Venetian Serenade: Jennifer Lopez’s Dreamy Italian Adventure on a Gondola

Jennifer Lopez delighted her Instagram followers with a dazzling video post on Wednesday. The talented artist from the Bronx transformed into a classic movie star from the Golden Age, donning a stunning strapless gown by Dolce & Gabbana as she posed elegantly on a gondola in the picturesque city of Venice, Italy. The enchanting video was accompanied by the soulful tune of “I’ve Been Thinkin'”. This glamorous shoot was part of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion event held during the Venice Film Festival last week.

J-glam: Jennifer Lopez shared a glamorous video to her Instagram page on Wednesday

J-Lo: Jennifer Lopez posted a stunning video on her Instagram account yesterday showcasing her signature glamour.

Showstopper: The Bronx native was glammed up to look like a Golden Age movie star as she wore a strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown while posing on a gondola in Venice, Italy as the song I've Been Thinkin' played

Stunning Sight: A Bronx native turned heads as she channeled the glamour of a Golden Age movie star, donning a strapless Dolce & Gabbana gown while striking poses on a gondola in Venice, Italy. The background music of ‘I’ve Been Thinkin’ only added to the magical ambiance.

In her caption, the mogul shared her secret to radiant skin, crediting her glowing look to JLO Beauty SPF. She emphasized the importance of shining bright when the sun is out.

Accompanied by her beau, Ben Affleck, the 52-year-old singer looked absolutely amazing in the unique Dolce & Gabbana tulle ballgown. The print of the gown beautifully showcased the charm of Venice.

Jennifer was effortlessly chic as she boarded a gondola for the photoshoot, effortlessly striking poses in the eye-catching ensemble on the final day of the Venice Film Festival. The structured bodice of the dress offered a hint of J-Lo’s cleavage, while the puff-ball skirt added a touch of drama to the overall look.

Her Italian escape: The shoot took place during the Dolce & Gabbana fashion event last week that coincided with the Venice Film Festival

Her Italian getaway: She participated in a photoshoot during the same time as the Dolce & Gabbana fashion event, which happened to overlap with the Venice Film Festival.

A big ad: 'When the sun is out … it’s time to shine. ✨☀️ My JLO Beauty SPF is my biggest skincare secret that makes me glow from head to toe ☀️ ✨,' said the mogul in her caption

In a recent post, the icon shared her skincare secret for that radiant glow under the sun. A sleek black belt accentuated her slender figure while her glossy locks were styled in bouncy curls. She added a touch of glamour with beaded hair pins and a statement ring. Her makeup was flawless, featuring defined brows, metallic eyeshadow, voluminous lashes, bronzed cheekbones, and a bold red lip. Recently, she flaunted her toned tummy in a revealing white bra top in a video discussing post-workout skincare routines on her JLo Beauty Instagram account.

Tulle fun: The singer, 52, who was in the city with boyfriend Ben Affleck , 49, looked incredible in a Dolce & Gabbana strapless tulle ballgown, which showed off the Italian city in a stunning print

Having a blast in tulle: The 52-year-old singer, accompanied by her 49-year-old boyfriend Ben Affleck, absolutely rocked a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana strapless tulle ballgown while exploring the picturesque city. The stunning print on the dress perfectly showcased the beauty of the Italian city.

The cream does wonders: Jenny From The Block was hawking her lotion that has SPF

Jenny From The Block was raving about her amazing sunscreen-infused lotion that works wonders for the skin.

Flirty: The tight structured bodice of the dress teased a glimpse of J-Lo's cleavage while the puff-ball skirt added plenty of drama

Playful: The fitted top half of the gown playfully showcased a hint of J-Lo’s cleavage, while the voluminous skirt brought a touch of flair and excitement to her look.

The mother of two mentioned that she always makes sure to have some makeup on when she leaves the house. She also likes to wear cute outfits to the gym to keep herself motivated. In a recent video, she talked about her post-workout cleansing routine, using a cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and oils from her face. She confessed that she applies makeup daily to her routine.

Lost in a park: And she smiled as she made her way down a path in a secret garden

Exploring a hidden garden, she grinned as she strolled along a path, emphasizing the importance of wearing lip gloss, mascara, and a booster on her cheeks whenever she leaves the house. The Bronx native revealed that she enjoys getting dressed up for the gym as it helps motivate her. She raved about JLo Beauty’s cleanser for its tightening and hydrating properties, and shared her desire for products that are multi-functional. Her skincare routine includes serum and lotion, with a focus on consistency, much like her commitment to exercise. The caption of the post-workout routine episode highlighted Jennifer Lopez’s dedication to fitness and glowing skin.

In the glam chair: J-Lo wore her glossy locks in blow-out curls and accessorized her gown with beaded hair pins and a statement ring on one finger

Sitting in the glamorous chair, J-Lo rocked her shiny hair styled in bouncy curls, adding a touch of elegance with beaded hair pins and a bold statement ring adorning one of her fingers.

Dramatic: Her makeup was ultra glamorous, consisting of defined brows, a metallic eye shadow, lashings of mascara, bronzer on her defined cheekbones and a slick of matte red lipstick

Casual: She rocked a super glam makeup look with bold brows, shimmery eyeshadow, lots of mascara, bronzer accentuating her cheekbones, and a swipe of matte red lipstick.
And let’s not forget about those iconic beauty products she uses like the That Hit Single® Cleanser, That JLo Glow™ Serum, and That Big Screen® SPF 30 Moisturizer.
Stay tuned for a 3-part series all about her daily fitness and affirmation routines coming next Wednesday. Get ready for Episode 2 featuring Jennifer’s affirmations and a sneak peek of her secret home space.
And if you’re wondering about her relationship with Ben, sources say they’re like two love-struck kids at the Met Gala on Monday.

So toned: Lopez flashed her tummy in a very skimpy and low-cut white bra top for a new video taken inside her bathroom on Wednesday

Lopez showed off her toned abs in a revealing white bra top in a video filmed in her bathroom. According to a source close to them, she and Ben are enjoying each other’s company and living in the moment. Their relationship is filled with energy and they are like two young lovers. Despite some intense moments recently, they are focused on their future together. The couple shared a masked kiss at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Affleck protectively intervened when a fan got too close to Lopez at the airport in Venice, displaying his care for her.

Like teens: Meanwhile, JLo is happy with Ben. People said on Wednesday said they were like 'two kids in love' at the Met Gala on Monday

Just like teenagers, JLo and Ben are basking in their happiness together. Reports on Wednesday described them as acting like ‘two young lovebirds’ during the Met Gala on Monday.

The singer and actress, who is 52 years old, was captured in photos taking a step back as chaos ensued around them. Her boyfriend quickly intervened to make a path for them, with their bodyguard stepping in to ensure their safety.

The security personnel firmly held the fan back and guided them through the airport, with the couple holding hands as they tried to avoid drawing attention. They seemed focused on reaching their destination without any further interruptions.

Recently, there have been reports that the couple is considering a temporary move to Texas. This decision comes as Ben is set to start filming his upcoming thriller ‘Hypnotic’ in Austin, and they prefer not to be apart for an extended period of time.

Smooch: The past couple of weeks have been intense but they both seem very energetic and focused. They are a great team. They are figuring out their future together.' Jennifer and Ben kissed through their face masks on Monday night at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jennifer and Ben shared a sweet moment with a smooch behind their face masks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The past few weeks have been busy for the couple, but they are full of energy and focus as they navigate their future together. Despite their busy schedules, they both make time to see each other, even if it means traveling between Texas and California due to work commitments.

Their short-term living situation in Texas will serve as a trial run for their upcoming move in together later this year in Southern California. Recently, the couple was seen exploring a stunning Beverly Hills mansion with incredible amenities such as a basketball court, boxing ring, and a massive pool. They also checked out Bob Hope’s former estate in the San Fernando Valley, which even has its own golf course. With their shared vision for the future, Jennifer and Ben are excited for what lies ahead in their journey together.

A wild look: Lopez wore Ralph Lauren for the event, striking a cowgirl chic look with her hat

Lopez went for a bold style choice at the event, rocking a Ralph Lauren outfit that gave off a cool cowgirl vibe with her stylish hat.

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