Non-stop Hustle: Jennifer Lopez shares sneak peeks of her autumn Coach campaign during romantic Italian getaway with Ben Affleck

It appears that Jennifer Lopez never slows down her busy schedule. Recently, she posted a photo from her latest fall Coach campaign on Instagram, showcasing her long-standing partnership with the US brand. Despite being on her honeymoon with new husband Ben Affleck in Lake Como, Italy, after their wedding in Georgia over the weekend, the hard-working Bronx native continues to juggle her professional commitments.

Fresh appearance: Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem to know the meaning of taking a break. Recently, the 53-year-old brunette beauty posted a picture from her latest autumn Coach campaign on her Instagram Stories.

New Jenny: 'The Rogue bag,' was all the Marry Me actress wrote over the image where she was wearing a leather coat while holding a purse

In a recent Insta Stories post, New Jenny, also known as the Marry Me actress, shared a picture of herself wearing a leather coat and holding a purse, with the simple caption “The Rogue bag.” She proudly displayed her green diamond ring from her new husband, Affleck, as she posed for the shot. The Coach Instagram page also featured the image, describing the purse as an “Icon icon” and highlighting their fresh takes on classic Coach pieces for the season. The photo was credited to photographer @tylersphotos, using hashtags #TheRogueBag and #CoachNY.

The full look: On the Coach Instagram page it said, 'Icon icon. We're starting the the season with fresh takes on Coach classics—you know, the forever pieces that feel like home. Photographer: @tylersphotos #TheRogueBag #CoachNY'

The complete ensemble: According to Coach’s Instagram post, they are kicking off the season with a new twist on timeless Coach favorites that evoke a sense of comfort and homeliness. Captured by photographer @tylersphotos, the new collection includes the iconic Rogue Bag. #CoachNY #TheRogueBag.

Bling it on please: The star wore her hair down and flashed her green diamond ring from new husband Ben Affleck

Show off your bling: The celebrity sported her hair down and proudly displayed her emerald diamond ring from her recent wedding to Ben Affleck.

Now with a coral model: She held this bright colored leather purse over her head

In a new twist, she proudly flaunted a vibrant coral leather purse above her head.
In a Coach promotional clip, Jennifer confidently displayed a handbag adorned with the iconic Coach logo.
Her ensemble included a sleek long black leather jacket paired with a matching skirt and a stylish T-shirt featuring the Coach Leatherware logo.
In a different snapshot, she rocked a chic beige trench coat with a white Coach print top and a brown leather skirt accessorized with flashy yellow gold jewelry.

That smile that says she is happy: The star flowed as she wore a black shirt and coat

The beam on her face showed pure happiness: The celebrity shone brightly in a black shirt and jacket. This recent advertising effort follows remarks from Ben Affleck’s friend Kevin Smith, who stated that Affleck has been ‘happier than ever’ since tying the knot with Jennifer Lopez. Smith was present at the lavish wedding celebration in Georgia and expressed his joy at witnessing the genuine happiness on Affleck’s face as he exchanged vows with the pop sensation. According to Smith, Affleck has never been happier, and the sheer joy emanating from his face was truly unforgettable.

Another look: And in another image she wore a beige trench coat with a white Coach print shirt and a brown leather skirt with yellow gold jewelry

Another perspective: In a different photograph, she was seen sporting a beige trench coat paired with a white Coach printed shirt and a brown leather skirt accessorized with yellow gold jewelry.

A French manicure for fall! Her nails were painted with white tips and sheer overlay

A chic twist on a French manicure this autumn! She sported nails with classy white tips and a delicate sheer overlay.
Kevin commented on the wedding, saying, “I was genuinely happy for them. You could see the joy on their faces. They put in a lot of effort for this moment, and it was truly special. The day went perfectly.”
Kevin also shared that the ceremony was quite emotional for him, admitting that he couldn’t help but shed a few tears. “I’m a bit of a softie. Tears come easily to me. I even cry during episodes of The Flash. Can you believe it?!”

The blue purse suits her: She held up the new Coach purse as she moved around

She looks great with the blue purse: She proudly showed off her new Coach handbag as she strolled around.

A closer look: Lopez wore frosty pink lipstick with neutral eye shadow; her hair was highlighted and worn down

Upon closer inspection, Lopez sported a pale pink lipstick paired with subtle eyeshadow, showcasing her highlighted hair worn loose. “I just couldn’t help but cry because it was unbelievably stunning. Just breathtaking,” she expressed emotionally.

The couple had initially tied the knot in Las Vegas back in July, but their grand celebration took place at Ben’s estate in Georgia. Among the attendees were Ben’s three children from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, along with Jennifer’s twins, Max, and Emme, from her marriage to Marc Anthony.

The 53-year-old bride looked stunning in a white Ralph Lauren couture gown that featured a long train and veil, while Ben, aged 50, was dapper in a black and white tuxedo. Pictures captured the couple embracing on a dock by the water at their estate, as fireworks illuminated the night sky above the lake on the property.

Happy as can be: 'He's never been happier. I've seen that dude be happy, but the pure joy that was radiating from his face was absolutely unforgettable,' he told ET Ben seen with Lopez during their Las Vegas wedding

Over the moon: “He’s never looked happier. I’ve seen him happy before, but the sheer joy on his face was truly unforgettable,” he shared with ET Ben was spotted with Lopez at their Las Vegas wedding ceremony. This marriage marks two decades since their initial courtship and engagement back in 2003, which was eventually called off. According to UsWeekly, the groom got sentimental while delivering a speech to his new bride, JLo. In his speech, the Argo actor and director mentioned their engagement in 2002 and highlighted that they didn’t tie the knot back then for a reason. Affleck explained that they didn’t get married earlier because they wanted to focus on raising their respective children. Lopez shares Max and Emme, 14, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, while Affleck has Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Sam, 10, with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

The look: Ralph Lauren Couture made her gowns by hand with exquisite detailing

Ralph Lauren Couture crafted his gowns meticulously by hand, paying special attention to intricate details.

The main gown: There were pieces of fabric sewn onto her 20ft train

The focal point of the dress was the intricate fabric pieces stitched onto her 20-foot long train.

According to a source, Ben expressed his love for Jennifer and her children in a passionate speech, mentioning that the kids are a blessing that came out of not getting married before, showing that everything happens for a reason. Ben and Jen got engaged two decades ago but canceled their wedding in 2003. The children played a significant role in the couple’s weekend wedding, with Jennifer enjoying the presence of all the kids and the special location, making it a dream come true for her. She will now step into the role of stepmother to Ben’s three kids, which is not new for her as she has been a stepmother before.

His pal likes to dish! Ben's longtime friend Smith, seen left, has said Ben was happy and added that his wedding speech was 'emotional'; with Jason Mewes, right

His buddy is quite the gossip! Ben’s close friend Smith recently revealed that Ben was overjoyed at his wedding and that his speech was very touching. Also present at the event was Jason Mewes.
Upon marrying Anthony, she also became a stepmother to his children – Ariana (28) and Chase (mothered by Debbie Rosado), as well as Cristian (21) and Ryan (19) whose mother is Dayanara Torres.
The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Affleck, are currently residing in a rental home in Beverly Hills until the renovation of Lopez’s previous Bel Air mansion in California is completed.
The schooling arrangements for the children remain unknown as most of them are teenagers, except for Samuel.
Their wedding was a grand affair with an ‘old Hollywood’ theme, as reported by DailyMail recently.
Stylist Courtney Victor commented, ‘They appeared to be a very happy and united family. She looked absolutely stunning. It’s truly remarkable how beautiful she is.’

The past is back: The Argo star and director referenced his 2002 engagement to the singer in his wedding speech, noting that they didn't walk down the aisle 20 years ago for a reason. Seen in 2003

The old memories resurfaced as the actor and filmmaker mentioned his engagement to the singer during his wedding speech, reminiscing about why they didn’t tie the knot two decades ago. This moment was captured back in 2003.

The lovely lady from the Bronx is absolutely delighted to be Mrs. Affleck.
“She keeps referring to him as ‘my husband’ and it’s just so adorable,” a source revealed.
Recently, Lopez gave her fans a glimpse of her stunning wedding gowns, which were specially designed by Ralph Lauren for his haute couture collection.
In total, she wore three different dresses, as she shared with OnTheJLo.
The dresses included one with a sophisticated high neck and a long train, another with a captivating keyhole cut-out in the front, and a third adorned with elegant strands of pearls cascading down her silhouette. It is estimated that each of these gorgeous gowns cost around $1 million.
This lavish wedding celebration took place over the weekend, following the couple’s private ceremony in Las Vegas back in July, where Lopez also wore a beautiful white gown and was joined by her children.

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