“Sun, Sea & Selfies: Kim Kardashian Enjoys Yachting Adventure and Sizzles in a Pink Bikini Photoshoot with Photographographer Friend Marcus Hyde”

Ever since the news of Marcus Hyde’s car accident broke out, she has been fervently praying for his speedy recovery. The fact that they share a close bond is evident from the latest pictures of their recent photoshoot in Bali that have surfaced online.

Kim likes to show off her body in a neon pink $80 bikini from Triangl that reveals a bit of underboob. Initially, she wore a robe to cover up, but eventually took it off to flaunt her well-toned physique.

Afterwards, the mother of three decided to have some fun by posing on a child’s swing as she enjoyed the beautiful ocean view. Her photographer-turned-friend, Marcus, took some snaps as she took a dip in the water. During the photoshoot, her daughter North played nearby, happy and carefree.

Fortunate for Kim, her sister Kourtney and ex-boyfriend Scott Disick were there to lend a hand in looking after her five-year-old, as well as their own children. The group was also seen relishing in the luxuries of their 9-bedroom yacht, the Prana by Atzaro, which can be chartered for $13,000 per night. This exceptional vessel offers perks such as beauty services, yoga classes, and a personal chef.

Kim was clearly enjoying herself, screaming with joy as she leapt from the deck into the crystal-clear waters below. Meanwhile, Marcus was busy capturing her antics on camera. However, tragedy struck just a few days later when he was involved in a serious car accident in Malibu. Kim, Khloe and Ariana Grande were among those who took to social media to express their concern and offer their prayers for his swift recovery.

Kim expressed that she is currently searching for the ideal picture, but is hesitant to share them as they were intended for her book. She revealed that she and Marcus had been saving them. Kim also conveyed her concern for Marcus’ well-being, stating that angels are looking over him and that she is fervently praying for his recovery. Marcus was the photographer responsible for Kim’s notable re-creation of Bo Derek’s iconic beach scene from the movie 10.

On a fine Monday morning, he was enjoying his ride in his Mercedes AMG CLS while cruising on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Suddenly, he lost control of his vehicle and it went over an embankment, witnesses say. The car plummeted 200 feet from the main road and was completely destroyed.

According to the popular news outlet TMZ, the artist who resides in Los Angeles experienced multiple seizures following the accident. As a result, they were transported by helicopter to receive medical attention at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Insiders have revealed that he sustained a severe head trauma, and his female companion was also admitted to a medical facility following the accident. Prior to the collision, Hyde shared on social media that he was embarking on a nighttime drive with speedster vehicles.

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