Unexpected Visit: Jennifer Aniston’s Front Garden Gets Unwanted Guest due to Drunk Driver

Jennifer Aniston, who is known for her love of keeping a clean and tidy home, doesn’t shy away from doing her own household chores. So, it’s no surprise that she was upset when a tipsy driver crashed into her front yard, destroying her carefully tended plants. TMZ reported that the police were summoned to her Bel Air residence to handle the situation on a Saturday night.

Not impressed: A drunk driver ploughed into Jennifer Aniston plants at her Bel Air mansion

Not amused: A tipsy driver crashed into the landscape at Jennifer Aniston’s residence in Bel Air.

A humble abode: Jennifer's sprawling mansion is estimated to be worth $40 million

Jennifer’s large estate, valued at around $40 million, was the scene of a car accident at 8:30pm, though it’s unknown whether the actress was there at the time. The security guard was the one who called 911, according to reports from a showbiz website. Initially, the driver denied being behind the wheel, but video evidence showed otherwise, leading to their arrest after failing sobriety tests.

Engaged: The Friends actress is set to marry fellow actor Justin Theroux who she has been engaged to for two years

Involved: The actress from the popular TV show Friends is preparing to tie the knot with actor Justin Theroux, with whom she has been engaged for two years. The stunning mid-century modern house located in a prime area of Bel Air known as the Platinum Triangle is valued at approximately $40 million. Situated on 3.5 acres, the property boasts four bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

According to reports, last year the 46-year-old star had plans drawn up for a lavish walk-in closet costing $60,000 and measuring an impressive 24ft by 36ft. She and her partner have poured their heart and soul into the sprawling estate, pouring a considerable amount of money into the 8,500 square foot home she acquired in 2012.

In a 2006 interview with the Independent newspaper, she revealed that she still takes care of much of the household chores herself. “I make my bed every morning and clean my kitchen,” she shared, emphasizing her commitment to maintaining her living space.

Houseproud: 'I make my bed every day and I clean my kitchen,' she said during an interview in 2006

Proud of her home: In a 2006 interview, she mentioned, “I take pride in making my bed and keeping my kitchen clean every day.”

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