Selena Gomez Shows Support for LGBTQ+ Community in Rainbow T-Shirt During Cousin’s Bachelorette Bash in Mexico

Right now, Selena Gomez is chilling in Punta de Mita, Mexico, attending her cousin Priscilla DeLeon’s bachelorette bash. Instead of going wild for the festivities, Selena was seen hanging out with her loved ones, grabbing some fresh fruit from a nearby street vendor on Saturday. The 26-year-old, who is also Priscilla’s Maid of Honor, kept it low-key in casual attire and opted for a makeup-free look.

All smiles: Selena Gomez appeared in high spirits as she stepped out makeup free for her cousin's bachelorette party in Mexico on Saturday.

Selena Gomez looked joyful as she attended her cousin’s bachelorette party in Mexico over the weekend, opting for a natural look without makeup. She rocked a rainbow T-shirt from Saturday School, showing off her toned stomach. Pairing it with black high-waisted shorts and cozy pink Ugg Fuzz Yeah Slides, Selena styled her brunette hair in a low bun, with her bangs framing her face. The pop star seemed to be not only celebrating her cousin but also showing her support for Pride month with her colorful outfit choice.

So much to celebrate: Selena appeared to be celebrating not only her cousin, but Pride month with her rainbow T-shirt from Saturday School that flashed a hint of her toned stomach

There was a lot to cheer about: Selena seemed to be honoring her cousin and also showing support for Pride month with her rainbow T-shirt from Saturday School, giving a peek of her defined abs.

Casual: The beauty teamed the look with a pair of black high-waisted shorts and completed her ensemble with a look of fluffy pink Ugg Fuzz Yeah slides

Informal: The girl paired the outfit with some black high-waisted shorts and finished off her look with cute, fluffy pink Ugg Fuzz Yeah slides.

Keeping things natural: She sported her brunette hair out naturally into a low bun with her bangs framing her face and sported no makeup

Embracing her natural beauty: She let her brown hair flow freely in a casual low bun, with her bangs delicately framing her face. She opted for a fresh-faced look with no makeup.

Selena looked cheerful as she grabbed two big cups of fruit at the counter, clearly enjoying herself in the moment. She was joined by her cousin Priscilla DeLeon, who is soon to be married, and another cousin, Miranda DeLeon. The group seemed to be having a great time over the past few days, spending time by the pool and even going on some thrilling ATV rides. Selena has been a supportive presence for Priscilla ever since she got engaged in March of 2016.

Fun day out! At one point Selena appeared to be starting a cheer

A day full of excitement! Selena seemed to be getting ready to lead a cheer at one point.

In charge of the fruit! Standing at the counter, Selena appeared to be in high spirits as she picked up two large cups of fruit for the group

Taking charge of the fruity snacks! Selena was all smiles as she stood behind the counter, grabbing two hefty cups of fresh fruit for her friends.

Family: The former Disney star was spotted with bride-to-be and cousin, Priscilla DeLeon and other cousin Miranda DeLeon (pictured)

Family: The ex-Disney celebrity was seen with her cousin Priscilla DeLeon, who is getting married soon, as well as another cousin Miranda DeLeon in a recent photo.

Steady hands: Selena had the task of collecting the two large cups of fruit for the group

Steady hands were necessary as Selena was in charge of gathering the two sizable cups of fruit to share with the group.

In a previous post, she joyfully shared a photo along with the caption: ‘This is something we have been anticipating for a lifetime.’
Exactly two years ago on June 30, 2017, Selena excitedly announced that she had been selected as the Maid Of Honor.
Since then, the talented Taki Taki singer has continued to impress, going the extra mile by gifting Priscilla her dream wedding gown in December of that year.
She posted at the time, ‘It’s a wonderful feeling when your maid of honor turns your dream dress into reality and surprises you with it.’

Fun in the sun! Selena has been pictured throughout the weekend enjoying some time at the beach with her friends

Enjoying the sunny vibes! Selena was seen soaking up the sun over the weekend, hanging out at the beach with her pals.

Fit and healthy: Selena's shorts were of a high waisted design and flashed her toned legs

Teamwork! While Selena waited at the counter, Priscilla appeared to have grabbed a refreshment

In great shape: Selena sported high-waisted shorts that showed off her well-defined legs.

Bonding: Selena has spent the past few days in Mexico with her friends and family

Quality Time Together: Selena has been enjoying some time in Mexico with her close pals and loved ones.

Family first: The Taki Taki singer appeared to be giving her full attention to the group, not once seen on her phone

Putting family first: The Taki Taki artist seemed completely focused on the group, not scrolling through her phone at any point.

Big job! Priscilla (left) is expected to be getting married next month with Selena standing by her side as the Maid Of Honor

Major news! Priscilla is set to tie the knot next month, and Selena will be by her side as the Maid of Honor.
Even though Selena is a famous singer, she has always had a strong bond with her cousin Priscilla. Selena was even there to capture the special moment of Priscilla’s proposal back in 2016.
Their close relationship extends to Selena being the Godmother to Priscilla’s son, Aiden.
Selena made headlines recently for speaking out on social media against the treatment of migrant children in detention camps, where they are separated from their parents and living in inhumane conditions at the southern U.S. border.

Day out! Earlier on Saturday, the group went ATV riding (Selena pictured far left)

Fun day out! On Saturday, the gang enjoyed some adventurous ATV riding, as shown in the photo with Selena on the far left.

Three years ago: Selena has been there the whole time for Priscilla, who got engaged back in March of 2016. At the time, she captioned a sweet photo: 'We have waited our whole lives for this'

Three years back, Priscilla was supported by Selena during her engagement in March 2016. She expressed her excitement by captioning a lovely photo, saying they had been waiting for this moment all their lives. Over the weekend, the Texas-born actress of Mexican-American heritage expressed her dismay over the situation of children being kept in cages, sleeping on concrete with aluminum blankets and lacking basic necessities. She described such treatment as inhumane, especially towards children, and emphasized the urgency to stop this cruelty. Selena encouraged her followers to reach out to their local representatives to voice their concerns about the camps, hoping to bring about positive change.

MOH! On June 30, 2017, exactly two years ago, Selena revealed she had been chosen to be the Maid Of Honor

Oh my goodness! Exactly two years ago, on June 30, 2017, Selena shared with everyone that she was honored to be chosen as the Maid of Honor.

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