“Style Switch-Up: Jennifer Lopez Goes from Chic Tartan to Casual in Nike Air Jordans at Dance Studio”

Jennifer Lopez decided to play around with her fashion choices on Thursday by starting off in a trendy tartan outfit and later opting for a more casual look in sweats and sneakers. The multi-talented star, aged 52, rocked a stylish red and black plaid sweater paired with wide-legged pants and coordinating heeled boots. She fully committed to the plaid trend by accessorizing with a matching red tartan bag embellished with gold details, creating a truly eye-catching ensemble.

Transformed: Jennifer Lopez switched up her style on Thursday as she was first seen wearing a chic tartan ensemble before switching into sweatpants and trainers

Chill: Following the session, Jen was later seen rocking a bomber jacket and sweatpants with a pair of black and white Nike Air Jordans

Jennifer Lopez mixed it up with her wardrobe choices on Thursday, starting off in a stylish tartan outfit before opting for a more casual look with sweatpants and sneakers. Even though her face was covered with a mask as she headed into a dance studio in Los Angeles, her long blonde hair was left flowing in loose waves. After her dance session, she was spotted wearing a bomber jacket and sweatpants paired with black and white Nike Air Jordans. A hint of red lipstick from her previous outfit still lingered on her face, adding a touch of glam to her relaxed style.

Stepping out: A slick of red lipstick from her earlier ensemble could still be seen on her face

Venturing out: The remnants of red lipstick from her previous outfit added a touch of color to Jennifer’s face. She recently showcased her earlier ensemble on Instagram through a collection of stunning photos. Jennifer described the look as “Plaid girls club” in the caption. She accessorized with chunky gold bracelets on her wrists, hoop earrings, and a pendant necklace, completing the stylish look.

Glam: Jennifer shared a look at her earlier outfit on her Instagram page with a series of sizzling shots in a gallery of images

She captioned the photographs: 'Plaid girls club'

Jennifer dazzled her followers on Instagram with a peek into her previous outfit, showcasing a collection of fiery photos in a gallery on her profile.

Details: The star displayed an array of chunky gold jewellery on her wrists, while also sporting a pair of hoop earrings and a pendant necklace

The celebrity flaunted a collection of bold gold accessories on her wrists, along with some hoop earrings and a statement pendant necklace.

Bag lady: Jennifer didn't hold back with the plaid theme and also added a matching red tartan bag with gold accents to the show stopping look

Jennifer went all out with her plaid outfit, even coordinating a red tartan bag with gold details to top off her stunning look. She’s busy getting ready for the launch of her upcoming romantic comedy. Recently, the talented actress was spotted striking a pose on the street with a massive billboard showcasing her new film “Marry Me”. In the photos, the 52-year-old singer looked chic in a bold ensemble as she stood in front of the promotional poster in Hollywood, where she is seen wearing a wedding dress. The highly anticipated movie, co-starring Owen Wilson and Maluma, is set to hit theaters next month.

Building the hype: Jennifer was seen promoting her upcoming feature, Marry Me, in a set of shots that were shared to her Instagram account on Sunday

Generating excitement: Jennifer was spotted promoting her upcoming film, Marry Me, in a series of photos posted on her Instagram on Sunday. In the pictures, Jennifer wore a black top under a large plaid coat, along with a matching skirt and knee-high boots. She completed her look with a black Coach purse and orange-tinted QUAY sunglasses. Her beautiful dark blonde hair flowed over her shoulders and back as she posed for the camera.

Staying warm: Lopez sported a black top underneath a sizable plaid overcoat while posing for the shots

Pairing up: The On The Floor singer also rocked a skirt that matched her outerwear as well as a pair of knee-high boots

To keep cozy, Lopez wore a black top underneath a large plaid overcoat while taking photos. Adding to her look, the singer paired the outerwear with a matching skirt and knee-high boots. She later posted selfies with the poster on her Instagram Story.

“Developments for the film were first announced in 2019, with Lopez confirmed to star in the project.”

Adapted from a webcomic by Bobby Crosby and illustrated by Remy Mokhtar, Marry Me follows pop star Kat Valdez, who impulsively marries a stranger after discovering her fiancé’s infidelity.

Working hard: Development on the feature was initially announced in 2019, when it was revealed that Lopez had signed on to star in the film

The development of the feature film Marry Me was announced in 2019, with Jennifer Lopez taking on the lead role. Joining her in the cast are Sarah Silverman and John Bradley. Both Lopez and Maluma will also be contributing original songs to the movie. Filming for the movie started and wrapped up in the fall of 2019. Originally scheduled for a February release last year, the movie was postponed due to the global pandemic. It is now set to be released on February 11, 2022.

Unfortunate circumstances: Marry Me was initially set to be released in February of last year, although its debut was pushed back by the onset of the global pandemic

Unexpected events: Marry Me was originally planned for release in February of the previous year, but due to the worldwide pandemic, its premiere was delayed.

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