“Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton channel their country chic style for New Year’s Eve rehearsal in Miami”

In Miami, Miley Cyrus and her godmother Dolly Parton were seen rehearsing for their live special on New Year’s Eve. The two ladies rocked matching platinum blonde hairstyles and wore tight rehearsal outfits that showed off their fit bodies. Fans couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between the two, with Miley looking like a younger version of Dolly.

Preparation: Miley Cyrus looked a dead ringer for her busty godmother Dolly Parton when the pair surfaced in Miami on Friday

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton made quite the duo on Friday in Miami. Miley sported a sky blue crop top, showcasing her toned midriff while Dolly donned a tight black top, flaunting her well-known curves. Miley gave her fans a sneak peek of her dress rehearsal on Instagram, revealing a skin-baring outfit as she performed alongside one of her musical guests, Fletcher. The young star definitely channeled her godmother’s iconic style during their appearance together.

Looking fab: Miley also posted a glamorous Instagram album of her and Dolly preparing for their show in the shadow of the Florida palms on Friday

Miley Cyrus shared a stunning Instagram post featuring her and Dolly Parton getting ready for their performance under the beautiful Florida palm trees on Friday. They looked absolutely fabulous!

Miley Cyrus recently posted a photo of herself with Swae Lee, who was wearing a tank top that showed off his muscular arms and tattoos. This happened two weeks after Miley discussed how she has looked up to her godmother, Dolly Parton. During an interview with E! News, she was asked if she would consider playing the role of Dolly in a biopic in the future.

Hard at work: The dynamic duo were spotted rehearsing for the upcoming live special they are slated to host together on New Year's Eve

Busy bees: The amazing pair were caught practicing for their upcoming live event that they will be co-hosting on New Year’s Eve.

Sizzler: Wearing matching platinum blonde hairdos, Miley (pictured), 30, and Dolly, 76, slid into clinging rehearsal outfits that emphasized their trim physiques

Sizzling: Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, both sporting stunning platinum blonde hairdos, put on matching rehearsal outfits that accentuated their sleek figures. Cyrus, who is 30 years old, and Parton, who is 76, looked fabulous together.

According to Miley, if she were to play Dolly Parton in a movie, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge to embody her iconic look. Miley joked that she’s already “sucked, tucked, and plucked” just like Dolly taught her. Despite never having spoken to Dolly about playing her in a movie, Miley feels like she’s already channeling the country superstar. However, when it comes to matching Dolly’s ample bosom, Miley is unsure how they would achieve that.

On the morning of the special: Miley teased her fans by uploading a flesh-flashing Instagram album offering a few glimpses into her dress rehearsal

During the day of the event, Miley excited her followers with a series of Instagram photos that showed off some skin and gave a sneak peek into her preparations for the performance.

Singing up a storm: Miley could be spotted in a skin-baring ensemble while sidling up onstage to Fletcher, one of her musical guests

Miley Cyrus was seen wearing a revealing outfit as she joined Fletcher on stage for a musical performance. She sang with full energy and passion, captivating the audience with her incredible vocals.

Face-off: She also served up a stage snap with Swae Lee, who bared his toned arms and prodigious sprawl of tattoos in a tank top

Showdown: She shared a picture of herself on stage with Swae Lee, who flaunted his muscular arms and extensive collection of tattoos while sporting a sleeveless shirt.

The pair is set to team up for Miley’s New Year’s Eve bash in Miami, which will feature a lineup of A-list guests and will be broadcasted live on NBC. Miley, who was born into a family of country music artists, is the daughter of the popular singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who gained fame with his hit song “Achy Breaky Heart.” She has shown her admiration for Dolly Parton on multiple occasions and even released a cover of the legendary singer’s hit song “Jolene.”

Side by side: Fletcher, whose full name is Cari Elise Fletcher, showcased her trim midriff in an open tunic that matched her leggy shorts

Beside each other: Fletcher, also known as Cari Elise Fletcher, flaunted her toned stomach in a flowy tunic that perfectly matched her short shorts that highlighted her long legs.

Details: Miley and Dolly will be co-hosting Miley's New Year's Eve Party live from Miami, welcoming a star-studded array of guests for a special to air on NBC

Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton are teaming up to co-host Miley’s New Year’s Eve bash in Miami. The event will be broadcast live on NBC and feature appearances from various high-profile guests.

By the way: Their sighting comes a couple of weeks after Miley enumerated some of the ways she as emulated her legendary godmother

Just a heads up: It has been observed that they were seen together a few weeks after Miley shared some of the ways she has been inspired by her iconic godmother.

Back in 2019, during a tough time in Miley’s love life when she had recently broken up with her husband Liam Hemsworth and had a series of whirlwind romances with Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson, Dolly had some encouraging words for her. She spoke to People and shared her admiration for Miley’s intelligence and ability to navigate through difficult situations. Dolly herself has lived life to the fullest and has no regrets, and she believes that Miley will do the same.

Dynamic duo: The Can't Be Tamed hitmaker was asked by E! News about the possibility of playing Dolly in a biopic at some point down the road

The popular singer known for her hit song “Can’t Be Tamed” was recently questioned by E! News regarding the likelihood of her portraying Dolly Parton in a future biographical film.

Glowing: If she did, getting into Dolly's look would evidently not be too far a stretch, as Miley quipped: 'I'm sucked, I'm tucked and plucked, just like she taught me'

Radiant: According to Miley, it seems that emulating Dolly Parton’s appearance wouldn’t be too difficult for her. She humorously stated that she is well-groomed and polished, just as Dolly taught her.

She stated that although it may seem like the person in question lacks certain qualities at times, she firmly believes they possess valuable attributes. Dolly also shared her approach to providing guidance, preferring to lead by example rather than dictating instructions. The renowned actress emphasized that each individual has their own unique path to follow, and while others can lend a helping hand, ultimately it is up to the person to navigate their journey.

Fame: Miley and Dolly's fellow blonde bombshell Paris Hilton leapt into the young pop act's comments and gushed that the pair were 'Icons'

Celebrity status: Paris Hilton, another blonde bombshell like Miley and Dolly, enthusiastically commented on the young pop icons’ social media post, referring to them as ‘Icons’.

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