Miley Cyrus Worried About Possible Second Burglary as Personal Belongings Disappear Again

Miley Cyrus, the famous pop singer, is worried that her house may have been burgled again. Last year, burglars stole $100,000 worth of jewellery and purses from her mansion in Studio City, Los Angeles. Recently, Miley’s assistant discovered that some of her personal belongings had been moved around the property over the weekend. As a result, Miley is cooperating with the police to investigate the situation. reported that the police were informed of the incident at midnight on Saturday after Miley’s assistant returned home and noticed some of her belongings were out of place.

Sad: Miley was obviously upset about the missing car and jewelry when she tweeted on Sunday, 'ya know when you just cry in the shower for no reason'; the singer was pictured in Monte Carlo on May 27

According to a reliable source, there was no indication of forced entry into the 21-year-old singer’s property. Law enforcement authorities are currently reviewing Miley’s CCTV footage to see if any possessions have been taken from her house. A team of fingerprint experts will also visit her residence to search for evidence. It is speculated that the burglary took place when Miley was not present at her home. On Sunday, Miley tweeted about her breakdown in the shower, but it is unclear whether or not it was related to the possible theft.

Second time: Last year she had $100,000 worth of purses and jewellery stolen from her mansion in Studio City, Los Angeles

Back in November 2013, the residence of the famous pop star was burglarized during her 21st birthday weekend. The thieves took away her vintage Chanel purse which was captured in some photographs where Miley was smoking a suspicious-looking roll-up cigarette during the European Music Awards last year. According to sources, she was extremely distressed and felt violated when her personal belongings were stolen in broad daylight. She had a similar encounter with an armed intruder in 2012 but fortunately, she wasn’t present at home at that time. Her employees called the police quickly, and the perpetrator was arrested.

Tough start: Things were looking up for Miley after she picked up an award at the World Music Awards in Monaco this week

The beginning of the year has proved to be challenging for Miley as she faced the heartbreaking loss of her beloved pet dog, Floyd, in April. Despite being currently single, the singer struggled to cope with the situation and broke down in tears during a performance, where she sang to an inflatable dog that resembled Floyd. Moreover, Miley had to cancel two of her shows as she was hospitalized due to a severe allergic reaction from antibiotics. At this moment, there has been no official statement from Miley’s representative.

Missing: It's thought the police were alerted after some of her personal items appeared to go missing

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