“Why Jason Statham Thinks Stallone’s Departure is a Good Thing for The Expendables 4”

In The Expendables 4, Jason Statham acknowledges that Barney Ross’s limited appearance feels unusual but has a purpose.

The latest movie in The Expendables franchise, The Expendables 4, has experienced a disappointing opening weekend at the box office with only $8.3 million in earnings. One reason cited for its lackluster performance is the reduced role of series star Sylvester Stallone. Fellow cast member Jason Statham acknowledged Stallone’s absence in a recent interview with Cinema Express, stating that while the story still works without him, something feels amiss. Statham also commented on the franchise’s appeal, citing its focus on thrills, heart, and humor. However, despite Statham’s enthusiasm for taking The Expendables in a new direction, Stallone’s limited screen time may be contributing to negative audience reception, as he has confirmed that this will be his final appearance as Barney Ross in the franchise. The first three movies in the series earned significantly more on their opening weekends than The Expendables 4, with the original taking in $34.8 million, the second earning $28.6 million, and the third bringing in $15.9 million.

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