“Unveiling Jennifer Aniston’s Fitness Regimen and Tips for a Stunning Physique at 47”

As she approaches her 50s, Jennifer Aniston continues to stun everyone with her amazing physique. The former star of Friends recently disclosed that the reason behind her incredible figure is boxing. She started boxing in 2017 and fell in love with the sport almost immediately because it provides both physical and mental benefits. During an interview with InStyle, Jennifer shared that boxing is the longest workout she has consistently stuck with besides yoga. She also mentioned that boxing helps her feel amazing because of the mental aspect of the sport. The drills involved in boxing require intense focus, which is why it’s not just a physical activity but also a mental one.

Jennifer Aniston 2014

According to Jennifer Aniston, boxing helps her maintain her toned physique. She also revealed that boxing is a great way to let out any pent up aggression. She believes that it provides a mental release from the stress of everyday life. Jennifer admitted to having little fantasy moments about punching people, but is glad that she doesn’t actually do it. Besides boxing, Jennifer also follows a strict fitness routine and maintains a healthy diet. One of her favorite breakfast meals is avocado and eggs with a sprinkle of coconut oil or puffed millet cereal with banana.

Jennifer Aniston

At the age of 47, the actress from Friends appears to be stunning. Her diet includes vegetables or salads with protein for lunch, and she likes to munch on apples with almond butter or nuts for snacks. Despite her healthy eating habits, she occasionally treats herself with a good plate of pasta.

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