“The Marvelous Gal Gadot: A True Wonder Woman Shines on Jimmy Kimmel to Promote Keeping Up with the Joneses”

As she made her appearance at Jimmy Kimmel to promote her new movie Keeping Up with the Joneses, Gal Gadot looked absolutely stunning at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. The 5 ft., 10 in. Wonder Woman actress flaunted her long legs in a chic white skirt paired with a Burberry trench coat and stylish leopard print Schutz heels. With her brown hair slicked back and dark glasses, the 31-year-old Israeli beauty sported a bright red lipstick and a wide smile. Watch the video below for more details.

Peace and love: Gal Gadot, 31, walked confidently into a Jimmy Kimmel taping in Hollywood, California on Monday

Peace and harmony prevailed as the 31-year-old actress Gal Gadot strolled confidently into a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood, California on a sunny Monday.

A step ahead: The Israeli actress-model was on hand to promote her new comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses, which co-stars Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis

Taking a leap forward: The Israeli actress-model took part in the promotion of her latest comedy movie Keeping Up with the Joneses, alongside Jon Hamm, Isla Fisher, and Zach Galifianakis.

Fashionista: Gadot was immaculately put together in a white skirt and stylish khaki jacket

Fashion enthusiast: Gadot looked flawless in a chic white skirt paired with a trendy khaki jacket.

Gorgeous gal: The statuesque beauty, with Jon Hamm, is part of a strong cast in the new comedy

Stunning lady: Alongside Jon Hamm, the statuesque beauty is part of a talented cast in the upcoming comedy. Gadot portrays Natalie Jones, a covert spy for the government who moves to a quiet suburb with her spy husband, Tim, portrayed by Jon Hamm from Mad Men. The plot thickens when their next-door neighbors, the Gaffneys, played by Isla Fisher and Zach Galifianakis, suspect that the Joneses are hiding something.

This new project adds to Gadot’s already impressive acting portfolio, including memorable roles in blockbusters like Furious 7 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where she brought the iconic character Wonder Woman to life. In the upcoming year, Gadot will take on a leading role in a summer action flick centered around the DC comics superheroine.

A reason to smile: Gadot's rocketing to new heights, both in the star-studded upcoming comedy as well as what will likely be a career-defining role as Wonder Woman

One thing that’s sure to bring a smile to your face is seeing Gadot soar to greater heights, not only in the star-studded comedy on the horizon, but also in what is sure to be a pivotal point in her career with her role as Wonder Woman.

Beauty queen: Gadot, who finished her ensemble with a pair of Schutz heels, captured the title of Miss Israel in 2004

Bling: The tall beauty wore rings on her hand

Gorgeous Gal Gadot, who completed her look with stylish Schutz heels, claimed the prestigious crown of Miss Israel back in 2004.

In a recent interview with Variety, Gadot discussed why the character she portrays, previously brought to life by Lynda Carter, strikes a chord with audiences. According to Gadot, the character’s relatability stems from her human-like empathy and compassion, paired with a sense of wonder and innocence that allows her to see the world with genuine curiosity. Addressing comments made by comic book writer Greg Rucka about the character’s potential romantic relationships with other women, Gadot shared her thoughts on the matter.

Summer blockbuster: Gadot gets a feature role in next summer's Wonder Woman

Summer hit: Gadot lands a starring role in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel set for next summer. The actress mentioned the unexplored aspect of the character, hinting at the rich history of Themyscira and the potential for diverse relationships. Although the film doesn’t delve into bisexual relationships, Gadot emphasized that Wonder Woman’s character is all about love and acceptance for everyone. In the meantime, catch Gadot in the comedy “Keeping Up with the Joneses” alongside Patton Oswalt and Ari Shaffir when it premieres on October 21.

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