Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Beach-Ready Bod in the Swanky Pool of a $3k Hotel

Even if you have deep pockets, a visit to the extravagant Amangiri resort in Utah is definitely a luxurious treat. Miley Cyrus decided to fully enjoy her time at this top-notch vacation spot, sharing several photos from her stay at the upscale hotel, where room prices start at more than $3,000 per night. Wandering around the stunning pool area, she flaunted her fit figure in a bikini while posing for her sister Brandi, who was busy behind the camera.

Rock star: Miley Cyrus shows off her bikini body as she strips down to pose in the pool of her $3k luxury hotel in Utah on Thursday

Pop sensation Miley Cyrus flaunted her toned bikini body while taking a dip in the pool of her luxurious $3,000 hotel in Utah. In the snapshots, Miley sported black bikini bottoms and a white crop top, with her hair tied up in a casual bun.

The caption on one of her photos quoted a line from the 1976 Richard Pryor film “Carwash,” cheekily stating, “I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be, & more of a woman than you’ll ever get!” This bold statement was credited to singer Sam Smith for the inspiration, possibly hinting at Miley’s complex romantic life.

Overall, Miley’s poolside photo shoot exuded confidence and a carefree vibe, showcasing her unique sense of style and personality. Thank you, Sam Smith, for the inspo!

Living it up: Quoting from the 1976 Richard Pryor movie Carwash, she captioned one image: 'I'm more of a man than you'll ever be, & more of a woman than you'll ever get!'

Enjoying life to the fullest: Referencing a line from the classic 1976 film Carwash, she added to her post the words: ‘I possess qualities of both masculinity and femininity that you can only dream of!’

Live goals: Another shot, showing her dancing across a stone footpath over the pool, was captioned: 'Goodbyes are never easy... but g2g (got to go)'

Current objectives: In another photo, she can be seen gracefully dancing along a stone path above a pool, with the caption reading, ‘Farewells are always hard… but it’s time to move on’

In another scene, Miley was captured dancing along a stone pathway above the pool. The caption read: “Saying goodbye is always tough… but gotta jet.” Brandi expressed a similar sentiment, posting “not ready to go” and sharing photos of Miley photographing their mom Tish. The three Cyrus family members had a wonderful time bonding during their vacation at the resort, cherishing the opportunity to reconnect with each other.

Family time: Brandi shared a picture of Miley, as she photographed their bikini-clad mom Tish, captioning the shot BTS (behind the scenes)

Spending quality time with the family: Brandi recently posted a photo of Miley taking a picture of their mom Tish in her bikini, playfully describing the moment as “behind the scenes” (BTS).

However, despite enjoying her time away, Miley, 26, has encountered the challenges of traveling with her parents.
She posted a photo of herself seated inside, facing away from the beautiful sunset outside, engrossed in her phone. Miley humorously captioned the post saying her mom called it ‘disgusting’.
While Miley was ‘serving content’ on her phone, she acknowledged her mom’s playful criticism of her behavior. Her mom jokingly referred to her as a ‘bratty millennial’, even though Miley is an adult.
Miley took the teasing in stride, admitting she does have some millennial traits. She comically questioned if it was wrong to still want to share the picture despite her mom’s remarks.

And why not? Brandi is enjoying the perks of being Miley's big sister

Sure, why not? Brandi is definitely making the most of being Miley’s older sibling and all the advantages that come with it.

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

Pure luxury: The 32-year-old shared pictures from inside the luxury spot

Indulgent extravagance: The 32-year-old posted photos from within the lavish location.

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