Unleashing Wonder Woman: Gal Gadot shines in iconic breastplate and tiara in sneak peek of upcoming superhero film

Fans were surprised when she was revealed as the actress playing the most well-known female superhero. Gal Gadot indeed appears to be a great match for the iconic character’s tiara. In the first glimpse of Wonder Woman revealed on Tuesday evening, the stunning 30-year-old actress was seen wearing the Amazon warrior princess attire in all its glory. Check out the video below.

Iconic: Gal Gadot could be seen in a first look for Wonder Woman aired on Tuesday night

Famous actress Gal Gadot made an appearance in a sneak peek for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie that was shown on Tuesday evening.

Legendary: The 30-year-old Israeli actress could be seen in full warrior princess garb for the iconic superheroine role

Iconic: The 30-year-old Israeli actress has transformed into a warrior princess for her role as the legendary superheroine. Fans got a sneak peek of her portrayal of the beloved DC Comics character in a special called “Dawn Of The Justice” on The CW. In the preview, Gadot looked stunning in her superhero outfit, complete with a bronze breastplate, a skirt, a tiara, knee-high boots, bulletproof bracelets, a sword, and Athena’s shield. The film will focus on Wonder Woman’s origin story, giving audiences a chance to learn more about her backstory, which may not be as well-known as Batman’s or Superman’s.

Taking the crown: The golden tiara definitely seemed to fit for the brunette beauty

Earning the title: The shimmering tiara looked perfect on the dark-haired beauty.

Springing into action: She was shown fighting off a few baddies in the sneak peak clip

Springing into action: She was shown fighting off a few baddies in the sneak peak clip

Springing into action: The sneak peek clip revealed her bravely taking on some villains in a fierce battle.

Pensive: Gadot seemed to be excited to tell the origin story of Wonder Woman as she said in the special: 'We're going to see her coming of age. Her entire history, what's her mission'

Excitedly, Gadot shared her enthusiasm for delving into Wonder Woman’s origin story, expressing her eagerness to showcase her coming of age, her rich history, and her purpose. Originating from Greek mythology, Wonder Woman hails from the Amazon island of Themyscira, where she is known as Princess Diana. According to DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, the Amazons were meant to protect humanity but withdrew from their duty, pushing Wonder Woman to embark on a journey into the world of mortals.

Partner in crime: Last week, Chris Pine could also be seen in his role of Steve Trevor alongside co-star Gal Gadot in a first look at Wonder Woman during a special titled Dawn Of The Justice aired on The CW

Sidekick: Chris Pine was spotted in a couple of scenes riding a horse alongside the superhero.

Gushing: The 35-year-old actor, who plays Steve Trevor in the flick, said: 'Telling a story like this now is pivotal and important. The story of a very important woman.'

Excited: Actor Chris Pine, known for his role as Steve Trevor in the movie, expressed the significance of sharing a story like Wonder Woman’s in today’s world. He emphasized the importance of shining a spotlight on such an influential female character.

In a particular scene, viewers can spot Chris Pine embodying the character of Steve Trevor as they embark on a horseback ride through a lush forest setting.

During a discussion on the show, writer, director, and comic book enthusiast Kevin Smith also touched upon Wonder Woman’s lasting cultural impact. He highlighted her 75-year legacy as a feminist and cultural icon.

Gorgeous: A different side of Wonder Woman (AKA Princess Diana of Themyscira) will definitely be shown in the flick as she is seen looking at her reflection

Stunning: The upcoming movie will reveal a new perspective of Wonder Woman (also known as Princess Diana of Themyscira) as she admires her reflection in a scene.

Big night: DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns (left) and writer/director Kevin Smith (right) hosted the half-an-hour special titled Dawn Of The Justice aired on The CW

Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics (on the left), and writer/director Kevin Smith (on the right) hosted a special titled Dawn Of The Justice on The CW, creating quite a buzz in the superhero world.

The highly anticipated film, directed by Patty Jenkins of Monster fame, marks a significant moment as she becomes the first woman to direct a comic book superhero movie.

Jenkins, in her 44 years, shared her insights on the character, emphasizing Wonder Woman’s unique combination of kindness and power. She stated, “The greatest thing about Wonder Woman is how good and kind and loving she is, yet none of that negates any of her power.”

The upcoming Wonder Woman movie is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017, with filming currently underway in London. Fans can catch a glimpse of actress Gal Gadot portraying the iconic role even sooner in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, set to premiere on March 25.

Highly-anticipated: Wonder Woman is set for release on June 23 2017

Excitement is building as fans eagerly anticipate the release of Wonder Woman on June 23, 2017.

Interesting: As Batman has taken a stance against the use of guns in several depictions, fans were thrown off as he was shown wielding a gun in a trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice released December

Upcoming: Gadot will be appearing in the movie with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is released on March 25.

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