“Miley Cyrus Ditches Mini Skirt for Full-Length Jumpsuit Upon Arrival in London”

It seems like Miley Cyrus didn’t check the weather report before flying to London on Wednesday. The paparazzi spotted her at Heathrow airport wearing a tweed jumpsuit that covered her up entirely, which is unusual for the usually skin-baring star. She appeared to have chosen comfort over fashion, presumably because she had just flown all the way from New York. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t anticipate how hot it would be in the UK.

Picking up some style tips? Miley was spotted clutching a copy of Vogue as she walked through the airport

Looking to enhance her fashion game? Recently, Miley was seen holding a copy of Vogue while making her way through the airport during her quick trip to the UK. Her purpose for the visit is to promote her latest single, We Can’t Stop. Miley is set to grace the airwaves on Thursday morning on the Radio 1 Breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw, as well as several other engagements.

Miley teamed her jumpsuit with a Chanel shoulder bag and some over-sized sunnies, perfect for hiding her make-up free face

Miley Cyrus donned a jumpsuit paired with a Chanel shoulder bag and oversized sunglasses, providing the perfect cover for her makeup-less face. Through a tweet, she expressed her enthusiasm about her recent trip to London. Miley has been quite busy lately as she was spotted flaunting a more revealing outfit in New York. The We Can’t Stop singer kept her look edgy with a black mini-skirt, leather cropped top, and matching jacket. Despite the scorching heat, she went for an all-black leather ensemble complete with a heavily studded jacket.

From flesh flashing to all covered up: Miley was spotted in a very different look whilst out and about in New York this week

Miley Cyrus was seen sporting a new look during her recent outing in New York. The pop star, who is known for her daring and revealing fashion choices, opted for a more covered-up ensemble this time around. However, she appeared confident and at ease as she strutted down the street, accompanied by one of her tough bodyguards. Miley’s outfit was a nod to the classic black-on-black look, as she wore a pair of sleek Versace ankle boots that perfectly complemented her overall appearance. She completed her look with a retro black Chanel handbag, gold statement earrings, and bright red nails for a pop of color.

Mini skirt: Miley's tanned legs were on display in her skimpy skirt

Miley showed off her bronzed legs in a tiny skirt.

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