“Sizzling in Noir! Gal Gadot stuns in low-cut dress at premiere of Wonder Woman in Mexico City”

The Mexico City premiere of Wonder Woman was a glitzy affair on Saturday night, with leading lady Gal Gadot stealing the show as she walked the red carpet. Gadot, who portrays the superheroine, looked stunning in a black gown that showcased her ample cleavage and toned midriff. The dress featured colorful detailing around the waist, accentuating the actress’s slender physique as she posed for photographers. Watch the video below for more highlights from the event.

Time to shine: Wonder Woman celebrated its Mexico City premiere on Saturday night, and its leading lady Gal Gadot was a showstopper when she hit the red carpet

Time to shine: The Mexico City premiere of Wonder Woman was a star-studded event, with actress Gal Gadot stealing the spotlight as she graced the red carpet. Her elegant sleeveless dress shimmered with intricate embroidery, adorning her hips, neckline, and shoulders with dazzling detail. To top off her glamorous look, Gal wore a stunning array of Anita Ko earrings, adding extra sparkle to her ensemble. The actress struck a pose alongside her co-star Chris Pine, who looked dapper in a navy and white pinstriped suit paired with a crisp white dress shirt. Chris, known for his role as military pilot Steve Rogers in the film, opted for a relaxed look by leaving his tie at home and leaving a few buttons undone on his shirt.

The look: Gal, who plays the title character, had slid into a black gown that not only flashed quite a bit of cleavage, but also bared part of her midriff

The look: Gal, who plays the title character, had slid into a black gown that not only flashed quite a bit of cleavage, but also bared part of her midriff

Gal, portraying the main character, was dressed in a stunning black gown that showcased a generous amount of cleavage and a peek of her midriff.

Emphasis: Multicolored patterning was stitched around the cinched-in waistline of the 32-year-old's dress, which emphasized her enviably svelte figure as she stood for photos

A vibrant multi-colored design was intricately sewn around the 32-year-old’s dress, accentuating her slim waist and stunning figure as she posed for photos. Gal Gadot also took photos with director Patty Jenkins, who looked elegant in a sky blue dress paired with pink stilettos. Judging from the trailer, the upcoming Wonder Woman movie showcases the heroine training as an Amazon warrior on the beautiful island of Themyscira in her early days. When Steve Trevor washes ashore unconscious, Diana, now the superheroine, finds herself and her newfound powers thrown into the chaos of World War I.

Smiling ear to ear: She'd got in a bit of posing that evening alongside her dashing co-star Chris Pine, who'd worn a navy and white pinstriped suit over a white dress shirt

Beaming from cheek to cheek, she had a great time taking photos that night with her handsome co-star, Chris Pine. He looked sharp in a navy and white striped suit paired with a crisp white shirt.

Hello, gorgeous: Chris, who's 36 years old and plays military pilot Steve Rogers in the film, had gone without a tie and had left his top couple of buttons undone over his chest

Hey there, beautiful! In the upcoming film, 36-year-old Chris portrays military pilot Steve Rogers, opting for a more casual look with an open collar and a few buttons undone. Connie Nelson takes on the role of Queen Hippolyta of Themyscira, who is Diana’s mother, while Robin Wright plays Hippolyta’s sister, General Antiope. Gal Gadot first portrayed Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice in 2016, and will reprise her role in this year’s Justice League. The movie also features Danny Huston as German General Erich Ludendorff. Wonder Woman is set for release in the UK on June 1st and in the US on June 2nd, according to IMDb. Get ready to see Wonder Woman hit theaters in the US on June 2nd!

Top brass: Gal also posed for the cameras with the film's director, Patty Jenkins, whose sky blue cocktail dress fell off one shoulder and clashed elegantly against pink stilettos

Senior executives: Gal also took pictures with the director of the film, Patty Jenkins, who looked chic in a sky blue cocktail dress, slightly off one shoulder, paired with stylish pink stilettos.

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