Unlocking The Rachel: Jennifer Aniston debuts LolaVie haircare line inspired by iconic ‘do and legacy of Friends

Jennifer Aniston is venturing into the beauty industry as she introduces her very own haircare brand, LolaVie, a quarter of a century after setting off a worldwide craze with her famous Friends haircut, famously known as The Rachel. Despite having moved on from her role on the beloved sitcom and the trendy bob she sported, the 52-year-old actress is undoubtedly aiming to achieve the same level of success with LolaVie.
Aniston, who teased a new project on her Instagram last week, officially launched her brand to the public recently, showcasing its inaugural product in a series of stunning black-and-white campaign photos. The inspiration behind the brand’s name goes back to Aniston’s early days in Hollywood, with Lola being a nickname given to her by friends when she first arrived in California.

Businesswoman: Jennifer Aniston has launched her own haircare brand, called LolaVie after her own nickname, Lola, which her friends gave her when she first moved to California

Entrepreneur Jennifer Aniston recently introduced her very own line of haircare products, LolaVie, named after her beloved nickname “Lola” that she acquired from friends when she first relocated to California.

Hard at work: The 52-year-old actress revealed that she has spent five years working on the line, which has launched with just one product - a multi-tasking detangler

Putting in the effort: The 52-year-old actress shared that she devoted five years to developing the product line, which has kicked off with a versatile detangler as its flagship offering.

Strike a pose: Aniston posed for a stunning series of black-and-white images in celebration of the brand's launch - having chosen black and white packaging because it is 'timelessly chic'

Get ready for a photo op: Aniston rocked a fabulous photo shoot in classic black-and-white pictures to mark the brand’s debut. She went with black and white packaging because she believes it exudes timeless elegance.

In an interview with People magazine, Aniston shared a fun tidbit about how she named her first car Lola after arriving in the state. She joked that her love for the Sarah Vaughan song, Whatever Lola Wants, may have influenced her decision.

Throwback: LolaVie's launch comes 25 years after Aniston sparked a global trend with The Rachel, the choppy shoulder-length 'do that she modeled in the first seasons of Friends

Flashback: LolaVie’s debut arrives after 25 years of Aniston setting a worldwide trend with The Rachel, the choppy shoulder-length hairstyle she rocked in the early seasons of Friends.
The moniker Lola, initially given to her car, has now been adopted by her new brand.
Explaining the origin of the name, Aniston mentioned her love for the song “Whatever Lola Wants” and how the name stuck with her as friends started referring to her as Lola whenever she arrived.
While Aniston gained fame with her real name on Friends, she inadvertently became a haircare icon with The Rachel hairstyle she wasn’t particularly fond of. In several interviews, she has expressed her dislike for the style, calling it ‘ugly’ and ‘cringe-y’ and admitting that it was a challenge to maintain and style at home.

Personal preference: Aniston chose to launch the brand with the $25 Glossing Detangler, partly because it is the product that works best in her own routine

Individual choice: Aniston decided to introduce the brand by releasing the $25 Glossing Detangler, mainly because it is the product that she finds most effective in her daily routine.

Putting it through the ringer: 'I love a really good detangler because my hair has gone through so much thrashing,' she said of the product

“I’m a big fan of detanglers because my hair goes through a lot of rough treatment,” she expressed her appreciation for the product.

Looking ahead: Although she has other haircare products in the works, Aniston says she is not limiting the brand to hair-focused formulas, noting that she may well expand in the future

In the future, Aniston has more haircare products on the horizon, but she doesn’t want to restrict the brand to just hair products. She is open to the idea of expanding into other areas down the line.

Room to grow: 'I don't see any limits to anything,' she said when asked about a potential move into skincare

The Hollywood actress expressed her belief in endless possibilities when it comes to her career, including a potential venture into skincare. Recently, she has expanded her horizons by launching her debut haircare product, a $25 Glossing Detangler suitable for all hair types, promoting hair health benefits and easier styling. The detangling spray, made of 99% natural ingredients, delivers a range of benefits like priming with a vegan thermal shield, adding shine with lemon extract, smoothing with fruit complex and ceramides, and protecting against damage with chia seeds. Aniston shared that she has spent the last five years developing the brand and its products, inspired by her previous collaboration with Living Proof, a brand she co-founded but later parted ways with. Despite having other products in the pipeline, the actress chose to release the detangling spray first, seeing it as a versatile essential in her own daily routine. She described the LolaVie detangler as a replacement for multiple steps in a haircare routine, showcasing her dedication to making hair care easier and more efficient.

Boss lady: According to a statement from the brand, Aniston 'has been heavily involved in its creation', overseeing everything from product development to marketing

Boss lady: According to a statement from the brand, Aniston 'has been heavily involved in its creation', overseeing everything from product development to marketing

Aniston is not just a face for the brand, but she has played a significant role in bringing it to life. From product development to marketing, she has been closely involved in every step of the process.

Important: The detangler, like all future LolaVie products, is vegan and cruelty-free, and it is made without silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten and preservatives

The detangler from LolaVie, like all upcoming products from the brand, is vegan and cruelty-free. It does not contain silicones, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, or preservatives. Aniston values products that can multitask, such as providing heat protection and shine, to save time. To ensure customer satisfaction, she tested the detangler on friends with various hair types and incorporated their feedback into the formula. Aniston emphasizes the importance of feedback in shaping the product. The Glossing Detangler and other upcoming products in the LolaVie line will meet high standards including being vegan, cruelty-free, and made from natural ingredients. While haircare is her current focus, Aniston hints at possible future expansions, hinting at exciting ideas in the works.

Helping hand: Before OK'ing the detangler, Aniston asked several friends, both male and female, to put it to the test for her

Aniston sought the opinions of her friends, both men and women, to try out the detangler before giving it her approval.

Perfect fit: She noted that she's a big fan of the formula because it makes her own haircare routine so much simpler and more streamlined

She mentioned that she absolutely loves the product formula because it has made her haircare routine a lot easier and more efficient.

Lights, camera... Aniston first teased the launch of her brand last week when she shared several behind-the-scenes images from her shoot

Aniston recently hinted at the upcoming launch of her brand with some sneak peek photos from her photo shoot. She expressed her belief that there are no limits to what she can achieve. According to reports from Page Six, Aniston has taken steps to keep her options open by trademarking the name LolaVie for products like lotions, shower gels, candles, and hair care since July 2019.

Though LolaVie is her first venture into creating her own beauty brand, Aniston has been involved in the industry before. She has been the face of various beauty campaigns, such as for Living Proof, a haircare brand she co-founded, and Aveeno, a skincare brand. Additionally, Aniston is currently an ambassador for Vital Proteins and was appointed as its Chief Creative Officer in late 2020.

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