Skipping the splurge! Gal Gadot keeps it low-key during LA shopping outing with husband following reports of her $300K Wonder Woman paycheck

News broke recently that Gal Gadot was only paid $300,000 for her lead role in Wonder Woman, whereas Henry Cavill received a hefty $14 million for his role as Superman in Dawn of Justice. It’s no surprise then that the actress looked a bit somber while out shopping with her husband Yaron Varsano in Los Angeles the other day. She sported a relaxed look, wearing metallic silver shorts, black leather sneakers, sunglasses, and a white T-shirt with ‘Paris City Limits’ printed on it.

Wondering around the shops: Gal Gadot hit the shops in Los Angeles with her husband Yaron Varsano on Monday

Exploring the stores: Gal Gadot and her husband Yaron Varsano were spotted shopping in Los Angeles on a Monday. Yaron, who will be turning 39 next week, sported a casual look in a white polo, green shorts, and black leather loafers. While shopping, he talked on his cell phone. The couple enjoyed a child-free outing, with their daughters Alma, five, and Maya, three months, not accompanying them on this shopping trip.

Chill: The 32-year-old dressed casual metallic silver shorts, sunglasses, black leather sneakers and a 'Paris City Limits' white T-shirt

Relaxed look: The 32-year-old was seen rocking a laid-back style with metallic silver shorts, cool sunglasses, stylish black leather sneakers, and a ‘Paris City Limits’ white T-shirt. Reports on Tuesday suggested that she only received $300,000 for her role as the Amazonian princess, in contrast to Henry Cavill’s $14 million earnings for Man Of Steel. Vanity Fair later clarified that Cavill’s salary was significantly higher due to his box office bonus, which is yet to be factored into Gadot’s total pay. TMZ also revealed that the Israeli actress is expected to receive a substantial performance bonus as the film continues to rake in impressive box office numbers, nearing the $600 million mark.

Hit and miss: Wonder Woman is expected to rake in $600 million globally this week, but it's star was reportedly only paid $300,000

Spotty situation: While Wonder Woman is projected to earn $600 million worldwide this week, its lead actress allegedly received just $300,000.

They worked together: Gal's Wonder Woman with Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman in 2016's Batman V Superman - Dawn Of Justice

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, and Ben Affleck’s Batman all teamed up in the 2016 film Batman V Superman – Dawn Of Justice.

The ex-soldier and former Miss Israel feels destined to portray the legendary female warrior as she sees herself as a model of empowerment for young girls. Reflecting on her casting as Wonder Woman, Gadot expressed, “I truly believe that playing Wonder Woman is my calling. While boys have had superheroes like Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man to look up to, girls have always seen princesses needing to be rescued. Now, with Wonder Woman, we have a fearless and proactive character who believes in herself and her abilities, setting the example of a strong and confident woman.”

On the carpet: Gal stood out in a red dress as she posed with Ben and Henry in 2016

At a red carpet event in 2016, Gal caught everyone’s attention in a stunning red dress while posing for photos with Ben and Henry.

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