, Max and Emme, on Saturday as they made their way to an animal shelter.

Look of love: Jennifer, who shares her twins with her third and most recent ex-husband Marc Anthony, could clearly not get enough of Ben during their latest sighting

Jennifer, who is co-parenting her twins with her most recent ex-husband Marc Anthony, couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Ben during their recent public appearance together – showing a clear look of adoration towards him.

Just under the wire: In fact they even matched outfits, both modeling thin summery white tops just before Labor Day

Right on time: They were so coordinated that they even wore matching outfits, both sporting light, airy white tops right before Labor Day.

However: While the Booty singer was wearing tight jeans that emphasized her world-famous derriere, Ben was in khaki pants

However, while the singer flaunted her famous derriere in tight jeans, Ben opted for a more casual look in khaki pants. Jennifer was seen affectionately whispering into Ben’s ear as they entered the rescue center, melting hearts everywhere with their love. The couple’s children, including Jennifer’s twins and Ben’s kids with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, seemed to be enjoying themselves with a friend at the wedding. Later, Max was spotted leaving the center with a cardboard animal crate, indicating that the family had chosen a new pet to bring home. Jennifer recently shared details about their $8.9 million Georgia estate in her On The JLo newsletter, giving fans a glimpse into their luxurious lifestyle.

California casual: Jennifer swept her luscious locks into a bun and put on bronze tone sunglasses

A spot of retail therapy?: Jennifer looked to have done a bit of shopping as she was carrying a Christian Dior bag

California cool: Jennifer gathered her beautiful hair into a bun and slipped on stylish bronze sunglasses.

Meanwhile: Jennifer's twins, who were at the wedding as well as Ben's three children with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, looked to be in good spirits while with a friend.

In the meantime, Jennifer’s twins, along with Ben’s three kids from his previous marriage with Jennifer Garner, appeared to be happy and enjoying themselves with a friend at the wedding.

The group were seen heading inside to add a new pet to their blended family

The group was spotted entering a place to welcome a new pet into their combined family. Sharing the romantic moments from their recent wedding, which took place shortly after their initial marriage in Las Vegas, the famous 53-year-old star shared a lovely picture wearing a white Ralph Lauren dress while slow dancing with her handsome 50-year-old groom under a neon sign that said ‘Mr. & Mrs. Affleck.’ Reflecting on the magical experience, she described seeing her husband’s face at the top of the stairs as a moment that felt surreal yet incredibly special, like a dream she never wanted to end. The singer expressed that the day brought healing to old wounds and lifted the weight of the past off their shoulders, leading them to a new beginning that surpassed their expectations.

Living it up in Los Angeles: Ben was dashing as ever as he sported a distinguished salt and pepper beard whilst out and about

Enjoying life in Los Angeles: Ben looked as stylish as always with his distinguished salt and pepper beard while he was out and about.

Helping hands: The children were charged with carrying a large cardboard animal crate out of the center

Assisting hands: The kids were tasked with moving a hefty animal container made of cardboard from the middle.

So in love: Jennifer and Ben were seen reaching out to each other apparently about to enfold one another in an embrace

Jennifer and Ben were spotted sharing a tender moment, on the verge of embracing each other with love. The bride, beaming with happiness, chose to describe their wedding reception with a meaningful quote from Affleck’s movie Live By Night, saying “This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now.”

Before the ceremony, Lopez spoke about the concerns leading up to the big day, with rain, heat, and stomach bugs causing worry among their loved ones. Despite the unexpected setbacks, Lopez remained confident, stating that she never doubted that everything would turn out perfectly.

As the sun set on Saturday, August twentieth, Jennifer felt a sense of calm and certainty, as if they were being guided by a higher power. The sun breaking free and shining its light like diamonds on the river behind the makeshift altar in their backyard was a magical moment that marked the beginning of their new journey together.

Chitchat: The couple were clearly quite involved in conversation as they ambled along

Hunk: Ben was wearing a classy pair of shiny aviators for his new sighting

Casual Chat: The couple seemed deeply engrossed in conversation as they strolled along. Before their rehearsal dinner, the founder of JLo Beauty confessed that she and Ben shared a laugh ‘the night before about tying the knot again’ at their age. ‘Both of us have been married before, and we’re not exactly spring chickens, but somehow now felt like the perfect time,’ she shared. She also mentioned how she found inspiration in Rainer Marie Rilke’s poem, Letters to a Young Poet, which talks about being ready for love and the joy of giving happiness and love rather than just receiving it. ‘Everyone’s journey is unique, and we all have our paths to follow. No two individuals are the same. But for us, this timing just felt right,’ Lopez added, referring to their rekindled romance in April 2021, almost two decades after their first engagement fell apart.

What a swanky ride: Jennifer and Ben were spotted clambering into a gleaming and glamorous Mercedes as they went about their day

Jennifer and Ben were seen climbing into a luxurious and elegant Mercedes as they carried on with their day – what a ritzy mode of transportation!

Newlywed: Her latest leggy outing comes after Jennifer gave her fans the inside scoop on her and Ben's $8.9 million Georgia estate in her latest On The JLo newsletter Thursday

Recently married: Jennifer recently shared details about her and Ben’s $8.9 million mansion in Georgia in her latest newsletter, giving her fans a glimpse inside their lavish estate.

Details: Both the bride and groom's children were in attendance at the wedding, although the exes they had the children with were not

During the wedding, both the bride and groom’s children were present, although their ex-partners, with whom they had the children, were not. The actress from “Hustlers” shared her thoughts, expressing that everything felt right to her and that they were finally settling down after understanding loss, joy, and being battle-tested. She emphasized the importance of never taking things for granted and cherishing every moment. They are now at a stage in life where they feel grateful for all the experiences, including the trials and tribulations that have shaped them. The morning after getting married, they enjoyed a delicious brunch by the lake. Lopez opted for a “down-home, rustic country-chic” vibe for the meal, dressing in a blue and white striped dress paired with a floppy hat.

Glitzy: Jennifer was spotted balancing on a sky-high pair of towering stilettos

Jennifer was seen effortlessly balancing on a pair of stunningly tall stilettos.

Transport: The children were also seen at another car

Transport: The kids were also spotted getting into another vehicle.

Looking back, no one could have predicted the twists and turns that lay ahead on our journey, filled with surprises, blessings, and moments of pure joy,” she reflected. “And now, here we are in this perfect moment, one of the happiest in our lives. Wishing all of you the same kind of joy…the kind that is even sweeter after the challenges we’ve faced along the way.”

After months of speculation, it was officially announced in May that Jennifer and Ben were giving their relationship another shot. Their previous engagement had ended nearly two decades ago, in 2004, leading them both to marriage, children, and ultimately divorce.

So sweet: 'Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past finally lifted off our shoulders,' the Jenny From The Block hitmaker has said of her wedding to Ben

It was a truly special moment: Jennifer Lopez, known for her hit song Jenny From The Block, described her wedding to Ben as a day where old wounds were healed and the burden of the past was finally lifted from their shoulders.

History: After a swirl of rumors it was confirmed last May that Jennifer and Ben had decided to give their romance one more try

Background: Following a flurry of speculation, Jennifer and Ben officially announced in May that they were giving their relationship another shot.

Circuitous route: JLo and Ben's previous engagement ended 18 years ago in 2004, since when they both married other people, had children and got divorced

Twisty journey: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s first engagement came to an end way back in 2004, 18 years ago. Since then, they have each tied the knot with other partners, started families, and then went through divorce.

Glitz: Jennifer and Ben were both wearing stunning watches when they were spotted Saturday

Sparkle: Jennifer and Ben were both sporting fabulous timepieces when they were seen together on Saturday. The pair known as Bennifer, who famously starred in the 2003 film Gigli, first started dating in 2002 following Jennifer’s split from her second husband, Cris Judd. Their wedding plans for 2003 were put on hold, and eventually, they called off the engagement in 2004. Reflecting on their whirlwind romance, Ben admitted in 2008 that they may have been too open about their love and were caught off guard by the intense media attention. He shared on a British TV show that they did not anticipate the relationship becoming a global sensation.

'All week I felt the calm and easy certainty that we were in God’s hands,' she raved. 'At six forty-five, Saturday, August twentieth, the sun broke free and cast its rays like little diamonds dancing across the river behind the makeshift altar in our backyard'

Throughout the week, I basked in the serene and unwavering belief that we were under the protection of a higher power,” she exclaimed enthusiastically. “Then, at six forty-five on Saturday, August twentieth, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, sending its shimmering rays cascading like little diamonds onto the river visible from the impromptu altar set up in our backyard.”

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